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Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.


Hollyleaf's death was so sad! Stupid hawkfrost! She was so awesome. I don't know what was sadder, her death or her life.. The warrior code meant everything to her, and she could never be part of it because of her birth, and then she thought she belonged in the prophecy, but didn't, and then she still lived out her days, secretly helping her clan but never getting any credit. She was my favorite, is still my favorite, and always will be my favorite. RIP to the best warrior there ever was.

I agree. She'd already disappeared for almost all the books in the Omen of the Stars. She gave her life to a younger warrior, and she was so loyal to her clan. Some haters say she deserved to die; yes, she killed Ashfur. Yes, she attempted to kill Leafpool. But Ashfur's death was an accident; she clawed, he slipped, she couldn't do anything as she couldn't swim. Also, she was driven out of her wits when she tried to kill her mother; she ran away, though, and almost died in the tunnels. I felt tears in my eyes when she died... She didn't deserve to.

Hollyleaf is my absolute favorite character! She has my kind of personality. Stubborn, short temper, and curious of whats going on around her. Her brother, Lionblaze, is like my brother. Stubborn, proud, and a show off! Since I have read Warriors, Hollyleaf has been my favorite character and is still today. I was sad when she died and would have loved if she was still alive today. At least she is with Fallen Leaves in Starclan. She is my absolute favorite character and will always be even though she will not appear again in the series. I will miss her and will always remember about her forever! She is my number 1 cat and will always be! FOREVER!

I'm torn between her and Swiftpaw, but she's better, I have finally decided. She was a worthy warrior and died the death of a hero. We love you Hollyleaf, your life was tragic, but you moved on stronger from your experience and could've rose to be a fine leader if you'd survived. When the tunnels took her, we all cried, and when Hawkfrost took you, we all knew that this was the end, no more miraculous survival. It was even more depressing because of your last words to Leafpool: "I wanted to get to know my mother before I died..." R.I.P. Hollyleaf.

Hollyleaf was an amazing cat. She believed and honored the warrior code more than any other cat. I know people think she's evil just because she killed Ashfur, but she was confused and sad because Leafpool had just revealed that they weren't her kits and that she wasn't clan born. So she felt like if Ashfur had not been alive then Squirrelflight would never had revealed the secret and everything would be normal. So killing Ashfur wasn't because she is an evil cat because she's not. Plus if she was evil why would she sacrifice her LIFE for a cat that's not even her littermate. I love Hollyleaf and hope she has a wonderful life in Starclan. (Sorry Hollyleaf lovers but she is second to Ivypool)

Actually, yes, she dies in The Last Hope. I cried and cried and cried when she died! She was my favorite character, and she was so much like me! SOB!

Hollyleaf was pure awesomeness. Why'd she have to die. Rip hollyleaf. Some say she's evil because she killed ashfur, but lionblaze (who I defiantly hate) was helping her. ( it was more him than her). And ashfur once tried to kill her. And she died for no reason. Just for hawkbutt"s entertainment. Stupid hawkbutt. She was waay better than her bros. And she was so brave saving someone she wasn't good with. She's smarter than her bros. And she was one of the most beautiful cats thundeclan has ever seen. She was so young it's sad. She was so beautiful. I have always loved her from the start. She felt like thundeclan didn't love her so she went to the tunnels. There they collasped and she barley escaped with her life. So my vote defiantly go's to ( drum roll) HOLLYLEAF! I love you hollyleaf. May the stars light your path.


And when did the Internet star shipping holly leaf and fallen leaves this is news to me!

I cried SO HARD when Hollyleaf died. She died to save IVYPOOL? REALLY? Not that I have a problem with Ivypool, I wish it had just been someone more... DRAMATIC, like her one of the Three or her mother. I used to LOVE Hawkfrost until then, but after he killed her I... GRR. Anyway, her death was SO heartbreaking. Erin brings her back just to kill her? That's just... Not right.

I love HOLLYPAW/LEAF(should be HOLLYSTAR. She was smart, noble, sassy, is not to bloodthirsty, beautiful, hot, cute, willing, would do whatever it takes to protect her clan, and very, very, very, loyal. What did she do wrong? Stinking Hawkbutt killed her. She risked her life when she died.

She was amazing. I felt so bad for her, I mean think about it. She at first thinks she's part of a amazing prophecy and could have amazing powers, but turns out she isn't part of a prophecy she felt to devote her life to. She is technically replaced in a prophecies that her own brothers get to be a part of. I just feel so bad for her and I felt like I suffered when she suffered

At Sunset, I thought Hollyleaf was evil and I hated her, now it's just so said she had to die, she saved several lives. Like when ivy pool, and blossom fall, and dovewing got lost in the tunnels. When wind loan attacked she made sure she was prepared. I wish that she lived and bramble star could make her the new thunderclap deputy. I hate you hawk frost bramble claw deserved to kill you two times!

Hollyleaf is my idol. Her personality is mirrored to mine, and her death was honourable, as was the personality in which she bound herself to the Warrior Code. She was one of the most respectable cats simply because she trusted in the code so well, and I believe the other cats should look up to her in StarClan. Hollyleaf will be remembered.

Hollyleaf was loyal to the end. She followed the warrior code without distractions. She dealt with the fact that she was different than her brothers. She sorta dealt with the fact her birth broke two codes. She killed someone and ran away. She thought that was really bad but if she didn't Ashfur would have killed Squirrelflight Hollyleaf Lionblaze and Jayfeather. The prophecy would not save the clans cause two of them would be dead and the last one wouldn't know about her powers.
Hollyleaf is just such an amazing cat. I love her personality so much she is so brave and... Rest Peacefully in StarClan real third cat of the prophecy - AnonymousChick

I HATE Hawkfrost! I wanna burn him alive, rip his guts out, stab him in the heart, and when I'm done, feed his remains to the buzzards. Hollyleaf wasn't evil, she was just scared. She deserved a good life in ThunderClan, Vicky! Just like her brothers! You couldn't have postponed the publishing of the book just a little longer to give her a power? I think she deserved it more than Dovewing. ( Don't get me wrong, I like Dovewing, but Hollyleaf deserved it more plus, isn't Dovewing's real father ASHFUR? She was spared the knowledge of her true father why couldn't Hollyleaf? )

She was a great cat and I wish she hadn't died the death she died and that she died of age or something but you can't HATE her for not being able to hold the truth she would do anything for the warrior code and if you actually READ The Last Hope you would see that Hollyleaf SAVED Ivypool and that she was KILLED by Hawkfrost.

Hollyleaf was amazing! I loved her so much. Every new book, until I heard about the forgotten warrior, I waited to see if she would be back. Then she finally came back, to die in The Last Hope. I was so mad! I already hated Hawkfrost.

I love Hollyleaf! She's so loyal to ThunderClan and the Warrior Code! She put up with all the gossiping about her when she returned from the tunnels! She didn't reject Cinderheart as her best friend when she found out who she truly was. She died protecting herself and her Clan from the Dark Forest. Whatever happens, Hollyleaf will always be my favorite. May you hunt peacefully in StarClan Hollyleaf. My StarClan light your path.

Hollyleaf was a wonderful character, and went beyond the code for the secret of her birth, and even felt guilt when she told the clans. When Fallen Leaves saved her, I thought that she'd stay with him, and guess what! She is the reason Fallen Leaves got out! I could not imagine how much Fallen thought he owed Holly. RIP, Hollyleaf.

Hollyleaf is my favorite character. She had a sad life, she loved the code only to find she had broken it all her life. She was lied to. She killed Ashfur to protect her brothers, and met Fallen Leaves after. She became friends with Ivypool only to see her almost killed. She died saving her friend, and forgave her true mother.

I'm crying right now, I love everyone her and looked up to her, literally, I tried to persuade y friend to be like Cinderheart but that never happened. I heard some rumors about her dying, a no tries to pretend that I never heard them. Then I read the book. I cried so hard that I had tear stains on my cheeks for a entire week. I still haven't gotten over it. Then, a miracle accrues, a nod she comes back to life, YAH SHE NEVER DIED! It's all good again right?! Wrong! Don't get me wrong I love ivypool, but HOLLYLEAF IS LOVE AND LIFE! WHY DID AHE DIE AGAIN. HOLLYTIFT IS MY NEW HERO! But it will never be them same. She is still not hollyleaf!

I cried so much when I read this I made a song for holly leaf right before she died and the moment she died I sang that for a weak and hollyleaf you might have killed ashfur but he was a bad cat and you helped a baby fox when no other cat would!

I cry every night over her death and I read The Last Hope over a year ago. She is just like me. Loyal to her clan, brave, fierce, etc. I am crying right now as I type. Sorry if there are weird typos. I don't see why people call her evil. She killed Ashfur because he was so jealous that he was going to kill Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and maybe even Brambleclaw, the deputy. Plus she risked her life for her clanmates more than once- even when she was gone. She fought that fox when it doubled back for Cherrypaw and Molepaw, she died for Icepool when Hawkfrost tried to kill her. She planted marigold in the tree when the rabbits were eating what was on the ground. She even forgave her mother Leafpool for breaking the warrior code as well as the medicine cat code for taking a cat from another clan (Windclan) as her mate. plus she had kits! But, of course, if she didn't then Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather wouldn't have been born but still. Also, I went to the place where the Erin ...more

Hollyleaf, in my opinion, was the best cat EVER in the Warriors series. All her life, she remained loyal to ThunderClan, even after the incident. She grew to trust Leafpool again, and felt guilty after killing Ashfur. Even if she was scared of thunderstorms, she never showed it because she wanted to prove that she was as brave as her special brothers. She's possibly the most interesting cat in the whole series, and deserved to be deputy instead of Squirrelflight. She'd have led the Clan well, having gone through so many things. When Hawkfrost killed her, I wanted to murder him. The little scene with Holyleaf forgiving Leafpool as she died made me cry. I wish the Erins hadn't killed her.

Hollyleaf- Hollyleaf first started out as a kit. A brave and cheerful kit. She helped her brothers as much as she can. Then Hollypaw came. Hollypaw helped travel to the Tribe of Rushing Water to help. She was brave and loyal. Then Hollyleaf. Hollyleaf was so noble trying to protect her clan. Though she killed Ashfur, she did it for the best of the clan. Yes she didn't like Squirrelflight since she isn't her real mother. But she tried keeping Squirrelflight's secret by killing Ashfur. Hollyleaf suffered through a lot, and she didn't deserve to die. We love Hollyleaf!

At the end, she was one of my favorite cats, I felt so bad for her that she was never part of the prophecy, she deserves so much more, and she didn't even say anything about it. I was so sad when I learned from a friend how she died, and may I say, I HATE HAWKFROST...