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Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan


I like Bluestar, but I don't get why everyone loves her. She was a great leader, wise and calm but with limits.. But then she went insane. She was mopey and dopey in the beginning of Bluestar's Prophecy, but she grew into a good leader. I feel like she took at least ten steps back when she went insane. Yes, she lost her entire family, mate, and deputy, but she could've handled it better. Anyways, her death was quite sad, but I just liked her. Her death surely deserves to be here, and I understand why someone would love or hate Bluestar, but I just never loved her as much as some others. And a lot of Bluestar fans say things such as "yes she had her episode but" or "she went insane but she still"... It was one of the biggest plotlines of the first series (after the third book ended)... Why ignore it? I'd like to hear anyone's opinion, or criticism :). Thanks for reading.

I didn't like Bluestar in Bluestar's Prophecy, but she matured into the leader we knew in the beginning. I admired her, and she was a wise, calm leader, but still had her beliefs. When she went mad, I originally was just irritated by it. But after looking at others' opinions, and re-reading the book where Tigerstar betrays her, it's pretty tragic how much she changed. She had to leave her kits, and Mosskit died on the way. Her mate died, and she went through her whole family dying (besides Whitestorm, and I don't consider Stormtail family). In the Warriors universe, with battles, cars, drowning rivers and more, it's not that uncommon, but you can't blame Bluestar for feeling like everything was lost. Her death was depressing, snapping at the last moment and saving her clan and Fireheart, and dying with her kits on the shore. I don't consider it the saddest of the whole series, but it's up there on my list in the top six.

Iv read bluestars prophecy to!
Anyway, blue star lost her sister, mother, and one of her kits... Sniff its just sad. But at least she gets to see them again in starclan

I cry for only 3 reasons when reading books: Sacrifice, happy endings after terrible journeys, and deaths. What made Bluestar's death even more sad, was that it was a combination of sacrifice and death. She was wise to accept cats to ThunderClan that were not from ThunderClan. She was brave to face the dog pack, knowing it might lead to her death. She was loyal to her Clan by giving her kits to Oakheart, so that ThunderClan's fate wouldn't be drowned in blood at the paws of Thistleclaw. She was not a mary sue (perfect in every way) like Firestar (yes, Firestar is a mary sue), which also helped create a place in my heart for her. Whitestorm might have lived if Bluestar still had her ninth life, seeing that the tom was growing older and slowly becoming weaker. Then if Whitestorm lived, he would get to see his kits grow up and possibly live long enough to become an elder. If Bluestar still had her ninth life, she would have used it to half defeat Scourge, then leaving Fireheart with the ...more

Not only her death, but her entire life was sad. (SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T READ BLUESTAR'S PROPHECY): First her mom dies in Bluepaw's first battle as an apprentice, then her sister/best friend dies and it was pretty much Bluefur's fault. Then she fell in love with a cat from a different clan, had KITS with that cat, couldn't be with him, and even gave up her kits (one died! ) so she could become deputy. She did, and then leader, but after all that, she thought it would be worth it by becoming a great leader, but her deputy whom she trusted completely, turned on her, and she thought StarClan themselves had turned on her, like every single thing she gave up was all for nothing, and her life had been a sad waste D:. In the end she realized, but still, she had a horrible life ;-;

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Her life was crushing, (spoiler) her mother, moonflower died, her sister snowfur died, she had to give up her kits resulting in the death of moss kit, AND had to watch her kits grow up in a different clan, wow. you so did not deserve to die in a gorge, maybe in battle, but tumbling off a gorge. wow. don't hate, I know she was saving her clan, (end spoiler) but maybe have DARKSTRIPE fall of the gorge the traitor

So, my dad was driving me, my brother, and my mom to the movie theater. I was reading #5 of the Warriors books, and I was at the part where Bluestar dies. I COULDN'T STOP CRYING! She sacrificed her life for Fireheart/Firestar, leading the pack of dogs over the cliff. And her KITS forgave her when she died. I already knew that she was gonna die, but I didn't know it would be SO SAD!

Oh she was by far my favorite character. She was amazing. She was so much better than anyone else (even Firestar which I know sounds ridiculous). She was amazing and when her kits denied that they were hers I almost cried. RIP Bluestar I loved you so much. I was definitely as attached to her as to any character in any book

Me to! Every body thinks firestar is the best! But for me Bluestar is and that will never change! Firestar took all the credit!

Blue star had the saddest death by far. She died protecting her clan and saved all of the clans by taking down the dogs. She died protecting Fireheart and everyone else. She was a very brave and noble warrior and fought with her life. In the end, she never forgot what was important and died a truehearted warrior She did whatever was best for her clan even if it ripped her apart there will never be a warrior as brave, noble, and loyal as Bluestar, leader of Thunderclan! GO BLUESTAR! :'-(

I loved Bluestar as my second favorite character (second to Firestar, of course) until Rising Storm. Then she went crazy. I agree, she was a great character, but only before then. She thought every cat in her Clan, including Firestar, were traitors! Now after reading the entire original series, and Power of Three, Firestar will always be first, Hollyleaf is second, Lionblaze is third, Jayfeather is fourth, and Bluestar has now gone forever from second, about to be first, to 5th.

Bluestar's death was so sad! Even though she went cray cray at the end it was still awful to read about! If you want to read her point of view, get Bluestar's prophecy. This is how I imagine her spirit going to StarClan.

Bluestar blinked and raised her head. There was something white looming over her. "Whitestorm," she murmured,"Is that you? " "Don't you recognise me," a gentle voice teased. Bluestar got into her paws and stared at the white she-cat surprised. She was pure white with blue eyes and grey ear tips. "Snowfur! " Bluestar cried with joy,"What are you doing here? " Snowfur gave her a glare. "We're going to StarClan," Her sister rolled her eyes,"You're dead, remember! " Bluestar sighed knowing the moment was over. "But you don't understand. I can't just leave my clan and kits. I have a clan to lead! " Bluestar noticed her sister was feeling sypathy as shown in her starry blue eyes. "Don't worry," her sister pressed her muzzle against Bluestar's,"Firestar will lead the ...more

Bluestar was a noble, loyal ThunderClan leader. In the end, she had mistrusted all cats and StarClan. When a fire broke out in the forest, she saw everyone helping each other. She changed her ways, helped Fireheart (now Firestar) from the dogs, but died from drowning in the gorge. - addisyn00

I remember the time I read bluestar's death. Her words to firestar were so sad, and my heart was breaking. Also the whole mistyfoot/stonefur/bluestar realtionaship was so sad, but at least bluestar was inpeace when she died. Bluestar died protecting her clan, and saving her loyal deputy, who she knew she could trust in ruling her clan. Starclan welcomes you, Bluestar.

I think Bluestar should have been the number 1 saddest death. she deserves it not only because she taught firestar the ways of the clan but because she was loyal, wise, strong, brave, fierce in battle of course,... AND OF COURSE YOU can't FORGET THAT SHE WAS THE BEST THUNDERCLAP LEADER!

I love Bluestar, she is my second favorite leader to Firestar. I hated it when she died, but I'm still SO GLAD that Firestar got to the be phenomenal leader that he is. Anyone who doesn't love Bluestar is a freak. She loved her Clan, and I feel that she's my second favorite even more after reading Bluestar's Prophecy. I love her.

I love Bluestar! She's the best cat on earth, so loyal and sweet. Short tempered, though. Bluestar you will live in all the cat's hearts forever. Maybe... Maybe even Tigerstar's.

BLUESTAR! You are THE BEST CAT EVER! Did she really have to die? She was firestar's mentor! She taught him AND led him to become our great leader! But she died saving her clan to! She is brilliant! Even though she went crazy she is the best! LONG LIVE BLUESTAR, NEVER GOING TO THE PLACE OF NO STARS! - bluestar10

Bluestar was a wise, brave, strong, loyal, peaceful, fierce in battle, and she was never afraid to do what she thought was right. She will always be remembered among those of great achievements and the best leaders. We will miss her and we will never forget her.

I loved Bluestar through the first, second, third, and fourth books. She taught Firestar well and was a good leader through those books. In the fifth one, Firestar became my favorite. Bluestar was insane at that point, she thought all her warriors were TRAITORS! I was shocked at that. Still, through the first through fourth books, she was the best of all.

It was really sad when I read the book in which Bluestar died. I even felt like she was real! But if she never died Firestar would not become leader. But I still voted for her.

She was so loyal to her clan. She killed herself to save Fireheart. Her life was so sad. Her mother, sister, friends, kits, mate, leader and father died. She gave up her kits to save the clan from Thistleclaw. I wish she never died.

I was crying my eyes out when she died.. Oh my gosh.. Bluestar is one of the best leaders for so many reasons, and because of her, FireStar is now a leader, because she accepted him into the clan. But I am crying my eyes out. SO SAD

Yeah I cried because when she was saying goodbye to her children, oh my god I want to cry right now... Why did she have to die!? Even though she went a bit crazy before she died, I still love her... I feel bad for her kits who were there when this happened.

Bluestar didn't deserve to be killed. (EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE DEAD I WILL KILL YOU OVER AND OVER AGAIN TIGERSTAR.) She was such a kind, fair, and wise leader, well, until she went insane. With her kits in another clan, the cat she loved dead, and her belief Starclan had abandoned her, and a gutless excuse for a warrior traitor named Tigerstar on the lose, I could not say I blame her. I would lose all my sanity just the same.