Top 10 Saddest Things Children Can Experience

The Top Ten

1 Having nobody to adopt them
2 Having no food
3 Not having a warm comfy home
4 Having nothing to play with
5 No friends
6 Not knowing their parents
7 No learning

Like children in Africa. :( Good list even though it's making me sad :( - funnyuser

8 No bed
9 No pets

I never had pets as a kid. We kept fish in the house but they're so boring.

10 Pet dies

This is the saddest thing that has ever happened in my life. My bird died 2 days ago and I am depressed about it because I will never see him again. I keep expecting to hear him cheep but he is dead. RIP - SammySpore

The Contenders

11 Someone they love dies
12 A parent dies

Should be higher then pet dying - DrayTopTens

13 No water
14 Abuse
15 Neglect
16 Mental illness
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