Top 10 Saddest TV Shows

There are some most popular T.V. show that are depressing and saddest and best T.V. show of all time.

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1 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
2 Angel Angel Angel is an American television series, a spin-off from the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
3 The Closer
4 Thirteen Reasons Why

It is literally about a girl making 13 tapes on why she committed suicide and sent them to the people making them relive memories they would probably rather forget. They now know that on some level, they killed Hannah. SPOILER: It also makes another kid kill himself. These events lead to not one, but two people committing suicide. That is high school for ya, folks.

Sad especially Hannah's graphic suicide.

This made me cry a ocean

6 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an American television series created by Joss Whedon under his production tag, Mutant Enemy Productions with later co-executive producers being Jane Espenson, David Fury, David Greenwalt, Doug Petrie, Marti Noxon, and David Solomon. The series premiered on March 10, 1997, more.
7 Charmed Charmed

Charmed is a show that gives to the audience very tensed feelings. Happiness or sorrow. It was really sad many times (Prue's death, Paige meets her adoptive parents, Piper and Leo break up, Piper's son death and many others). Escpecially in Prue's death I cried so much.

8 Supernatural Supernatural This haunting series follows the thrilling yet terrifying journeys of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who face an increasingly sinister landscape as they hunt monsters. After losing their mother to a supernatural force, the brothers were raised by their father as soldiers who track mysterious more.

Supernatural doesn't need a good story to be sad. It utilized its greatest strength that it forged through the years it's on air, the bonds between the characters. When they pointlessly killed Bobby in Season 7 or Charlie in Season 10, even those who didn't like them cried. And unlike 13 Reasons Why, Supernatural doesn't need to include death or guilt to make people cry, it needs words and happiness, and it does good on that.

9 Smallville
10 Doctor Who Doctor Who The Doctor a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous, he travels around in his time machine called The TARDIS which stands for time and relative dimensions in space. The show was first broadcast on 23rd November 1963 one day after JFK was assassinated! The show has since more.

I don't know what half of the shows on here are


"I don't want do go."

"The day you lose someone isn’t the worst, at least you’ve got something to do. It’s all the days after they stay dead."

"What's good about sad? It's happy for deep people."

"What's the point in them being happy now if they're going to be sad later? The answer is, of course, because they are going to be sad later."

"I'm always alright."

"You can spend the rest of your life with me, but I can’t spend the rest of mine with you. I have to live on. Alone. That’s the curse of the Time Lords."

"Okay then. That's what I'll do; I will tell you a story. Can you hear them? All these people who lived in terror of you and your judgement. All these people who's ancestors devoted themselves, sacrificed themselves to you. Can you hear them singing? Oh, you like to think you're a god. You're not a god, you're just a parasite, eaten out with jealousy and envy and ...more

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11 Rizzoli & Isles
12 Bojack Horseman Bojack Horseman BoJack Horseman is an American adult animated sitcom created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg. The series stars Will Arnett as the title character, BoJack Horseman.

Such a beautiful show, very depressing but with a hilarious aura.

This show is excellent, but can be massively depressing at times.

Super sad, but also hilarious!

This is one of the most depressing T.V. shows I've ever watched, but it is also one of the best T.V. shows I've ever watched. Episode 11 always makes me cry, and this is my go-to show for when I'm really depressed, because it is just so real to me.

13 The Mentalist
14 Clannad: After Story

This has to be one of the saddest shows I've ever seen. It will make you cry your eyes out. This show makes guys cry hard and girls cry even harder. And its not till you lie down and think about what happened for a minute that you really become depressed.

To be honest I really liked this show but it was sad but the last episode was happy

Wow. Can't believe this show is so low.

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15 Futurama Futurama Futurama is an American animated science fiction sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

I enjoy watching this show because there are many beautiful city and flying car that mades me cry and I wish I would be there but I don't if it will happen in future. I hope it it will happen in A.D. 2050. - Gray18

YOU GUYS AIN'T SEEN jurassic bark yet. OML.

16 House
17 Degrassi Degrassi Degrassi: The Next Generation (later renamed Degrassi for seasons ten through fourteen) is a Canadian teen drama television series set in the Degrassi universe, which was created by Linda Schuyler and Kit Hood in 1979. It is the fourth series in the Degrassi franchise, following The Kids of Degrassi more.
18 Batman: The Animated Series Batman: The Animated Series Batman: The Animated Series is an American animated television series based on the DC Comics superhero Batman.
19 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Star Wars: The Clone Wars Star Wars: The Clone Wars is an American 3D CGI animated television series created by George Lucas and produced by Lucasfilm Animation with the division Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, Lucasfilm and CGCG Inc.
20 Lost Lost Lost is an American television drama series that originally aired on the American Broadcasting Company from September 22, 2004, to May 23, 2010, over six seasons, comprising a total of 121 episodes.

The emotion that is put into each scene is beautifully done, and Giacchino's scores make the show to be not only the best but also the saddest. Listen to any music from the show, and you'd be able to feel the raw emotion just from that.

Lost is amazing and extremely sad

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