Life is Strange


Never before have I played a game that made me weep. I had to set my controller down and actually break. It spends 3/5 of the game setting up how deeply you care, to have the next 2 episodes test just how much you do. All until the ending, shattering your heart into pieces as you have to choose which characters are important enough to you, and which ones you can let go. It's bound together by a perfect soundtrack and atmosphere that upon hearing again, will break you. It's been over half a year and I still can't hear the soundtrack without tearing up.

Most game endings don't get to me, but "Life is Strange" did. While both choices seemed logical, I couldn't get over the fact that there was no way for Max to go without giving up a sacrifice. Through the entirety of the game, Max bonded with Chloe and they had a nice reunion from when they were kids. I grew close to the two characters and was upset when the only way to continue to have Chloe around was to allow the storm to affect everyone else. I enjoyed the plot and game however, I just wish there were more/different endings to "Life is Strange".

Personally my favourite game of all time. I can't even describe how much I cried when the ending inevitably came. I played this game first in January of 2017 I enjoyed the game but it didn't hit me. I was too immature for it. Over the eight month long break before I decided to play the game I grew so much as a person and I decides to finally play it, and it did pay of. The game even with it's sci-fi elements still felt so real, every action has realistic outcomes. This game at moments hit too close to home, if you ever had a really close friend then the bond between Max and Chloe will impact you like it impacted me. I cannot recommend this game more for anyone it's a solid 10/10 for me.

LiS is one of the most immersive games I've ever played (20+ years of gaming here). Max's journal, the "sit spots" (places where you can just sit and listen to her thoughts), her relatable, delicate personality really make you establish a deep connection with her.

Whatever she feels becomes what you feel: the weight of making certain decisions (the game deals with very serious topics, never seen before in a game), joy, pain, suffering, everything. And the excellent soundtrack multiplies the effect.

I never cried in my life for a movie, a book, a T.V. series, or a game. LiS did it. It just shattered my defenses and left a mark on my soul.

After months, thinking about what Max went through or listening to the soundtrack still makes me tear up. LiS really changed me. I didn't think it was possible. My heart is still broken.

Honestly, I can't really speak for anyone else. I didn't find this game all that interesting. Sure, to some people, it might have been sad at the end, but I didn't even frown. No emotions, whatsoever. I can't really relate to the characters, besides David and Warren at times. I cried my eyes out at the Walking Dead, both Season 2 and 1. As well as The Last Of Us. But no guilt, I felt like my decisions in this game didn't feel so important. I don't have many reasons of why I didn't really like this game. But this is just my opinion. Don't get triggered!

May just be my favorite game of all time. I've always been fascinated with time, and the effects of manipulating it. In addition to a compelling narrative, complex characters, and interesting mechanics, this game destroyed me emotionally, without any spoilers (in case you haven't played it) you get hit with things that are extremely hard to deal with, and choices with no real correct answer. It's a wonderful story, and a great game.

A brilliantly written, realistic, heart wrenching story driven game that makes the player feel for the characters. Every choice feels like your life is hanging in the balance as you play through this masterpiece. You'll wish you could forget it to just get that feeling of playing it for the first time again as it will leave a huge impact on everyone who plays it. The characters are relatable and you will feel yourself get more and more attached as the game goes on. The game is a work of art from start to finish Dontnod I salute you.

Whether it be the nostalgically touching soundtrack, the extremely memorable characters or the unexpected and deep-hitting plot; this game has affected me deeper than any other game I have ever played and I know that it will stick with me for a very long time. Amazing game.

This game starts out pretty light-hearted, but know this: it gets real, dude. Episode 4 and 5 combined is one of the biggest emotional rollercoasters I've ever experienced in a game. The final conversation between Max and Chloe completely chewed me up and spat me out. It I haven't been this frustrated since the first time I watched the last Twin Peaks episode.

The feels train is strong on this one. Fans may be divided on the ending, but the fact the game elicit those feelings means it did a damn good job.

An amazing story that will really make you think on what to do every step of the way as you play through every episode. I've completed the game 3 times and the ending still brings a tear to my eye

If you played this game, a part of you has already died, no matter what you do, that part of yours won't ever regenerate, it'll stay dead. If you are an extremely emotional person like me, you either really need to play it, or don't, it might effect you so hard that you'll randomly think of it and cry without any reason.

It is the only game that made me cry. You try to keep everyone alive but can fail in multiple ways with one ending being the worst (emotionally best).

The game is very realistic in the way that all the things you do gives an impact on your future. It gives the player a feeling of guilt, anger, or joy because of the consequences he made before.

Life is Strange has many devastating moments

This is one of the most beautifully crafted, but incredibly depressing, games I've ever played.

Hard to pick between this and Walking Dead. This gets you involved with a character but in the end you can choose to never actually save her life or save everyone. Wow

The best game ever played and I mean the BEST! Really emotional and you get attached to characters like real life. I recommend to play it!

One of the most touching games, even I have never played such games as the walking dead I can say that it is much better. You have to play it!

This game is sad, just because of how realistic it is. It's done in a way that makes it feel real, and the music just adds to the feels. Play it, if you want to cry.

Life is Strange is a beautiful game, but I definitely sobbed my eyes out. I've never gotten emotional over a video game, but this really hit me hard.

Can't say anything, the feels! I shouldn't have watched this game. It's so sad I can't get over it

This game is underrated, the first couple episodes are a little slow, but episodes four and five are just insane. - MRniceguy583

Just play the game and feel it slowly

God I loved this game! I really like games that you can pick what path you go down and this one was by far the best I have ever seen!