Top Ten Saddest Things About the Cancellation of the Fairly OddParents

I know you guys might've not known, but Fairly OddParents actually got canceled. As much as I do not really like the new ones as much as I like the old ones, I will really miss the show. The show got canceled on April of this year I think, and I understand that this list should've been made earlier, but I just wanted to make this list. I hope one the writers get a new series, and it's sad seeing it go:-(

The Fairly Oddparents

FOP, we all will miss you, a lot.

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1 No more of its funny episodes

To be honest, I felt that it had to be cancelled. It was already going downhill. The show that was once heartwarming and funny I used to love as a kid had become mean-spirited and unfunny. It just lost its charm in newer episodes. Besides, all shows must come to an end sooner or later... - Misfire

One Word-Chloe - GamerXS

It got cancelled this year, not 2015. The creator Butch Hartman left Nickelodeon 3 years after 2015, so that was when it really got cancelled.
Still sad though.

Nickelodeon is dying. Now we don't have fairly oddparents? This was literally the only show I actually watched! "Don't worry! You can watch our FANTASTIC shows such as SANJAY AND CRAIG...or BREADWINNERS...or MODERN SPONGEBOB? Anyone wanna watch those...yeah we're gonna die out."

2 It was a great show

Nickelodeon... You have officially messed up. First you cancelled SpongeBob and keep showing re-runs of it and now you cancelled Fairy Odd Parents of all shows? Nickelodeon is dead to me now. Unless they improve SpongeBob (which I doubt) or add a new show that is a anime (which I also doubt), Nickelodeon just dropped all hope. And to be honest, Fairy Odd Parents was doing tons more better than SpongeBob ever did. - Chaotixhero

It was an awesome Show all the way through but it's still going and Chloe's in it but it's stopped doing episodes for a while because season 10 episode 20 came out and that's the last one so far.

Nickelodeon, I officially hate you now. First you are ADDICTED to SpongeBob, and won't cancel it. Now you cancelled the last and final good show. Even the new episodes are good! Nickelodeon, you have made your last mistake.

My 4th favorite show. Nickelodeon, YOU SUCK NOW! - EpicJake

3 The writers were amazing

Guys it didn't get cancelled yet. I heard it is renewed for a season 10. - cosmo

4 No more of its effort

I did not know it

5 The old episodes were awesome

True,and the new ones too. All were. But I do love the old ones a lot especially seasons 2,3 and 5. - cosmo

Can someone here send a letter to Nick that says


6 It was still going strong

Eh, not in my eyes. It got to the point where the humor was so predictable and stupid that it felt like it was aiming at 6 year olds. While I can respect your opinion, I simply don't see this one as true. - Garythesnail

This got cancelled? What are you doing, Nickelodeon? I was hoping this day wouldn't come. I was never as hooked onto this as I was with SpongeBob, but it was still an awesome show, and it gave me laughs. - GhostBird

Oh my gosh guys. Why is everyone so sad? It is a little kids cartoon. The show is good when you are younger, but you shouldn't watch it now, and it should be left in the childhood memories pile. If you are still watching kids cartoons, you guys should take a look at yourselves. I am not saying it is a bad show, as it is a part of my childhood, but seriously guys. Grow up. - gemcloben

I don't think you have to be a little kid to be watching FOP or any other cartoon.. They can be for any age. - cosmo

IT's Not Cancelled! It's renewing for a season 10!

7 Timmy and Cosmo were great characters

Timmy became selfish in newer episodes to be honest, and Cosmo became even dumber than he already was. - Misfire

They were good characters now they are annoying jerks

Yes,they were preferably my favorites. Other good characters include Wanda,Jorgen,Anti-Cosmo,Poof(for me),and Mr.Crocker. - cosmo

8 It was one of the only good shows on Nickelodeon

Why is Nick cancelling all their good shows just to keep Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners running? - cosmo

Nickelodeon just loves to ruin children's lives, don't they? - TwilightKitsune

I didn't know it got canceled :( I love this show and most of the stuff on Nick now it utter crap
This show was my fave :((

9 The show can focus
10 It has a lot of fans

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11 The Old Episodes Are Way Better Than the New Ones

Watch Movie Magic and Mind over Magic maybe you’ll know her character better. She is not a nice girl.

Are you sure Trixie Tang was worse than the newer girls.

If you like her do a fanfiction series on her.

12 Now Nickelodeon only has SpongeBob

But I prefer FOP than SpongeBob. But lets hope SpongeBob gets better. - cosmo

Two words, guys: Loud House.

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