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181 Duskwater

It's so sad when she was announced Dead. She drowned makeing 'dirt'. They shouldv'e listend to Tanglewhisker and stayed behind to find her!

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182 Swoop V 1 Comment
183 Warmheart

Since this is a plan far ahead of where I am, I will have to make this happen.

This cat is a cat from my own warriors stories. That monster was crazy crashing through the forest! It hit Warmheart and sent the death blow to her. Poor Goldenstar. Warmheart was her best friend!

WARMHEART what?!?! Most stupid name ever.

I hope she died a painful death

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184 Goldenstar

I hope she died with a knife in her neck

Another death far from my point.

Goldenstar got killed by an adder. She lost Warmheart in her life, and Rabbitstar to deathberries. Oh, that evil SnowClan! Goldenstar will be remembered forever in FireClan, especially by her children, Sparkleheart and Adderfang.

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185 Leopardspots

Darkheart truly lives up to his name! He clawed up Leopardspots, the MoonClan medicine cat, as she tried to fix Barkkit, and he killed Barkkit too. Sweet Leopardspots didn't deserve to die. She was as sweet as Quietsong! She will be remembered.

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186 Brownstripe

The old tabby Tom (it won't let me make Tom lowercase) died of old age. He also had licked his belly fur off! Poor cat.

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187 Fireball

Shame, it would've been better if they'd both died

Goldenstar's brother. When she was under attack by rats, he leapt in and killed them. The last one bit him in The neck, killing him. Goldenstar killed the rat. Remember Fireball.

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188 Lionclaw

Wasn't the name 'Lionclaw' what Heathertail called Lionblaze when they were apprentices in the tunnels in Dark River (2nd book Power of Three)?

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189 Fishtail

I haven't read all the series yet

190 Eaglepelt
191 Moorkit

PLEASE JUST STOP WITH FANFICTION but sorry if not fanfiction I am undereducated in this series :P

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192 Violetclaw

Guys,the person who posted this said they know its fake. They also said don't complain. You know what you guys did? Exactly what they told you not to do. That is very mean. I am NOT the person who posted this, but guys, please, listen to this.

What the heck people. She's not real idiots.

Not again!
Sorry but whoever put her up here really needs to respect these sites. It's a list where you can comment and enjoy not a site for you to advertise. You are being unfair and selfish

We want real characters - Mylittlepawpatrol

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193 Petalstream

A pale grey she-cat with yellow eyes. But shes fake.

Don't vote -Person who made this up

194 Blossomkit

She just wanted to become a medicine cat, but no- Brokenstar made her become a warrior apprentice at 2 moons and now she's dead! All she does now is listen to Rocks stories, and though she only appeared in one book, she still has a very sad death.

195 Patchkit

I cried so much when I read this, when having dinner, when doing homework and in bed for an hour.

Mapleshade's adorable innocent kit did not deserve to die

196 Doestar

I don't think the book mentions his/her death

197 Owlwhisker V 1 Comment
198 Mistyfeather V 1 Comment
199 Lizardheart V 1 Comment
200 Starstarstar V 3 Comments
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