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121 Goldenflower

I don't remember the book even MENTIONING her death! I was like "Wait, where's Goldenflower? "

Goldenflower died of old age. Poor Bramblestar (her son)

She died of Old age

I hate it when thunderclan cats die except villains like thistleclaw and tigerstar

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122 Shrewpaw

I... I will hunt down and kill whoever caused Shrewpaw to die... *sees a pheasant* It's THE MURDERER OF SHREWPAW *runs outside screaming*

When I read about shrewpaw's death I thought of killing that person and banning cars!

I think the people should have been more careful.


I don't understand WHY this death is behind cats like Rainflower and made up cats...

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123 Willowfrost

I bet everyone reading this that Willowfrost is a made up cat.

Who is Willowfrost? Never herd of her.

I bet $1000000001 and a chocolate bar she's made up.


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124 Ashfoot

There is also a cat actually called Ashfoot (not Ashfur) who was Crowfeather's mum. I am so sad that she died (read Bramblestar's storm) she was a great deputy and I have ALWAYS loved her :'( hate you greencough!

I think Ashfur's death is one of the saddest. He got killed by Holleyleaf, and was depressed because Squirrelflight (the love of his life) didn't love him back and chose Brambleclaw as her mate instead. It was wrong for Holleyleaf to kill him.

Ummm Ashfoot died in battle, not from greencough!
And Ashfoot is NOT Ashfur, Ferncloud's brother. She was Onestar's first deputy

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125 Goosefeather

I think we should wait until we read "Goosefeather's Curse" to judge him. A lot of things will be revealed about his past. A lot if you may thonk he's an old, stinky lunatic but I believe he's a gifted cat. Yes, it may sound strange to you, but I believe that he is gifted. There is something we have never known and will be recealed in "Goosefeather's Curse". And don't blame him for Moonflower's death... He thought it was an omen from Starclan... It could or couldn't have been. He seemes menacing when he approached Crookedstar as a kit and yes, I do somewhat blame him for Crookedstar's injury.

I loved Goosefeather :'(

I didn't like Goosefeather at all, because he is the reason Crookedstar broke his jaw as a kit. Then again, Stormkit (Crookedstar' s kit name) shouldn't have been out of camp in the first place.

Goosefeather was one of Bluestars kin he was only going crazy from old age

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126 Cloudstar

Asks the other clans for territory since his own is dieing. The clans are supposed to help each other in times of need but nope, kick them out 'cause we're greedy. Confused and scared, gives up on starclan for letting them do it. I DON'T BLAME HIM WHOEVER WAS IN STARCLAN THAT TIME YOU SUCK. Leads his clan out into the unknown. Leaving his mate and kits never knowing them to one of the clans that rejected him. (One of his kits was SpottedLeaf) As in Firestar's vision, his clan slowly falls apart before his eyes. Apprentices dieing by hunger, kits that looked healthy enough to live die of cold. Even elders and warriors die of hunger. Cloudstar soon dies himself, giving his leadership to his deputy Spiderstar. With no Starclan to gives him nine lives once they actually find a small place to settle down. But, the clan slowly falls apart some more, with no clan to be loyal to, they fall apart after many battles with rats in the area. Most remaining ...more


127 Barkface

Come on, he was a good medicine cat. I loved him, even if you didn't. He stayed a good cat even though he had a bad mentor and he mentored Krestelwing well. Farewell, Barkface

Barkface was awesome! One of my Favorite medicine cats EVER! - Dewblossom

I thought his apprentice was not kestrelwing but kestrel flight anyways his death was sad

I am very sorry for his death

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128 Pinkstar

Again, this cat does not exist. This list is for canon characters only. - Wolftail

Pink star? Is that like a pink cat? Lol

Who is Pinkstar? Never heard of her.

How do we filter these out...?

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129 Antpelt

He died in the dark forest, I think hawkfrost killed him it was so sad, he said he was fighting hawkfrost 4 his clan and ivy paw tried 2 help him! Then everyone in wind clan was like" how did he die?! "

If hawk frost killed him he is going to pay for it

Hawk frost should have died instead of tadpole beacause hawk frost is such a poop

Dear Hawkfrost,

Look out the Twolegplace window. And SUPRISE! an anvil crushes your brainless head.

130 Hawk Swoop

She died because of stupid clear sky and his group lightning tail and acorn fur (her kits) were really sad. She was awesome. Like my favorite cat. Why why why! (dawn of the clans the first battle)

Why isn't she at least 13? Her death was so sad and she is a very underrated cat! - IcetailofWishClan

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131 Squirrelflight

Now there's a dead Flying squirrel in a tree. (Haha, if you get it you are awesome.)

But anyways, Squirrelflight is not dead

She hasn't died yet...

This is why we don't smoke, kids

I get it :) haha

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132 Shaded Moss

Shaded Moss is 134?! He was a great leader on the quest to find a new home, loyal and brave. But his death I was like, what. His death was so short and simple,flung in the air by a monster and dies, he didn't deserve to die like that!

I felt tears dripping down my face as he died. Why did it happen! He was one of my favorite cats. He should be honored more as an amazing leader. - RavenEclipse

You can't even COMPARE this death to Bright Stream's. Bright Stream's was thought out. Shaded Moss was thrown at you out of the blue. - growlbunny

I was so sad when he got ran over

I'm sad that he never got to live in their new forest home, but at least he can view it from Starclan.

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133 Brambleclaw

Isn't Brambleclaw the same as Bramblestar? I love him, he DIDN'T DIE. I hope that's helpful to some people who have been mislead by this being put up here.

He looks like Tigerstar but he has a WAY different personality:

Sweet, Kind, Caring, Friendly, and other stuff.

Isn't this the second time I have seen this character?!?!

Brambleclaw is the same as Brambelstar

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134 Foxleap

How can you say his death isn't sad? - Swanlight

Such an underrated character! Would have loved to see more of him. :(

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135 Thrushpelt

Aw, Thrushpelt! I love Bluestar and Oakheart, but I also love Bluestar and Thrushpelt! Thrushpelt should have never died, and I think that Bluestar loved him at least a little.

I know we don't exactly know how he died or when for that matter, but the sad part was he died without the love of Bluestar.

Thrushpelt was so cool

I feel bad for him getting rejected by my fave cat bluestar... he sounds cute but he needs to be up higher... please agree

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136 Blueflight

Who in the world is Blueflight is this a made up cat

137 Greywing

This is the second time I've seen Gray Wing... seriously people! Pay attention to cats who are already up!

All living things die eventually, evan water bears

Greywing should not have died!

Graywing was a med cat. She was a she cat FIY. :/ But Gray Wings death was sad too...-WolvesNight

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138 Rainswept Flower

Rainswept Flower's death was shocking and terribly sad.

Who the heck is rainswept flower - allara43aj

She got killed by stupid clear sky he should have died instead of graywing

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139 Blueheart

Who the heck is this

Gray and white she-cat. MOTHER: Smoketail. Two leg abuse caused her death.


140 Spiritstream

Who is Spiritstream? - IcetailofWishClan

She died a hero

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