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161 Seedpaw

Innocent young apprentice and the daughter of Brackenfur and Sorreltail. Also the sister of Lilypaw. She saved her sister from drowning but she ended up drowning. :( Seedpaw will be able to rejoice with her mother, Sorreltail. I understand when a cat that lived their lives fully dies but when young apprentices, kits, and warriors die without experiencing life, it's hard to take in. It is very similar in real life too.

Seedpaw's death was so sad

NOO it was so sad for Bramblestar, Brackenfur, and Lilyfrost

So sad

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162 Spottedpaw

Most people don't know who Spottedpaw is. He's from Code Of The Clans, the rule 'A cat doesn't have to kill to win his battles. ' He was killed by, if I remember correctly, a WindClan cat. I thought his death was sad.

Who is Spottedpaw? I've read almost all the books, and no mention of her

It was I cried when I saw spotted paw at the moonstone.

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163 Blackberry

She was a real cat my little warrior she was minding her own business going across the thunder path when WHAM she gets hit by a monster. IT WAS ALSO THE DAY BEFORE I STARTED FIFTH GRADE!

@Below SERIOUSLY we are only talking about cats in the books not cats in real life!

I am really sorry for you

I'm sorry for your loss but we're looking for cats in the book.

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164 Dapplestar

Come on! Dapplestar!? Nice name, not real!

Stop with the roleplay characters! No,we DON'T like how you fit her in with the Warriors series

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165 Brambleberry

I loved Brambleberry! She was my second favorite medicine cat, next to Jayfeather. I wish she had lived longer! ;-;

I loved Brambleberry I was so unset when she died

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166 Dreampool

You are ticking me off with these made up cats! STOP!

Just stop or I will put up my own cats too!

This cat doesn't exist. Please stop putting up fanfictional characters!

u CAN post made up cats...

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167 Hailstar

Kill the rats ( I any ways hate rats)

He was the leader before crooked star he was so loyal to riverclan he died because of those stupid rats I hate rats how can you Erin Hunter how!

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168 Lionblaze Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle . However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest .

Lionblaze is NOT DEAD!

Did he die as well?

He died? Well, yay.


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169 Pinestar

Pinestar did to die he came to Bluefur/Bluestar to give her 9 life's (book Bluestar's Prophecy)

Ok I kinda dissed him on Sunstars profile but I like pinestar besides the kittypet part. Plus he did right by bluestar? Long live pinestar!

Come on he gave blustar a life. (Not to mention he gave tigerstar one too). He also suceeded oakstar, leader of thunderclan when mapleshade (cool name) was driven out

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170 Tawnypelt

She is so cool! Thos rats almost killed her and her brother Bramleclaw must of been freking out!

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171 Roseleaf

This isn't a cat in Warriors...

Stop it with the made up cats... - SeeU

Who is this cat?


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172 Rosefrost

Stop. With. The. Fake. Cats

Who is this cat?

Made up. Please stop with the fanfiction please!

OK, but we want our cats in the books so we can actually judge then.

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173 Hopekit

She is yellowfang's kit (the one who dies soon after being born. ) she got like what 1 hour to live I mean seriously I was so sad about her death. May she always be remembered and have a wonderful life in starclan. I shall remember you till my last breath hopekit.

Wait, did you make up the name Hopekit, or Yellowfang?

I hope she and her sister ar with yellow fang know just like they should of been long ago

Such a sad death I cried

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174 Morninghawk

Please stop with made up cats! We want real ones

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175 Blackstar

My favorite warrior cat. Period.

His replacement is a jerk who make Onestar seem like Barry from Pokemon

He was so awesome ;-;

What he did at the gathering a bit before the flood was adorable. Like "These warriors who died aren't fallen leaves or pieces of prey! " It was just sad. - Mewbosses

I loved Blackstar so I don't really like SHADOWCLAN but he was the longest livening leader

I cried so much when he died in Bramblestar's Storm. He was one of my favourite cats and I wish he never died.R.I. P Blackstar

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176 Wishkit

Yellowfang's other kit- the one who got killed by Brokenstar when they were kits.

Wait what? The one who was born dead?

She and hopekit live happily with there mother know

How sad I cried

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177 Tigerclaw/Tigerstar

Tigerstar was awesome and its not his fault that he was ambitious. When he was a kit he just wanted to grow up being a loyal warrior. IT'S ALL THISTLE CLAWS FAULT

Tigerstar was pretty sad I mean he got all 9 lives pulled away with the claws of Scourge. CURSE YOU SCOURGE!

Who cares I mean he practically kills every cat in this series of warriors

I hate him for being so evil but it's the cats fault.. but we saw it in thistleclaw all along. But that intensifies when the car hits snowfur therefore killing thistleclaw's mate and multiplies it making him semievil. But then he mentors tigerstar and passes that on to him, but tigerstar was the same way so tigerpaw+thistleclaw=evil tigerstar. Stupid car

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178 Benny

Same, the second Frankie was like "bramblestar, which star is Frankie? " I just thought. "Nope, I'm not payed enough to not cry at this.

Frankie was awesome he must have been so sad when Bramblestar discovered his brother dead

Man, when I got to the part where they discovered his body I broke into tears. Poor Frankie...

Poor Frankie...when he saw his brothers body, you can never be sure if Kittypets outside the clans go to starclan. - SeeU

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179 Mosspaw

He should have died at 3 moons old under the paws of his 2 friends or littermates. The worst part is how the other kits became apprentices for killing him! BROKENSTAR IS SHALL SEEK REVENGE FOREVER! THERE SHALL BE BLOOD!

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180 Icecloud

No I loved Icecloud she should have had kits become deputy and leader cure you Erin Hunter

The Erin's just decide to kill this awesome character for no reason. I mean, Bramblestar barely even mentions her death! What's the point of killing characters for no reason? Icecloud is my second favorite character. Stupid greencough

Icecloud was my favorite Thunderclan cat besides Leafpool and Dovewing she should have not died mean green cough

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