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141 Podlight
142 Mintkit

Stupid brokenstar. She would have lived if brokenstar had kept kits to be 6 moons old to be apprentices.

Poor Mintkit she deserved to live

Why is marigoldkit higher than mintkit! They died in the exact same Fox attack.

STUPID Brokenstar!

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143 DipperStar

There is no Dipperstar. Stupid name anyway. And you don't put their names like BlueStar or DustPelt, you write them Bluestar and Dustpelt.

There's no Dipperstar. Stupid name anyway. And their names aren't like FireStar or LeafPool, they're Firestar and Leafpool.

Why are there so many random made up cats? It's getting annoying.

Please stop putting fake names here put them in a fake warrior cat names list where it belongs

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144 Tumblekit

I hate it when young kits die for absolutely no reason!

Why do kits die for no reason at all, poor Tumblekit

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145 Patchpelt

Damn it! I was gonna put Patchpelt up here! I named my cat after him! - Evant

I have not read about him yet but my friend said he was awesome.

I just liked patchpelt for some reason... He doesn't deserve to die

And that kids is why we don't smoke!

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146 Shadowtail

I agree. We don't even know who these made up ones are. Warriors only!

A warrior can't be 3 moons old. Heck, an apprentice can't be that old!

Prefix Shadow is forbidden mouse-brain

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147 Shredtail

I don't think his death is sad, but I needed to let everyone know that he died

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148 Sunfish

Sunfish doesn't die. I mean, she probably dies, because she would be REALLY old. But no one knows for sure

Never herd of her or he - Bluestarlover18

Sunfish was Silverstream's foster mother people

Whos sunfish

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149 Harpsong

Stupid name. Obviously made up. I'm going back to where the REAL characters are.

Saying WE have no life is WRONG but whoever invented this cat has no life because I bet they haven't even read warriors.

Cats don't know what harps are; therefore this name is invalid. Warrior cats' names are based off of things they now. , for example fish, tree, sun, lake. Not musical instruments, for Starclan's sake! - Wolftail

This cat doesn't exist - Mylittlepawpatrol

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150 Frogheart V 1 Comment
151 Yellowstar

Do you mean Yellowfang or you're making stuff up...

Yellowstar is canon, but not Yellowfang. Although just appeared in Code of the Clans. - Sunadayh

Yellowstar is real but we know pretty much nothing about her

Wast she like a really old leader for shadowclan or thundeclan I think? I don't know but I've heard of her shes n old leader - allara43aj

People these cats are not real

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152 Ashfoot

There is also a cat actually called Ashfoot (not Ashfur) who was Crowfeather's mum. I am so sad that she died (read Bramblestar's storm) she was a great deputy and I have ALWAYS loved her :'( hate you greencough!

I think Ashfur's death is one of the saddest. He got killed by Holleyleaf, and was depressed because Squirrelflight (the love of his life) didn't love him back and chose Brambleclaw as her mate instead. It was wrong for Holleyleaf to kill him.

Ummm Ashfoot died in battle, not from greencough!
And Ashfoot is NOT Ashfur, Ferncloud's brother. She was Onestar's first deputy

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153 Forest

This cat is my warrior cat, but I have to say, she died a horrible death while her kits were growing. Many say dogs got her and it was too late. But the truth is she was brutally murdered, in a bad mood too. She had just broken up with her mate and two of her kits are dead. Also, anger was taken out on her.

What the not a real warrior cat name in any of the series

Stop with the non existent cats

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154 Princess

Does princess die? Don't think so.

I wish that I got to see here in another book I liked her

When does she die?

She doesn't die but they never see her again, not even in Bramblestar's Storm :( I miss her

No, Erin Hunter siad that she is still alive. It still is pretty sad that she never got to see Firestar and Cloudtail again

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155 Hal

He deserved to die

Killed by his own son!

Hal derserve to die. He abandoned his son

Who is Hal?

156 Honeywing V 1 Comment
157 Brindlestar

Who is Brindlestar?

Are we talking about the one from Code of the Clans? - IcetailofWishClan

Brindlestar was my roleplay cat. She hasn't lost her ninth life yet, but these are her deaths so far:
Killed by a BloodClan warrior.
Killed in a dream.
Killed by Greenfur, a LeafClan warrioi.
Killed by Greenfur again.

The BloodClan death and the dream death happened on the same day, the same as the Greenfur deaths happened on the same day.

158 Tigerpaw

If you mean Tigerstar if so then I loved Tigerstar and its not his fault that he is evil. Like a lot of kits Tiger kit wanted to be a loyal warrior. But he got thistle claw as a mentor and then it all went wrong.

Please don't put up your own characters. We want to vote on cats we know.

Do you mean Tigerstar and if you do I hate him

What about tigerheart, tawnypelt's son?

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159 Sunstar

Sunstar was so cool, he was an amazing leader and would have lived to do many more great things if he had all 9 lives, I wish he became Moonflowers mate after she had Bluestar and Snowfur

I agree that a little more should be said about Sunstar. Perhaps a Novella about his past or his perspective on his clan.

I loved Sunstar. Fantastic leader!

He deserved 9 lives not 8 and he mentor my fave cat. Why pinestar you made it so that he was only bestowed 8 lives. I like thunderclan long live this clan leader

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160 Smokepaw

It was so sad that he never had the chance to see the new lake home! He was so young and innocent to die when he fell off that cliff!

Noo not Smokepaw, just a little while longer and he would have been fine, I wished he had lived, it was so sad :'( :'(

Isn't he the apprentice from the quote 'an apprentice darted forward? '

He lived a short life he only got to the mountains poor thing

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