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61 Turtle Tail

I cried so much after her death. She didn't deserve such a horrible death. Turtle Tail gave everyone hope on the journey from the mountains and was a really loving character. At first I was super mad at everyone for not bringing her back to Gray Wing, but then I decided it would break his heart even more to see her bloody, limp, broken body. She basically died to her former home. And she never even got to see her kits again.

I cried over her. She survived a journey from the mountains, hostile cats, etc. She goes to find her lost kits and... Is hit by a car. What an anti-climactic ending. She didn't deserve to die like that.

I was so upset when she died! Poor Turtle Tail. Her poor little kits... She only wanted to keep them safe. CURSE YOU TOM!

TurtleTail was just finally becoming GrayWings mate but is killed when that cruel tom named Tom stealed the kits and she was forced to follow but died when a monster/car hit and killed her, and as Lightningtail and Thunder set her body under a bush petals fell onto her pelt makeing it unbearable to read I ended up crying as they went on with out her.

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62 Shellheart

I know it doesn't describe it, but I was so sad! Shellhert was so, so, so, awesome! STUPID LUMP! And stupid brambleberry she could have at least TRIED to save him :-(

Didn't he die of cancer or was that some other warrior?

To the person who said he died of cancer that was ravenpaw

I'm pretty sure Brambleberry tried she told crookedstar that she tried everything that she could but lump wouldn't go away she tried so much to cure him but it didn't work

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63 Blossomkit

She just wanted to become a medicine cat, but no- Brokenstar made her become a warrior apprentice at 2 moons and now she's dead! All she does now is listen to Rocks stories, and though she only appeared in one book, she still has a very sad death.

64 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Um... Well, Leafpool didn't die. She gave up her medicine cat duties and all, but she DID NOT die. Also, she was pure Thunderclan, her sister was not in Windclan, Feathertail was part of Riverclan, she died before Crowfeather fell in love with Leafpool. (Actually he was in love with Feathertail before, or so the books hinted. ) Also, Leafpool's only sister was SQUIRRELFLIGHT. Have I made this clear enough?

Leafpool died? Never heard of that. And she had no sisters exept squirrelFlight... Idiot. -.

Leafpool never died, never at all, crowfeather and her split up to help her clan, he never abandoned, seriously, I don't want to sound rude but, READ THE BOOKS! There, I'm done.

I feel like half the cats on this list are still alive - tigerstar908

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65 Shrewclaw

At first I wished shrewclaw was a big poo but then the book said that he was only teasing and his death was sad so I like him

I mean, I know he was a big jerk to Tallpaw, but COME ON! His mother was killed and he was about to have his revenge and then it just fell apart after that...At least he asked Tallpaw to forgive him about everything- But then again, YOU DON'T BLAME A CAT YOU DON'T LIKE FOR KILLING YOUR MOTHER WITHOUT A REASON!

Wow just wow did not see that one coming

Shrewclaw's death made me cry. He says 'Wormcat' affectionately and he...I cannot even explain. *sob* -sunheart360

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66 Micha

Micah was amazing. That whole book made me sob...

MICAH... I cried so hard! Clearsky, HOW CAN YOU DO THIS? HE didn't even live that long...

Who is Micha..your talking about Micah, right? Oh yeah his death was sad

So sad! I feel like Micah was like the only cat that understood Moth Flight. I think one of their kits, like Honey Pelt or something looked just like him. He and Moth Flight basically created medicine cats and made the rule that they couldn't have a mate.

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67 Needletail

Needletail was quite fun to read about, it's just a shame that she died at such a young age. Her character had a lot of depth and she truly cared for Violetpaw, which was proven by her sacrifice. I'm going to miss her. - Stormskies

I cried Also why is this 84!? Saddest death EVER

I never really liked Needletail at first when I read the Vision of Shadows. She was that self-centered, rebellious, "teenager" of ShadowClan who thought she could do whatever she wanted. I still didn't like her that much when she joined Darktail's "Kin", but her death changed my whole perspective. She sacrificed herself to save Violetpaw and she should've lived. She was still quite young and she didn't deserve to die at such a young age.

I thought it was so upsetting when she died! Needletail sacrificed herself to save Violetpaw. She should've lived longer

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68 Runningwind

So young so innocent He didn't deserve to die! Tigerstar! How could you? Runningwindcwas awesome!

He was awesome to Fireheart and Runningwind shouldn't have died at the paws of Tigerstar a cruel traitor he should have died from at least the forest fire instead of brutal Tigerstar. I miss Runningwind :(

Oh my god, I cried. I was in school and I felt tears. I feel so sad when I think about him. Honestly I had no bond with him until his vigil and death. He was too young to die!

Nooo not running wind I love him so much see you in starclan

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69 Beetlewhisker

I don't think he should have died. He just wanted to get away from the dark forest. When he wanted to go away they did not let beetlewhisker get away from the dark forest. I thin they should have let him go away.

It just made me feel sick. Was killed by brokenstar in the dark forest. His body was to be left there forever. Poor river clan. Poor ivypool, she had to watch it...

I really liked him and it's so sad that he was brave enough to face the Dark Forest cats and tell them that he was leaving and even worse that because he was killed there his body will never be found and Riverclan were looking for him it's so sad :'(

I loved Beetlewhisker he was to young to die

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70 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw

Thistleclaw was evil, mean. He beat up tiny (scourge) when he was just a kit! He was horrible. He died fighting. Just like him to die like that. Yay for him, he went to the dark forest to train cats and fighter wanna bes. He would have killed the clan if he became deputy, instead Blue star did. Whatever for him. He was just mean.

Who DARES to say Bluestar is a JERK? Bluestar was WONDERFUL! THISTLECLAW WAS THE JERK! He deserved to die! He beat up tiny Scourge! I don't really like Scourge that much, but he was a KIT! NO KIT DESERVES TO BE TREATED LIKE THAT! Whoever thinks that Bluestar is a jerk, then YOU'RE A JERK! SO THERE!

I hate him anyway did you know he killed moss kit by sending blue fur to give them to there father oak heart at river clan so blue fur can be deputy

I hate thistleclaw by the way I'm on my last book

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71 Purdy

Oh man, Purdy's death was so depressing. He was such an awesome character and they just killed him off!

Purdy is my one true love.

His death was the saddest ever. I loved him so much and he was a great character.
- Requiscat in pace Purdy -

He was the only cat that could make me laugh. His personality was perfect. His stories when he brags about himself, speech, and he was caring. This cat is and always will be my favorite.
R.I.P PURDY ❤️ - Feaather

72 Willowpelt

Killed by a badger saving her kit.

She died protecting her kit with the fierceness of a mother's love, may you rest in peace, Willowpelt.

Poor Willowpelt, STUPID BADGER! Why did it have to kill her?! And the badger just threw her away right after she died! Is that cruel or what?

I thought willowpelt was so pretty... and then that badger came... >:(

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73 Rainfur

Rainfur is one of my favorites why did he have to die stupid rats why didn't sandstorm save rainfur first firestar had 6 lives left sandstorm could have saved firestar after

Stupid rats! He was barely made a warrior of skyclan! He shouldn't have died! Seriously!

Killed by a pack of rats in an attack.

I believe this is his name. The skyclan warrior who died fighting rats for his kits. So sad! And later everyone said he was stupid. And that he died since he COULD fight rats which was wrong. He had a hard life. I miss him terribly. I literally cried. He even had a warrior name before he joined the clan. He was definitely a skyclan descendant. We should all honor him.

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74 Stoneteller

Died of old age and weakness. Crag took place as new stoneteller

I had mixed feelings for him, he sheltered the group of cats and then he keeps one to fit a prophecy. AND ITS NOT EVEN THE RIGHT CAT HE KEEPS. wah

Which stoneteller?

Dumb cat. Crazier than Goosefeather! (and that says A LOT)

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75 Skywatcher

It was such a sad death! Even though he died only because of old age I was still crying so much! Once he, Firestar and Sandstorm had just restored SkyClan and then he just dies! So sad! :'(

So sad! Was crying my eyes out

I was just like...oh... Then started crying my eyes out

Eh, it wasn't that sad

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76 Russetfur

Never liked russet fur, she is so angry when and dramatic when she sees a cat on her territory. I know it's an intruder but she really overreacts

I love Russetfur she was amazing her death was so sad Blackstar was devastated

If you read Yellowfang's Secret, she's a pretty nice cat.

Russetfur is so cool I loved her

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77 Bright Stream

A cat in the mountains when they were leaving in the Sun Trail. She was picked up by an eagle when they were out trying to get them to leave the mountain cats alone, and she ended up saving Gray Wing by pushing him into a thorn bush. I thought this was so sad.

I was so sad when she died! She was so brave! She didn't deserve to die! I wish Gray Wing had been able to grab the eagle.

I was near to tears when she died. Clear Sky acted like a jerk about it and blamed Grey Wing and it was so sad she was pregnant. Anyway it was Clear Sky's stupid idea to go eagle hunting and so if he hadn't suggested it she wouldn't have died. Personally, I am a supporter of Bright X Grey I liked how calm and modest she was.

It was what turned Gray Wing and Clear Sky against each other, spawning the saddest scene in the book (the Thunder turn-away scene) - growlbunny

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78 Marigoldkit Marigoldkit

I wish she would have lived she only died because brokenstar didn't wait for 6 moons. I would have named her marigoldflower

I have never heard of a Clan cat name that has 3 syllables in the first part! But as a kit... This is nuts!

Yellowfang didn't kill her!

This was so sad. What happened to Yellowfang afterwards just made it seem even worse. - Catlover2004

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79 Mapleshade Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.

I feel bad for her. She just wanted to be a loyal clan cat and to have kits and a mate but her mate was from another clan and he betrayed her and she was banished and she could have been so much better - Username123

I don't think Mapleshade was evil at first. She was driven mad by her losses: Her Clan, Appledusk, and her kits. She killed because she wanted revenge, hence the name "Mapleshade's Vengeance." I think she became evil from being in the Dark Forest for too long.

Mapleshade is my favorite villain. Now lets focus on her more in crookedstars promise than the last hope.

She only ever tried to love! She was a good warrior, and lost so much! She died for her kits, you know, and gave her last drop of blood trying to avenge their deaths. By the way; she only killed Spottedleaf because the Erins wanted her to die so Firestar could be with Sandstorm in Starclan.
- Sun Star360

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80 Frostfur

She starve when the great journey had started most of the elders stayed behind

She stayed behind so she didn't slow her clan down from reaching their home

Frostfur was amazing I loved her


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