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41 Fernshade

I know this is completely stupid, but I want to put my own cat up here. Just to see the reaction of everyone who finds this little paragraph. I want you all to know how respectful of Fernshade I was and still am. She was a noble warrior that died like the brilliant cat she was. Still, I feel as though she died for nothing, and her death was the one that wrenched my heart the most. She had gone through so much... Losing her tail as an apprentice thanks to her patrol finding a mountain lion on the edge of their territory, watching her own brother die at her paws, being told by the medicine cat that her mother had been hit by a monster on the thunderpath, and seeing her own life flash before her eyes when the killing blow was struck. As a kit, Fernshade was a kind, caring soul that took care of her weak little brother no matter what the older kits in the nursery said or did to her. When she became an apprentice, she was determined to be the best she could be in service of her Clan. She ...more

FernShade is an actual cat dude, but this person said they made them up. READ THE BOOKS! There is an actual FernShade

Who's fernshade

Aww I love the detailed back story and I am so sad right now

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42 Waterdrop

Who exactly is Waterdrop? - Skybreeze

Thanks, but we aren't really here for fanfic. Is there one for fanfics? We should really suggest one.

He died in my FanFiction. He was a leader, and then became a warrior, and then died at the paws of Fluffypants. - Penguinstar

43 Graystripe

He never really died he was injured but never really died.


Wha? Graystripe never actully died if anyone didn't notice at all.

Gray stripe got hurt but he didn't die

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44 Oakheart

Poor Oakheart, why can't all the clans get along! It's so terrible that he died. He did not deserve to die, especially before Firestar ( Rusty at the time )could meet him!

I think his death was the saddest (besides Whitestorm and Mosskit. ) Poor Bluestar. She lost her mom, her sister, her kit, and her mate. I didn't read Bluestar's Prophecy until I finished the first series. So I was like NOO! His love for Bluestar was so sweet.

When I first read about Oakheart, I didn't think much of him and just thought he was mean and crazy but when I read Bluestar's prophesy I thought he was among the best characters in the book and hate Tigerstar for lying about his death when he claimed that he murdered him because apparently he broke the warrior code by killing Redtail when he didn't! Tigerstar deserved his brutal death!


* walks through the camp humming * a loud rumble pearces the air. Thud. " well... There goes my mate... Eh" * bluestar walks away *

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45 Rainwhisker

Rainwhisker was awesome! How DARE any tree kill him. he loyal, smart, awesome, young, awesome, ect.

Rainwhisker deserves to be in the top ten! He was really loyal to his clan and it was so sad when he died just by a stupid tree!

I was so annoyed when rainwhisker died. He was so nice and awesome and he deserved a more dramatic, memorable death. Instead it was just mentioned at the start of the book
I cried when I found out rainwhisker died even though it said next to nothing about it

His death is so sad.

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46 Nightstar

It's bad enough that he got rejected by starclan to be the new leader of shadow clan, but then getting killed in w so knees that was thought to have claimed mall of his lives. That's just mean!

Don't think it is fair, and that tiger star the butthole replaced him

He went crazy when he became leader but I like the name nightstar

Um is this Nightstar Nightpelt the elder? If this was in Into the Wild I haven’t read it soz. ~ Bluefang of FireClan

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47 Hollykit

Is hollykit like hollyleaf? If not then I have no idea who he/she is... :/

Excuse me? Hollykit and many other great cats are LOWER Tigerstar and Brokenstar?

It was sad when hollykit (ferncloud's kit and birchfall's littermate) died. But it wasn't that sad.

You dummys! she was fern clouds kit! it was sad but...not too sad.

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48 Brokenstar Brokenstar

I know he's evil but in forest of secrets if that's what you're talking about I almost cried

I don't think Erin Hunter shoudn't have discribed his suffering. Hey! Don't judge me I'm young!

Why is broken star above sol broken star broke the warrior code 100 times while sol a rouge broke the warrior code like 5 times

Well I know he was a menacing cat but when I read how he died I cried. I am now as I’m typing this.
Like, HE DIED AND WAS LIKE AH and he faded away. In front of Fireheart. And those deathberries...I CAN’T STAND THIS. Well there you go Brokenstar you deserved to die like that. And you won’t believe who actually had this smart plan to...naah I’m gonna cry again. ~Bluefang of FireClan

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49 Dustpelt

Dustpelt had the most tragic life, but he was one of the most loyal warriors. He was the one that always disagreed with Firestar, the one who kept him on his toes, but he was still loyal to the end and so hard working. His life was so full of tragedy, and once Ferncloud died, his life basically ended. By the time he died, he wanted to die, and that just makes it all the worse. It also doesn't help that he had enough dead kits that they made a point about them all visiting him when he died.

Yes, it was very sad when dustpelt died even his last words and his final words to ferncloud made me miserable

It was so sad when he died in Bramblestar's Storm, I cried forever

He should have lived I wonder why Bramblestar chose to help ShadowClan.Dustpelt should have retired and joined the elders woth Sandstorm and Graystripe.

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50 Larchkit Larchkit

Coldness and not enough milk? Erin huner, WHY!

He was too young to die.

She was a girl - AnonymousChick


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51 Moonstripe

Moonstripe was a user. She met an unexpected death when she crashed her car. Usual accident. But it was pretty sad, considering she was the monitor of the wiki warriors

Who the Dark Forest is Moonstripe?

Is this a made up character?

Who is Moonstripe

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52 Shadepaw

She was a brave little rouge and she joined a clan don't rember which one she killed a fox singled pawed brought back more fresh kill then all the warriors and she was so loyal. She died saving her mentor from a river clan ambush. Her mentor ran to get help and 3 warriors attacked her she fought like tiger lion and leopard clan together. When she died her mentor suntail.named her shadeheart because she had the heart of a true warrior.

Shadepaw? Who is that...

Where was she from?

First of all, this is not a real cat in warriors. Second, YOUR DISCRIPTION OF SHADEPAW IS A TOTAL MARY-SUE! ~Bluefang of FireClan

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53 Half Moon

She died of a sickness. She was one of my favorite she-cats in the tribe. - Mylittlepawpatrol

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54 Crookedstar

Crookedstar was so wise and handsome. When he died, I thought that he should have had a heroic death. Instead he had to die of greencough. If I was a cat, I would be in love with crookedstar and brackenfur. Both are so cute and kind. To bep with you mapleshade, you caused him so much pain. I LOVE CROOKEDSTAR. Hunt well in Starclan, my love. Oh, well. I can deal with having Brackenfur as my mate. I LOVE BRACKENFUR TOO, HE DESERVES BETTER THAN DUMB OLD SORRELTAIL!

I can't believe Graystripe was all bright and shiny at the gathering oh I am just going to tell Fireheart very happily that Crookedstar died and at like it is no big deal that Riverclan has a new leader

He didn't deserve all that to happen to him his mate his kits his brother his mother and his father all died I think he should be in the top 10

While there was no windclan, I always imagined there were 3 stars hanging in a bare spot of the sky. A crooked star, a blue star, and a broken star, and when windclan came back, a star that was tall was added in my imagination. Wahhh...

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55 Echosong

Just because of sickness. - IcetailofWishClan

Nice name echosong so if she did die what a way to waste a good name

I don't know who this is but every cat ding is sad

She died of infection. A MEDICINE CAT? Also now SkyClan has no medicine cat because Frecklewish was captured. - Penguinstar

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56 Graypool

Even though Graypool isn't fearured a lot in the origional series, and we don't get to know her that well I still thought this death was really awful. Poor Graypool. It wasn't her fault that she went mad. When tigerstar did this to her I was really upset, because she was elderly and deserved respect in her last years. RIP Graypool

I adore Greypool! I SO hate tiger claw for startling her and making her fall down the moutain! She was a brave and wise cat and I will ALWAYS remember her!

Graypool was a great cat. Tigerstar has issues. Graypool would HAVE TO rank at least 10!

I kinda thought the death was a little funny. SORRY TO THE PEOPLE WHO THINK THE DEATH WAS SAD, but... she thought that Tigerstar was Oakheart! Just in that old grandma voice, picture her talking to Tigerstar in a old grandma voice saying: Oakheart is that you? haha. it's so funny! (In my opinion) is LMFAO

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57 Mudfur

His death was so tragic! The elders from other clans even wanted to stay with him!

He was a great dad and medicine cat. It is so sad he did not see the clans new home

Mudfur's death was really sad. It must've been hard on Leopardstar to have her father die right before the Great Journey

I actually cried reading his death

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58 Frecklewish

Are you talking about the freckle wish from sky clan or from the novella because if it's from the novella her death it's not that's sad I hate the novella I mean I don't hate the novella I hate freckle wish from it

Guys this is Frecklewish from Mapleshade's Vengeance. Mapleshade was about to kill her when a snake came and bit Frecklewish, and Mapleshade left her to die. - GoldenTemmie

I was so sad to see Frecklewish die.

59 Mudclaw

This cat was going up against One star because Tall star made One whisker his deputy the moment before he died. Mudclaw was crushed by a TREE! Sad death for a person who all he wanted to be was clan leader. I am so crushed.

I am
So sad
Don't go away from me
Don't get crushed by a tree
And go to Star clan and watch everyone,
Down near where there is the setting sun
It makes me cry to watch you go
Oh star clan make it snow
To show the tears I shed today
To mudclaw, a brave and trusting mate

A little dramatic? I don't care he was amazing.

I don't even like mud claw but that is a sick way to die

I think Mudclaw could've been a better leader than Onestar, like Onestar is completely insane right now! I've read Thunder and Shadow and Onestar is a pain in the tail. Also he died from a tree. that's pretty sad, considering not many cats have died from trees.


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60 Jayfeather Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds . He is blind .

You can't blame him for being grouchy he's blind I mean seriously people don't judge a book by its cover or in his case his sense of sight I don't know how he got blinded but you shouldn't be judging him yelp so many fellow cats and by his mother joy

Who is the dummy who thought Jayfeather died. He is my favorite character

Whoever posted Jayfeather on here is a freak, idiot, someone who hasn't read the books from Into the Wild to The Last Hope, someone who is just making things up to make people cry.

When did Jayfeather die? - GoldenTemmie

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