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21 Flametail

Poor thing didn't deserve to drown stupid Rock

Flametail was a great medicine cat! He was just having some fun on the ice and he drowned! It was so sad! His last thought was for his fellow medicine cat, Jayfeather, to know that everything was going to be alright! I was like crying!

I think that this is the saddest death because flametail accepted that he was going to die, and when he saw Rock, he thought "is that a cat from starclan coming to get me? " I cried and cried

I like Flametail a lot. He was kind, trusty, and his didn't take any Of Dawnpelt's crappy talk. -Mossdapple of Thunderclan

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22 Fallen Leaves

Dear jaypaw must of cried when he saw poor Fallen Leaves die. He was there, but not even a cat more powerful than starclan can change the past in the present. Fallen Leaves was only to ready to be a sharpclaw, and even though it was cloudy, went into the tunnels that took his life, not knowing that his own excitement and fear would kill him, as he struggled. He was so close, but his mark on rock's stick is left unscratched.

Fallen Leaves' impatience lead him to his own death, but I still think his death was very sad and should not be all the way down at 24! Vote Fallen Leaves!

At least now I THINK he can reunite with his family in the place where dead Ancient Tribe cats go. His mother was devastated when they had to leave the lake (Long Shadows)

It's sad but I can't help but wonder what would happen if he tried to leave the tunnels?

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23 Willowbreeze

Stupid mapleshade it's all her fault poor crookedstar he loved her and 2 of their kits die

I love this cat! That's all I have to say really because that sums it up

This was so sad I cried and said she should have lived poor crookedstar it broke his heart

Actually, Mapleshade was not responsible for any of Crookedstar's family members.. She made him think that but she didnot kill any of them herselfs... Idiot. But Willowbreeze was a good carachter and it was really sad.

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24 Mousefur Mousefur

Stupid dark forest.
I think I recall myself cursing them when I finished the book.

I love Mousefur. Please don't tell me she dies. I haven't gotten that far yet.

It was so sad when she died 😪 she lived for like 10 years and even though she was grumpy I still really liked her character.


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25 Tallstar

Tallstar made the wrong choice for deputy... (mudclaw) it was a very sad time when he died... But trying to cling on to his last life he said that the rightful deputy.. Is Onewhisker... Tallstar was a great leader.. Even when he knew he had made mistakes he tried to correct them... He deserves to be higher on this list.

I would say Tallstar because he is just flat out amazing. He was a way better leader then Onestar. I thought Onestar would be a good leader but NO! He turned out to be a butthole. I mean, for crying out loud! Onewhisker and Fireheart were really good friends!

He was such a great cat. He was noble, kindhearted, and awesome. I agree he has to be higher on the list. love you tallstar

Tallstar was awesome! Such an understanding and fair cat.He had a slightly bad childhood but still had morals(unlike scourge...)

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26 Ashfur Ashfur

I was all like Ashfur NOO! My mum came in my room wondering what was wrong. She was like, whats wrong? And I was like They killed Ashfur! Then she just walked off.

No doubt when Squirrelflight picked Brambleclaw over him he turned twisted and evil, but I still had tears in my eyes when he left ThunderClan for StarClan. -

Ashfur was not very good at coping with his emotions. Unlike Thrushpelt, he overreacted and went to extremes for revenge of his "beloved". Squirrelflight was very important to him, of course, that does not excuse him from his attempts on killing her family. I wouldn't call hima "psycho", he was driven by grief and humility. He felt betrayed. Squirrelflight also has fault in that. But, Ashfur is most remembered with his complicated feelings for Squirrelflight. We should focus on what's most important. Above all, he was a great warrior. Loyal and hard-working. Yes, it wasn't very "loyal" to attempt to kill his own leader, but if you forget about his mistakes and forgive him, you'll see that he was a worthy cat.

Deserves better than Squirrelflight. - Feaather

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27 Badgerpaw

His death was so unfair and when he started speaking to Flintfang and telling him how good a mentor he was it broke my heart. It was not the saddest death but he should be in the top 20. Badgerpaw was to young to die!

HOW IS THIS NOT THE TOP ONE? I KNOW A LOT OF WARRIORS OUT THERE DON'T KNOW WHO HE IS BUT HE'S THE ONLY ONE I EVER CRIED ABOUT! EVER! It's so sad. But so sweet because he got his warrior name right before he died. But it's not fair! I read his whole life in one sitting! He was my favorite character in Yellowfang's Secret besides Yellowfang and the other medicine cats! HE DIED BEFORE HE EVEN SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN APPRENTICE! I HATE YOU BROKENTAIL! I feel like Badgerclaw is my son almost! It's not fair! I love you like a son, Badgerfang.

DUMB BROKENSTAR! It was his fault that Badgerpaw died. BAD BROKENSTAR! BAD BROKENSTAR! If Brokenstar haven't been evil, Badgerpaw would had been alive!

No words* Atarts crying when I see kt*

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28 Ravenpaw

The ultimate guide said that he's dead (he gave Bramblestar one of his nine lives). I really liked him, and when I read Bramblestar's nine lives and I said that he was dead I yelled NO right in the middle of silent reading and everyone stared at me. - Sparkwhisper

You don't really know how he died, but he was such a sweet cat. He never had a mate, but he never complained. He didn't get a warrior name because of the powerful fear of dying before he'd ever even get one. Plus, he became confident in his own time, he could've been a medicine cat. If he got a better mentor, he could've became a well remembered warrior. Maybe even deputy and leader.

Yes I know he didn't die but he was so sweet if only tiger star would have not kiled redtail he would be in the the I remember him as the awesome cat and him and barley are awesome in the manga series

Ravenpaw was amazing he could have been a fine warrior stupid Tigerstar just scared him.

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29 Sweetpaw

She was so awesome! She should have lived - she was so nice and lovable! Personally, I think it was her brother Thistleclaw who should have died. If she'd lived, I'd have named her Sweetflower! It's so sad!

She died of eating a bad mouse, which was sad.

In Bluestar's prophecy, she dies of a really bad stomacheache. She was a sweet, gentle she-cat who should've lived -

If Sweetpaw please don't go
You must stay for tomorrow
Please don't leave us now!
They can't show you now!

Why must you leave so soon
for you are six-moon
Oh please stay with us!
Just hang on to that life!

Curse the bad mouse.

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30 Storm

I had so many mixed feeling for storm, when she left gray wing and when she died I still can't believe she choose clear sky over GRAY WING! He loved her and she was like what ever why would she choose clear sky, like he is the worst cat!

I prefer Turtle Tail to be Gray Wing's mate than Storm but Storm didn't even have a chance to name her kit Thunder. Stupid Clear Sky!

Stop stealing all the girls from Gray Wing, Clear Sky! Did you know that Gray Wing like Bright Stream, too?

Storm didn't deserve to die

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31 Sandstorm

NO guys Sandstorm didn't die, but I feel so sorry for her now Firestar is dead.

She shouldn't have lost firestar

What!?! Sandstorm does NOT (Mark my words) NOT die! But she was crushed when Firestar died ;(

Um... people who are saying she did not die... your wrong. She died because of an infected shoulder wound.

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32 Snowkit Snowkit

He was so small and helpless and it was so sad when brackenfur didn't give up and continued to run after him when no other cats did. He didn't deserve to die even if every one was right when that said he couldn't be a warrior

Poor little snowkit I cried when he was taken by the hawk I like to think he didn't die but was taken somewhere where he was happy but I felt so bad for brindleface! She loved them so much!

Was killed by a bird, and was deaf and white.

This was probably the most saddest and unnecessary death. (Well I'm on the 5th book right now...1/16/18 IS THE DATE IF your WONDERING WHEN I POSTED THIS) He was way too young, I know he probably wouldn't be a warrior, but Snowkit didn't deserve such a sad and devastating death. - tacoperson

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33 Sootfur

I cried so much when he died he was such a loyal warrior and no one could help him because a stupid badger broke his back legs :'(
It was even sadder when sorreltail found out because she was so upset

I liked him! He was so awesome. And he was killed by a stupid badger - just like he lost his mom!

I cried so hard, I just pictured it in my head.. Sootfur's back legs were broken and then squirrelflight.. D:

I loved him so much - Feaather

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34 Redtail

He died in the prologue, not even getting to know him. We barely even met him in Bluestar's Prophecy, if you're wondering about that. I think that Redtail should've lived longer, or maybe even have more info on him, like a short story or something like that.

The first person who did the rockfall comment is WRONG! Stupid Tigerclaw killed him in the first place!

Has this rockfall person even read the books?


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35 Thunder

So sad he died but I don't know how so ERIN HUNTER MAKE MORE OF THOSE NEW CAT WARRIOR BOOKS

If you didn't read Dawn of The Clans you wouldn't know. I didn't know how he died but I would've cried!

Stop making this up. Grey wing died!

Ok I know thunder's death wasnt in the books but he could not have survived the entire warriors series so he IS dead although it isn't in the books.

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36 Badgerfang Badgerfang

Badgerfang never should have died he was only four moons old he should have still been in the nursery all because of Brokenstar's bloody leadership more cats died because of Brokenstar

Scourge is above him on this list? How? Badgerfang's death was depressing to read. I mean, he was so damn young! - Stormskies

HE WAS ONLY 4 MOONS OLD! And he was so cute! He didn't deserve to die so young!

So sad!

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37 Fireheart

Um... Isn't Fireheart The same as Firestar? Seriously!

Fireheart didn't did die firestar did

Firestar ( or fireheart ) was very brave honest and kind he died in unexpected death after he had defeated tigerstar.

Again, tree. * thump *

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38 Gorsepaw

That one was sad. TigerClan just decides to show up and attack wind clan. I don't remember who killed Gorsepaw but it was sad how morningflower was all sad and stuff

It was Tigerstar who killed him. :'( He set it as an example of what would happen to those who refused to join TigerClan ;'(


I hated reading his death

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39 Dustpaw

He was only an apprentice! He died in Hawkwing's Journey. By the way, this is NOT the Dustpaw that becomes Dustpelt. - Penguinstar

It is duskpaw

You mean Duskpaw - Frogjaw1996

40 Sorreltail

Even though she was just a side character she had an actual personality that set her apart. She was also very loyal to her clan and had many friendships with main characters. Brambleclaw even said that she would make a dangerous and respected warrior.

Sorreltail may have been considered a "minor" character, but it broke my heart when she died. I felt really bad for all of her kits and her mate, Brackenfur. I loved every single one of her kits, and I wish that there was a story on her that let us see inside her heart.

She. Is. Awesome. She was Leafpool's friend and I really liked her! She died AFTER the last hope, by the way people. Read Dovewing's silence.

She was a side character with so much personality. She was one of my favorites.

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