The Last of Us


I was stuck between The Last of Us and To the Moon. They are both very sad games. But I had to give my vote to The Last of Us, as even the first ten minutes of the game can make you cry. And the emotional connection between Joel and Ellie was just so sad throughout the game.

Never ever has a story made me this emotionally connected, and no other video game does it for me. This isn't just "sad", it's incredibly touching and beautiful. This is about the relationship between Joel and Ellie, and essentially Joel's second chance at having a daughter.

I played this game like 10 times and I probably cried 20 times I mean each death was just so hard the characters are so relatable and they grow on you and honestly that is what makes a game great!

Not only was its originality that made one of the best games ever. The story and connection between the characters helped it a lot. It's also what made it the saddest game since walking dead

I was so attached to every character, and the intro built me up so that I cried when Joel's daughter died... I could not stop crying.

I don't believe that this deserves number one, but it definitely deserves top three. The saddest aspect of the game is the character trnsition of Joel and Ellie into a darker state of mind. The decay of humanity makes the survivors of the apocalypse more of a tragedy than the zombie infected.

I'm not sure about number 1. But it deserves higher than 9. It plays with your emotions which drives me totally insane.

Jesus. I could make a huge comment but I don't really feel like it. But this game is an emotional roller coaster. - MRniceguy583

I have played all of these and The Last of Us crushed my soul.

I have no words to describe how beautiful this game is.

I cried throughout this whole emotional joyride...

This game is... great! Good gob, naughty dog)))

Father and Daughter relationship...

I have never cried so hard in my life.

I'm gonna be honest here, the first 15 minutes of the game made me cry SSO much ;_;