Top Ten Saddest Warrior Cat Deaths


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241 Echopool

Who's this - Mylittlepawpatrol

242 Yakpaw

Off with your heads

Who is Yakpaw - Mylittlepawpatrol

243 Wagontiger V 1 Comment
244 Runningbrook

Isn't Runningbrook that WindClan warrior in the first series?

Yeah I think - Mylittlepawpatrol

245 Badgerstar
246 Muffinstar V 1 Comment
247 Deadfoot

I never knew how Deadfoot died, and if someone could tell me, I'd be really grateful.

I think Deadpool died in battle? I can't remember. - Mylittlepawpatrol

I mean Deadfoot not Deadpool lol - Mylittlepawpatrol

248 Emberkit (DotC) V 1 Comment
249 Petalstripe
250 Brightnose
251 Morning Whisker
252 Lightpollution V 1 Comment
253 Firepetal V 1 Comment
254 Shadepelt
255 Shademoon
256 Rainear V 1 Comment
257 Mountainstar V 1 Comment
258 Canyonheart

OK, getting a little tired of all these made up cats! We want cats we know to vote on, we can't vote if we don't know who the cat is!

259 Pinemist
260 Dapplenose
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