Top Ten Saddest Warrior Cat Deaths


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201 Fireball

Shame, it would've been better if they'd both died

Goldenstar's brother. When she was under attack by rats, he leapt in and killed them. The last one bit him in The neck, killing him. Goldenstar killed the rat. Remember Fireball.


Bruh. Stop putting up your OCs or I will too.

202 Lionclaw

Wasn't the name 'Lionclaw' what Heathertail called Lionblaze when they were apprentices in the tunnels in Dark River (2nd book Power of Three)?

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203 Fishtail

I haven't read all the series yet

204 Eaglepelt

Fake cat - Frogjaw1996

205 Moorkit

PLEASE JUST STOP WITH FANFICTION but sorry if not fanfiction I am undereducated in this series :P

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206 Violetclaw

Guys,the person who posted this said they know its fake. They also said don't complain. You know what you guys did? Exactly what they told you not to do. That is very mean. I am NOT the person who posted this, but guys, please, listen to this.

What the heck people. She's not real idiots.

Not again!
Sorry but whoever put her up here really needs to respect these sites. It's a list where you can comment and enjoy not a site for you to advertise. You are being unfair and selfish

We want real characters - Mylittlepawpatrol

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207 Petalstream

A pale grey she-cat with yellow eyes. But shes fake.

Don't vote -Person who made this up

208 Patchkit

I cried so much when I read this, when having dinner, when doing homework and in bed for an hour.

Mapleshade's adorable innocent kit did not deserve to die

209 Doestar

I don't think the book mentions his/her death

210 Owlwhisker

WindClan cat people it's real - Frogjaw1996

Who is this - Mylittlepawpatrol

211 Mistyfeather

Who is this - Mylittlepawpatrol

212 Lizardheart

Who is this - Mylittlepawpatrol

213 Starstarstar

Shut the hell up.

I agree, once again, with IcetailofWishClan.

Seriously... - IcetailofWishClan

214 Skydapple

Who is this - Mylittlepawpatrol

215 Snowpool

Who in StarClan is Snowpool - Mylittlepawpatrol

216 Cherrrysun

Stop with the roleplay characters please - Mylittlepawpatrol

217 Vinefrost

Do cats even know what vines are? This isn't canon - Mylittlepawpatrol

218 Starlingpelt

Fake cat - Frogjaw1996

219 Waspkit

Also fake - Frogjaw1996

220 Boulderpaw

OK, I know who Boulderpaw is! He's Breezepelt's apprentice. I saw him in the allegiances of Omen of The Stars.

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