Top Ten Saddest Things About Baby Einstein

Many of you may love or hate Baby Einstein. But like other sad things, this one has some sad things as well.

The Top Ten

1 Disney bought the company

If Disney didn't buy the company, they wouldn't have made it to when babies turned 2 they would speak fewer words than those who didn't watch them. It was very educational before Disney bought BE

If Disney hadn't bought the company, then they wouldn't have made these stupid remakes in 2004. (or 2007)

2 They replaced the 2000 toys with these cheap 2004 ones

This has got to be the saddest thing about Baby Einstein. The 1997-2003 versions of the videos actually brought back nostalgia. It made me look back and remember the great times as a baby and made feel like I'm growing up fast. Obviously the toys are a big part of it. But, the 2004 versions were crap. Instead of these versions being like a time capsule of babyhood, they made me feel like a baby again. The reason is that they changed some of the toys from the late 90s and early 00s (the golden age of baby toys) and replaced them with some toys from the mid 00s. (the downfall of good baby toys) Bring back the original I know my shapes song from Baby Newton! Bring back the orange butterfly thing from Baby Van Gogh! Bring back the soft looking shape sorter from Baby Mozart! And more!

I agree I hate 2004 versions and some of the newer Baby Einstein Videos like My First Signs. I wish that the last Baby Einstein video was Baby's Favorite Places.

Same. I liked the bug chase in baby shakespeare. The amusement park toy is crud.

I'm glad I grew up with the old toys and song.

3 They got sued because some people said their show was not educational

It's pretty sad how they got sued.

That's horrible.

4 Some parents don't let kids watch Baby Einstein
5 Stupid GoAnamite videos

They make these rants saying the show has ugly puppets and the catipiller is ugly. They even make grounding videos like "Bard the Dragon gets grounded" or "Vincent Van Goat gets in dead meat" which is actually pretty mean to Baby Einstein fans.

All they do is just make grounded or dead meat videos for the puppets to get grounded or dead meat (What is dead meat? ). Also, people make these rants where most of the stuff they say isn't true.

GoAnimite is almost like the animation from Family guy,but this is just a stupid YouTube channel with Baby Einstein characters and Thomas and friends.

GoAnimators Out there Stop making Ground’d Videos out of the B.E. PUPPETS THERE NOT AS GOOD AS THE WYAAA( CAILLOU) GETS GROUND’D VIDEOS

6 They say some other baby shows are better than this

What could be better than this?

7 Parts in some episode freaked kids out

Well, certain scenes scared me, which in World Aninals, I was afraid of the baby in the elephant costume, so one of my best friends and I were both afraid of the giraffe cone puppet from World Animals and Baby Van Gogh.

Yeah, the wooden guy in Baby the Vinci gave me the jitters...

The crayons in Baby Newton creep me out

The St. Bernard scared me

8 People say it's scary

The pop ups are scairy the first few times, and I understand why people think it looks like something a serial killer made. But it's not that scairy.

It's not that scary once you sort of like the show.

9 Kids ll brought the company

When Kids ll (adults 666) brought the company my childhood has died

I am so %@#$ sick of Kids II's stupid copyright strikes!

10 It doesn't air on TV

I like it how they sell them on DVD and VHS. But they should really air it somewhere. (It used to be on F.H.E. in 1995. And then they cancelled in it 2002 when Disney bought the company.)

The Contenders

11 It doesn't have any fan art

Well I think maybe anime and cute fan art would be nice, but jeez, don't get me started with porn like obesity or kissing porn like that.

Yes, I know it might be gross to see Bard in a bikini or Vincent kissing somebody, but they should make like Anime art of it.

Well Vincent kissing someone is canon in the series.
Vincent kissed Vinelle van Goat

We need anime girls with those puppets. SO KAWAII

12 Some people say it's weird

I can kind of understand that. Some parts makes you think you're on drugs, and it looks like a serial killer made it. Expectially Language Nursury (No offense to Baby Einstien fans).

I thought the singing hippos and the interrupting elephant was weird in baby noah and I think it is funny and that's what I like about the video it's the only reason I watch it

13 They never made a Baby Bach Discovery Kit

I love Baby Bach. It was the first Baby Einstein that I had ever watched. It was so cute, although the Zylon Dragon, the clowns, and the light show towards the end used to scare me when I was really little, but not anymore!

14 YouTube released the videos using the 2004 versions

But when Baby Newton was released on YouTube, they used the 2002 version.

15 The first 10 movies got severe changes in 2004

Why did Baby Einstein have to do this? The 1997-2003 versions easily brought back nostalgia and actually made me feel like a grown up because they illustrated that I've grown so much over the years. But the 2004 versions were crap. Since they changed some of the toys from the 1997-2003 version and replaced them with several toys from the mid 2000s (AKA the downfall of good children's toys) and made me feel like a baby again. Bring back the original I know my shapes song from Baby Newton! Bring back the orange butterfly thing from Baby Van Gogh! Bring back the Soft looking shape sorter from Baby Mozart! Whyy?

04.Numbers nursery
05.Van Gogh
06.Neighborhood Animals
01.Da Vinci(Obviously)
10.World Animals(BEST 2004 VERSION EVER]

16 Terrifying puppets

Ok I know some of them are scary but if they really creeped the children out it would be some puppet shows or something. like the giraffe cone puppet or the flower murderer which is the horse who has the case of voice optis which means curesd with other sounds.

17 They never made a Baby Newton Discovery Kit
18 They stopped doing videos

Please make more videos!

Or Disney should put the old videos on Disney+.

19 Some toys on the available list replaced when shouldn't be

The hydrogyro, rock a stack and metronome with red dot, Coca Cola bubble bear, playful insects, mouse trap, mr. bubbles, and caterpillar and wooden wagon by heros were on the available list, so those shouldn't have been replaced

20 Disney replaced some items that were available in 2000 - 2003

Well it sucks because they replaced the wind chimes, the rock a stack, the metronome with red dot, the musical clock (the one I had when I was little), the buggety budget, the soft sorter looking thing, Coca Cola bubble bear, hydrogyro by rainbow products, wonderland bear band, toy saxaphone, baby giraffe, playful insects which I call the bug park, all bugs by Nancy Carlson aka Mary Meyer, butterfly puppet, magma lite lamp by lava lite, spiral comets by spencer gifts, mousetrap by hasbro, and mr. bubbles and they were all available in 2001

21 Hydro gyro is still available

They shouldn't have replaced it. Bring back the HydroGyro. It's still being made today along with the playful insects and precision gyroscope

22 Hydro Gyro not discontinued until early 2008

If Disney looked more carefully on google images for hydro gyro in 2004 it would say arbor scientific website back in 2004-early 2008

23 They have weird content
24 They have videos that don't make sense
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