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61 Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Correction to my upper post up there (the post that say

And I spelled correction wrong. Great.

Another cprrection is that one of my setences is grammatically incorrect. It says,

This is an insanely sad game because there are just so many messed up moments.
*Catarrhina dies.
*Marion never had any friends and lost her mom and her dad then she dies herself (giving a fygg to Marionette in order to give her life in replace ment of hers (they look alike)).
*You can't see Stella becuase you become mortal.
*Corvus and Serena never got to fully be together.
*The Wight Knight (or Right Knight) never got to be with Princess Mona after being trapped with Morag.
*Mason was too focused on his work (bulding a rock replica of Zere) and lost his wife, Petra, who left him for another man. He also duid in his replica of Zere Rocks.
*Queen Voluptua's parents always neglected her.
*Erinn's dad gave up his career in order to save her.
*Jona Jones dad turned into, Lleviathan, a evil sea creature.
*Greygnarl, the dragon dies to protect, the Upover from Barbarus, the evil dragon.
That's only the main plot I'll be back to add more side ...more

62 Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

I could literally not stop crying after the ending. It was crushing. All of the terrified Raposa characters we come to know from the series disappear forever when Max wakes up from his coma. To further rub it in, they play sad music while revealing that Max's parents died in the car crash, and that him and Heather were brother and sister. And then the credits end on showing Mari and Jowee as dolls won from the carnival. I am so surprised that this series isn't more well known, and it's cheerful cover art is probably the biggest facade of all. I've played Shadow of The Colossus, and wasn't remotely upset. I shed a few tears at the end of The Walking Dead, sure, but I honestly have never been so moved by a video game before. I truly see this as a masterpiece.

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63 One Chance

All the ending to this one are sad. Either you die, your family dies, your wife always dies, not sure about the daughter... And, like the title, its almost impossible to replay the game, so you have one chance.

This game is so sad when I saw markiplier play it to the end I also started crying

Such a sad game. Even sadder seeing Markiplier's reaction to the end.

How is this not higher up?

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64 Super Paper Mario

May not be the saddest game ever, BUT definitely DESERVES TO at least BE IN THE TOP 10!

Count Bleck's sad background makes him evil and unique

You it's good of a Mario game made you cry

Rip Count Bleck his death was too sad

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65 The Binding of Isaac

Not necessarily the saddest game out there, but definitely more so than "paper Mario" or "sonic". This game is dark... Your mother receives revelation from god that her son Isacc (you) is corrupt and must be sacrificed. Forced to escape into a basement full of nightmares, Isaac becomes deformed and scarred as he surpasses evil beasts and eventually must kill his own mother. Dark and slightly disturbing, this game's atmosphere is full of sadness. Nothing to be happy about here

This game is literally about child abuse. Isaac still loves his mother who is possibly schizophrenic and wants to murder him! He is always haunted by monsters and the only way to get rid of them is to cry! That poor five year old! He never even has any reason to be happy!

Isaac is just a little boy who means no harm and wants love from his mother, but even that is turned down. He is not a crybaby, he is just ignored and abused.

66 The Beginner's Guide

The music makes the ending even that much sadder.

67 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

The ending is incredibly sad. Breaks my heart to even think about it.

My favorite Kingdom Hearts, why do the 1st and 2nd get good endings? But this one is messed up and sad.

68 Nier

Oh my god, why is this not higher?

Dude. This is a very dark game.

69 Minecraft: Story Mode

Episode 4 was the tragic part - NamiKazePants08

70 Off
71 Max Payne

This game is amazing, regarding storyline I always felt bad for him

Really. He is a man who should be pitied for.

72 Corpse Party

This should way higher than it is right now I played this got into it so much I cried at most of the deaths

So emotional I will always remember this game, the feels hit hard

Mayu got rammed into the wall and exploded like a pul

73 Assassin's Creed II

This game is so sad, imagine poor Ezio, everyone he loves dies, first his father is beheaded, so he escapes the city and goes to his uncle Mario. Then in brotherhood Mario dies too. I have the book Assassin's Creed Rennaissance (I suggest reading) and I cryed when his father died :( vote for this

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74 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

This game was really sad!

It was sad that this existed

75 Ori and the Blind Forest
76 Shadow the Hedgehog

Every time I see this game, it makes me a little depressed.

Yeah this game is a little depressing

77 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

The only thing sad about this game is it's existence.

I've never cried so much at the glitches..

I cryed when mepiles killed sonic

78 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Menendez was really sad! For his sister. He loves his sister. That stupid Frank killed her. In that moment he could even kill Hudson.

79 Grand Theft Auto IV

The most saddest thing about this game are the two endings.

80 Tales from the Borderlands
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