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21 Half-life 2

Imagine, walking through a city, watching your fellow people get beaten and mistreated for the smallest reasons, as you hunger for food instead of the minimal rations they give you. No freedom, no friends. Into the Resistance you go, seeing good people work as hard as they can to make a difference against their suppressors, yet it amounts to next to nothing.

Half life 2 and all its episodes have unexpected endings.

22 Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2
23 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

So sad when midna leaves

24 Cave Story

The music...the the second half of the game you know something has gone terribly wrong.

Toroko, who is undoubtedly the cutest, sweetest, kindest, fluffiest, adorablest and cuddliest widdle bunny-wunny ever created in a video game, dies at the hands of someone literally worse than Hitler about midway through the game. And it only gets worse from there.

You have been warned. - xandermartin98

25 Tomb Raider: Underworld
26 Presentable Liberty

My only regret is that I watched Markiplier's Let's Play before I played the actual game, as its lost that element of surprise. Should've played THEN watched.

Seriously though, deep stuff.

Just.. wow. This game is unsettling from the first few minutes, and somehow in potentially less than an hour of gameplay it manages to make you attached to characters that you never even meet. And then it rips it all away from you. Truly a work of a twisted, but genius, mind.

This games just plain scary. Exoptable Money is also disturbing - this takes that formula to a whole new level though.

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27 Final Fantasy X
28 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

The ending is incredibly sad. Breaks my heart to even think about it.

My favorite Kingdom Hearts, why do the 1st and 2nd get good endings? But this one is messed up and sad.

29 The Walking Dead: Season Two

Game is so sad as it's first part... Hats off

Such an amazing game, filled with the grief of the apocolypse


30 Undertale

I thought it was so sad because in the genocide run you kill everyone when I killed Sans I was heartbroken and killing papyrus also Sans getting angry saying' It's a beautiful day out side flowers are blooming birds are singing on days like these kids like you should be burning in hell

Undertale is one of the most emotional games I've ever played. The final fight is so emotional, it's hard not to shed a tear...

But...sti-still! I believe in you! You can do a little better...even if you don't think so...I-I promise...

I've completed the pacifist run, but I can't bring myself to the genocide run. Despite the whole game being spoiled for me, since I had watched Dan and Phil play through it, I cried while battling Asgore and Asriel. This has literally changed the way I play other games, as I now always try to find some sort of way around fighting, even though I know that most games don't work like that :). I really think people need to experience the game before they go ahead and call it, and the fans, cringy. Undertale made me laugh at the funniest pparts, cry at the saddest, and always kept some sort of smile on my face, whether a smirk at one of sans' puns, or a sad little smile seeing Toriel after so long, or an appreciative grin at the amazing soundtrack. I highly recommend this game to literally anyone, it will change the way you think about games, or anything really. Please give Undertale a go.

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31 The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
32 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

This game was beautiful, and hit me right in the feels. The game has a tragic atmosphere throughout, beginning with the death of your mother and the illness of your father. Two brothers must set out to find the Tree of Life and save their father, helping each other grow along the way. Throughout the epic and beautiful adventure, the two brothers strengthen each other and help each other grow. Then there are the subtle side stories, such as whether or not you save a man from hanging himself, or the death of a griffin right after it carries you to safety. The game progressively gets more powerful, all the way up until the horribly sad ending. After going through so much, the older brother dies due to a fatal stab wound... Right at the roots of the tree of life. With his dead brother's spirit helping him, the younger brother finishes the quest and saves his father. The game concludes with the broken family mourning at the graves of the mother and older brother. Definitely the saddest ...more

If a game, where characters don't speak any real language, makes you cry, you know that it does something right

Heard this was good - MRniceguy583

this sucks

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33 Final Fantasy VII
34 Bioshock 2

Neutral/Sacrifice ending is heart breaking. All the work to save your little sister who is all grown up now and you don't even get to spend any time with her above the decrepit remains of rapture.

35 Max Payne 3

We need more games where you play as a tormented, withered and crippled shell of the main protagonist's former self.

That would be pretty neat. - xandermartin98

A barely functioning addict with a death wish attempts to rectify his past failures, by protecting those around him. nearly all of them die.

36 Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

I think this entire series would be really high up if more people played it. The endings of most of them are just absolutely heart-wrenching, but I'd have to say this one was the worst. Claire's death was a punch in the gut. Throughout the game, you're told that Layton's girlfriend died ten years in the past. Several flashbacks of her are shown, and she's the most precious person. I'd be lying if I said that she isn't one of the best characters in the series... but she's dead. You get to see her death in the explosion during one of the cutscenes- her lifeless body proves it. Then, later on, you meet Celeste, who claims to be Claire's younger sister, and is working to uncover the truth behind Claire'd death in the time machine explosion. You save London with her, destroy Clive's fortress, get the dude arrested, and all' well, right? Celeste is breaking down in tears, and after "you've taken awful good care of that hat I gave you", you'll be crying too. So, Celeste is actually ...more

Definitely not surprised to see this on here. Never seen a sadder ending (except in maybe drawn to life the next chapter). Love the story of this series, I could not help crying when I got to the end of this one!

I'm honestly surprised that this is not on the first page.

The ending just KILLED me!

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37 Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
38 Pikmin V 1 Comment
39 Akaiito
40 Borderlands 2

HAHAAHAHAAHA. Seriously, though, this game is literally Sunset Overdrive without its movement. - MKBeast

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