Top 10 Saddest Video Game Moments

As the name says the saddest moments in video game history. (Spoiler Alert) Maybe giving away the ending to some video games.

The Top Ten

The Ending - The Walking Dead

The only time I have ever cried in a video game

No question. - lukemcnamara72

Sephiroth Kills Aerith - Final Fantasy VII
Dominic's Wife Dies - Gears of War 2
Dominic's Sacrifice - Gears of War 3

This was Gears of War 3 though.. - JoshuaBananas

Dom was still unhappy about the death of his wife which he tradgicly killed in gears 2. he visits the hometown of maria(his wife) and then his friends are surrounded with lambent and locust, while still depressed from the death of his wife he rams a tanker into a group of fuel tanks, while saving his friends, Dom tradgicly perishes

The Ending - Red Dead Redemption
The Ending - Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus has to be one of the most messed up games in history, in order to bring back his dead loved one Wander has to kill a bunch of giant Colossus for reasons never quite explained, He manages to bring her back but at a heavy cost. - egnomac

The Good Ending - Bioshock
Issac Clark Learns the Truth About Nicole - Dead Space
Piers Nivan's Sacrifice - Resident Evil 6
Little Mac Retires - Punch-Out Wii

After losing the third match in Macs' Last Stand mode the game shows this scene with Doc Louis walking through Little Macs wing Highlighting all of his matches and the sad music made it really effective as it ends with Doc saying good job kid good job as we walks away. - egnomac

The Contenders

The Ending - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky

Should be way higher, like number one. All that crap you, your partner, and Grovyle have been through just to save the world. Three pokemon enter the hidden land together, only one makes it out.

Don't toss this away as another kids game. Just listening to the music is enough to make people cry. - Frouze

Chao Crying - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Chao are just the most adorable things ever, so when they get hurt by either accident or abusive care they either start crying or trembling with fear. Seeing something so cute get so upset is nothing short of heartbreaking.
For this I make sure never to mistreat my Chao.

You will feel absolutely horrible if you accidentally hurt a Chao.

Hinawa's Death - Mother 3
The Final Day - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Rosalina's Backstory - Super Mario Galaxy
Asriel's Redemption - Undertale

Why is this in the 28th spot? Why not 1st?

Claus's Attempted Suicide - Mother 3
Killing Toroko - Cave Story

Congratulations. You just killed the cutest character in the entire game. - xandermartin98

The Sans Boss Fight - Undertale

I hope I'm not the only one who's glad he's dead.

Baby Metroid's Sacrifice - Super Metroid
F.L.U.D.D. Dies - Super Mario Sunshine

I know this is sad, but not as sad as a certain scene in Star Fox Command. Peppy sacrifices himself to save the galaxy. What a PAL!

F.L.U.D. D dies? Funny, I've beaten and seen sunshine a LOT of times and NEVER knew this...

F.L.U.D.D lived a wonderful life, so take her to a better place!

Toads repaired her, so she didn't die

Egil's Death - Xenoblade Chronicles

Such an extremely emotional scene. The music and atmosphere both show she how touching and sad this moment is.

Saying Goodbye to Your Partner - Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

THIS DESERVES TO BE HIGHER! ( I had to choose between this and eos's end )

Your partner, after hearing that the player character thinks that they are going to disappear, reveals that they are Mew and must leave. They begin to disappear, to a song called Time to Part Ways, and their last words are" Do me one last favor, and don't you cry! " The player character calls for them and then falls to their knees.

The even sadder bit is that Mew almost succumbs to the same fate in the post game!

I was in tears after finding out the truth about my Fennekin pal Ellie. In real life, too. - Synchronocity

Death of Sniper Wolf - Metal Gear
Alphys' Backstory - Undertale

Honestly I cried for the Amalgams when Alphys' backstory was revealed

Batman is Forced to Reveal His Identity - Batman: Arkham Knight

This is a very sad moment at the end of the Arkham Saga where Scarecrow has captured both Tim Drake the Robin and James Gordon the police commissioner and the only way to save them is for Batman to unmask himself and reveal to the world that he is Bruce Wayne.

Nick's Sacrifice - Lollipop Chainsaw

In order to defeat the final boss Killabilly Nick has to willing sacrifice himself. - egnomac

The Joker Dies - Batman: Arkham City
Mary Read Dies - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Scarlett's Letter - Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Legate Rikke's Death - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Dickson's Death - Xenoblade Chronicles
Snowdrake's Mother - Undertale
The Ending - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team
Sorry, Kid Joe Wasn't Part of the Deal - Mafia 2
E-102 Gamma Dies From Sonic Adventure

It's sad because Gamma was fighting his stronger brother and they both end up killing each other.

The Ending - The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night
Sora and Kairi Get Separated From Kingdom Hearts

I cried when this happened

Cait Sith's Sacrifice - Final Fantasy VII
Lavitz's Death - The Legend of Dragoon
Edgar's Death - King's Quest VII
Game Over Scene - Angry Birds Transformers
Diane's Suicide - Final Fantasy VII
Sector 7 Plate Crash - Final Fantasy VII
Alexander Gets Killed by Genie If He Doesn't Give Him the Lamp On Time - King's Quest VI

Princess Cassima: Alexander! NO!

Sad Ending - King's Quest VI
Stellar Santiago's Death - Space Quest 6
Stellar Santiago's Funeral - Final Fantasy VII

Wrong game! That's from Space Quest 6

Rose's Sacrifice - Legend of the Dragoon
Kongol's Past - Legend of the Dragoon
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