Top Ten Saddest Things In the History of Music


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21 David Bowie death
22 2Pac assassination

Rap is the best genre of music, deepest, most sincere and meaningful, and pac is the best there is. Truly saddening someone changing the world expressed in the songs "changes" and "ghetto gospel" was taken from us, when he was only 25. You will be missed.

Live the thug life, die the thug death.

Isn't even in the Top 10? - AlphaQ

23 Pavarotti dies
24 My Chemical Romance breaks up
25 Original Lineup of Guns N Roses Splits
26 Death of Prince
27 Shakur's Assassination

I can't tell if that was a stab at it or not. - MLGPoossySlayer6969

The assassination of Tupac Shakur was so pathetic that many rappers like Chris Brown and Kanye West wanted to say the f-word in every song to celebrate his death!

28 Death of Christina Grimmie
29 Keith Relf's death by electrocution

Although very sad, it was one of Rock-n-Roll's most spectacular exits, because he was rehearsing in the bathtub with his electric guitar.

30 Suicide of Pete Ham

He was three days away from his birthday, the same day as mine! - Pony

31 Jonathan Davis molested as a child
32 Suicide of Tom Evans
33 Madonna went downhill
34 The Flaming Lips working with Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus
35 Jefferson Airplane becoming Starship
36 Beethoven's Death

Beethoven died a long time ago so how could he live in the modern world?

It could be better if Justin Beiber lives in the early century where Beethoven lives and replaced him in our world.

37 Paul Gray dies
38 The Rev's Death
39 Prince becomes irrelevant
40 Elvis being drafted
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