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141 Stargleam V 2 Comments
142 Littlecloud

Little cloud was amazing

143 Blizzardpaw
144 Mossfire

I have no idea who that is, but any cat dying is sad.:'(

Mossfire is not a canon cat. OCs are not allowed on here. - Warriorcats

Who the #### is mossfire? - YOLOCATMEOW

145 Podlight

RiverClan cat - Frogjaw1996

146 Tigerstar Tigerstar Tigerstar is the biggest villain in the Warrior Cats, also the cat that Firestar wants to kill . He has two mates, Goldenflower and Sasha, and four kits, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, and Hawkfrost . After he dies, he goes to the Dark Forest where he is killed again except this time by Firestar more.

I'm happy he had died, but if he had just had a better life he would've stayed in thunderclan not by choice, but by loyalness!

Now, I know that Tigerstar was cold-hearted and hungry 4 power, but I found a place 4 him in my heart. He might have been on 2 something when he said that all Clans should become 1. If StarClan allowed it, and if Tigerstar didn't make HIMSELF leader (I would suggest Firestar), and wasn't sooo hungry 4 power that he'd kill a cat in his Clan, it might have worked. I'm not evil like him. I just think it might work. I know that's a lot of "ifs", but it could work. If I was Brambleclaw or Tawnypelt watching my evil, bloodthirsty father die, my face would be soaked in tears. I would avenge his death by killing Scrouge, no matter how evil and bloodthirsty Tigerstar was. I would love him no matter what. I hope you find a place in your heart to love Tigerstar just a wee bit. I know he killed a lot of innocent cats, but it might not be his fault. His father could have molded him into the evil, bloodthirsty cat he is today. I just hope you can find it in your heart to forgive Tigerstar. I REALLY ...more

You are awful yes it was sad because they described his agony... But I still hate him

You have got to be kidding me if you say TIGERSTAR'S death is sad. I mean, he killed so many cats. Let's make a list of the StarClan cats that TRAITOR has brought up there! Brindleface, Runningwind, Bluestar, Firestar, Redtail, Swiftpaw, Stonefur, Whitethroat... The list goes on and on and on. These StarClan cats with never be forgotten

I am happy he died, but it was sad that he died in so much pain. I love the choice of the Erins though, because he felt the collective pain of everyone he killed all at once.

V 59 Comments
147 Darkstripe

I agree SO much with the above, if you hadn't written that, I would've painstakingly typed that entire paragraph out on my iPad *so annoying* anyways, he deserved a second chance. He was just on fused, and wanted to be brave like tigerstar, but tigerstar just doesn't care. I hate people who JUST don't care.

Darkstripe was evil, but I cried at his death. He was betrayed by Tigerstar, he only did all he did to impress his friend and look loyal to Tigerstar, but when he arrived in the Dark Forest, Tigerstar abondoned him! He was left, crying, because he expected to be able to watch over his Clanmates. Poor Darkstripe, he was bullied for being a StarClan cat at heart, and he was killed by Graystripe. I was so angry at Graystripe. I would never kill, even if the victim was a traitor!

O my gosh! Who cares about stinking DARKSTRIPE! He went to the dark forest, even after Forest Of Secrets when he didn't decide to go with him! (who asked for his support after being banished by bluestar) STUPID, STUPID Darkstripe!

I hate Darkstripe. I mean, seriously! He tried to kill Sorreltail when she was a kit with Deathberries! He deserved to die! I'm glad that Graystripe killed him :3

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148 Leopardstar

I loved Leopardstar once I heard her name. Leopardstar dying is like firestar dying to me. She was brave and strong, a little proud too, but she was leader of the best clan ever! Sickness took her 8th life away, and infection from a thorn took her soul.

Leopardstar you are my favorite leader and I want to be like you. I miss you.

I am sorry but I just love Leopardstar! And her dying words were so sad!

Jerk leopard star I hate you

V 9 Comments
149 Tadpole

Tadpole's death was so sad! He was just a kit! If only they hadn't ran away, Tadpole wouldn't have drowned! They went in this little door thingy, and this pipe thingy broke and water went everywhere! Then, Sasha (Tadpole, Moth and Hawk's mother) found them stuck inside there because the branch/stick fell, they climbed up, Tadpole was left behind, Sasha opened it, Moth and Hawk told Sasha that Tadpole was still in there, and Sasha went in, held out her paw, and said:"Tadpole, grab my paw! " "Look at me and grab my paw, son! "You have to reach... " "You have to... Reach... " And he drowned. It slightly made me cry :'(

R.I.P. tadpole. You shouldn't have died. He was trying to do somthing nice for Sasha and drowned. He should have become a warrior like Hawkfrost and Mothwing. I came up with a warior name for him. Tadpolefeather. I cried when I read his death. I'm so sorry Sasha.

I was so sad. Poor Tadpole. If only he could swim like a frog!

I wish Tadpole had lived, his death was sad! If he was alive, I hope he would have been made deputy, - SeeU

V 13 Comments
150 Bone

I didn't think bone's death was sad but I thought was funny because all the apprentices just totally jumped on him and clawed him to death! I pictured it in my head as a bunch of little cats swarming around him and then he fell to the ground dead. I'm glad that he and bloodclan didn't believe in starclan because then they can't go to the dark forest and plot with the other dark forest cats like brokenstar. I HATE YOU BROKENSTAR! Also I don't think bone was bad he just had follow scourge's orders or get ripped to pieces. RIP Bone

I realize that he was evil, but a bunch of apprentices decided to just jump on him (though it was hilarious at the same time).

Okay. I know bone is evil before you guys start, but he was following his leader scourge and then some apprentices leapt on him and killed him when he was fighting for his Clan. But yeah, he was evil, and yeah, it was funny

Bones death was totally hilarious being clawed to death by a few puny apprentices

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151 Sol

You mean 'laugh out loud'? And Sol never died, after The Forgotten Warrior Hollyleaf almost killed him but she lets him go. Then he runs off and the cats haven't seen him since. Perhaps we'll see him in Bramblestar's Storm? I don't know, but he's a cool character. A little mysterious... - Jetflight

I hated him laugh out loud

If you are gonna ask yes I was one of the ones who stood up for tigerstar but I have to admit Sol was pretty cold blooded

One thing. Sol was not as evil as you think. I bet he would be super sweet and caring once you get to know him. I am glad Hollyleaf did not kill him he deserves a second chance. now tigerstar will rip your throat out once you get to know him.😾😾😾😬😼😼

V 7 Comments
152 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

I was happy when hawkfrost died he lied to the clan cats. How evil is that?

I can't believe Brambleclaw killed him. He was supposed to be a loyal cat, following the warrior code. And although he was an evil and ambitious cat, it was still a shame he had to die.

Hawkfrost could've actually have been a good cat if Tigerstar hadn't messed with him and all and teaching him to want to be what he wanted. If you put aside his evilness he was a very loyal cat. R.I.P. Hawkie

He had such an interesting death! How could he be all the way up here?

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153 Mintkit

Stupid brokenstar. She would have lived if brokenstar had kept kits to be 6 moons old to be apprentices.

Poor Mintkit she deserved to live

Why is marigoldkit higher than mintkit! They died in the exact same Fox attack.

STUPID Brokenstar!

V 2 Comments
154 DipperStar

There is no Dipperstar. Stupid name anyway. And you don't put their names like BlueStar or DustPelt, you write them Bluestar and Dustpelt.

There's no Dipperstar. Stupid name anyway. And their names aren't like FireStar or LeafPool, they're Firestar and Leafpool.

Why are there so many random made up cats? It's getting annoying.

Please stop putting fake names here put them in a fake warrior cat names list where it belongs

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155 Tumblekit

Poor thing, so weak

I hate it when young kits die for absolutely no reason!

Why do kits die for no reason at all, poor Tumblekit

Who's Tumblekit?

V 1 Comment
156 Patchpelt

Damn it! I was gonna put Patchpelt up here! I named my cat after him! - Evant

I have not read about him yet but my friend said he was awesome.

I just liked patchpelt for some reason... He doesn't deserve to die

And that kids is why we don't smoke!

V 4 Comments
157 Shadowtail

I agree. We don't even know who these made up ones are. Warriors only!

A warrior can't be 3 moons old. Heck, an apprentice can't be that old!

Prefix Shadow is forbidden mouse-brain

Lol my cat= starkit starpaw starpelt starstar lol - allara43aj

V 4 Comments
158 Barley

Barley was kind. He saved bluestar, he helps other cats out when they need it. Truly another amazing cat. Another dead favorite.

How can you not be sad!

This cat has no bad bones in his body. I love him. Go barley! He's way to underrated.. - Leaftail

You may be getting mixed up when bramble stars recievs his 9 lives ravenpaw is dead and they talk about him unless he dies in a vison of shadows

V 11 Comments
159 Shredtail

I don't think his death is sad, but I needed to let everyone know that he died

No hate him joined dark forest

Who is that?

His death was sad for me. I loved Shredtail now who killed him? -unsheathes claws-

V 1 Comment
160 Eagleflight

Okay I made him up but why not. His golden pelt always shone. He died a warrior protecting his mate Silver rush and his two kits wishkit and cloudykit. Every one will miss him

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