Top 10 Saddest Things About Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington like anyone else had his demons, and here are some of the most depressing things about him as he lived from 1976 - 2017.

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1 He was 41 when he died

The saddest thing is not that he passed at a young age, but that he passed at all. Me and my shadows wish the man well. - MrUmbra

Granted that's not a really old age, but it's still kind of young and shocking.

2 He suffered from sexual abuse

Oh my god. Jonathan Davis stated that he was molested when he was 12 but it happened to Chester at 7? That's really horrible.

It also sucks how his band didn't make the impact it had and that just makes it worse. Hopefully he's in a much better place now with Chris.

He's stated it was a friend of his that sexually abused him from 7 - 13 and that's just messed up...

At a very young age too. - 3DG20

That’s so sad. - Camaro6

3 His parents got divorced when he was 11 years old

And his father won custody of him...

4 He was bullied in highschool for being skinny and different

I hope those people are ashamed of themselves. - 3DG20

Kind of depressing to be honest...

I bet those bullies were kissing his ass until he died.R.I.P Chester. - DarkBoi-X

I’m skinny too, not many people get bullied for being skinny but I feel you. - AlphaQ

5 He committed suicide

All suicides are depressing and his suicide is no exception...

Oh god that's horrible god I really miss him R.I.P Chester :( - Lpsgirl

6 After his parents divorce he suffered from drug addiction

Yeah... that's very unpleasant...

7 He had depression

My heart goes out to anyone suffering this - TwilightKitsune

And that let to his suicide. - MrCoolC

For most of his life too. - 3DG20

Pretty obvious but worth mentioning.

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8 He had both drug and alcohol addiction

He eventually got cleaned up but for a while he struggled with it...

9 He died on Chris Cornell's birthday

Two months after Cornell's death to... still kind of depressing.

10 His lyrics predicted his suicide

No wonder "Easier to Run" sounds fitting to him - TheDarkOne_221b

Especially the song "Given Up" which downright sounds like it's about depression.

Some more examples would be “One Step Closer” and “Leave Out All The Rest”. - 3DG20

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11 He got sick a few times and suffered from a few injuries

He was sick during the recording of the Numb music video, broke his wrist when performing Papercut, broke his leg while playing a basketball game, and even injured his shoulder.

12 His Music
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