Top 10 Saddest Three Days Grace Songs

While Three Days Grace mainly is somewhat of a angsty band they do have a few sad songs here and there. Here's what I consider to be their saddest songs. If you don't like this band that's fine just don't attack me for having a opinion is all that I ask.

The Top Ten

1 Never Too Late

I know that it's a bit cliche but this song really is quite sad to be honest.

2 The End is Not the Answer

Some might call it a poor man's Never Too Late but it's just as sad as the actual Never Too Late to be honest.

3 The Real You

Somewhat sadder than Fallen Angel to be honest.

4 Unbreakable Heart

The only Transit of Venus song that I thought was good for this list.

5 Someone Who Cares

It's definitely top five worthy when it comes to how overall sad it is.

I'd say this is my #1 song for sadness of TDG songs...

6 Without You

Quite sad I'll add.

7 Last to Know

Never expected a Piano ballad from the band but honestly the song is pretty well done, and I'm not that huge of a fan. - cjWriter1997

Yeah... not going into depth why for this one.

8 Let It Die

Similar to the last two it focuses on a relationship that ended badly.

9 On My Own

I think the sample explains itself to be honest.

10 World So Cold

The Contenders

11 Gone Forever
12 Time of Dying
13 Fallen Angel

Despite the hate Matt has gotten his vocals in this song are emotional and the song itself is about losing a loved one.

14 Lost in You

A love ballad that's somewhat sad to be honest.

15 No More
16 Over and Over
17 Wake Up - Three Days Grace
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