Top 10 Saddest Three Days Grace Songs

While Three Days Grace mainly is somewhat of a angsty band they do have a few sad songs here and there. Here's what I consider to be their saddest songs. If you don't like this band that's fine just don't attack me for having a opinion is all that I ask.

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1 Never Too Late

I know that it's a bit cliche but this song really is quite sad to be honest.

2 Last to Know

Never expected a Piano ballad from the band but honestly the song is pretty well done, and I'm not that huge of a fan. - cjWriter1997

I love three days grace, but this song was a shock in a great way. They nailed it. However it seems like I'm the only one who likes it.

The even sadder part is I think I heard a sniffle at the end of the song. - 3DG20

This song opens up and explains about a relationship where the girl leaves the guy and the guy doesn’t know what to do with himself.
The lyrics are meaningful and sad which just gets me almost every time I listen to it. - XEROEARTH

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3 The End is Not the Answer

Some might call it a poor man's Never Too Late but it's just as sad as the actual Never Too Late to be honest.

4 The Real You

Somewhat sadder than Fallen Angel to be honest.

5 Unbreakable Heart

The only Transit of Venus song that I thought was good for this list.

6 Someone Who Cares

It's definitely top five worthy when it comes to how overall sad it is.

I'd say this is my #1 song for sadness of TDG songs...

7 Without You

Quite sad I'll add.

8 Let It Die

Similar to the last two it focuses on a relationship that ended badly.

9 Time of Dying
10 No More

This song is really sad it really hits me

The Contenders

11 On My Own

I think the sample explains itself to be honest.

12 World So Cold
13 Gone Forever
14 Wake Up - Three Days Grace
15 I Hate Everything About You

So relatable

16 Lost in You

A love ballad that's somewhat sad to be honest.

17 Over and Over

Over and over is sad because it’s about a guy keep falling for this women and then he gets rejected - XEROEARTH

18 One-X
19 Human Race
20 Fallen Angel

Despite the hate Matt has gotten his vocals in this song are emotional and the song itself is about losing a loved one.

21 I Am Machine
22 Tell Me Why
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