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Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .


Not really a sad death but depressing. He was treated unfairly when he was young and therefore decked to get revenge. Firestar shouldn't of killed him, yes, Star Clan was his weakness but cats believe what they believe. SMUDGE didn't believe in Star Clan. Did Firestar judge him?

He was a VERY small frame but he was stronger than any cat and his stupid brother and sister came crawling to him when they needed help and did he let them stay... NO WAY YEAH GO SCOURGE...(Tigerstar dead -CLICK- OR NAH!

Probably the weakest character in the series. Think about it, many other cats had equally difficult childhoods, but they didn't chose to go sour, did they? You all need to stop defending him, he was evil. - Stormskies

Okay he had a sad childhood but how does that give him the right to murder everyone who doesent listen to his orders and you the right to accept that happiest death ever tigerstar would have been better alive anyways if he is allowed to kill everyone around him for being bullied then I'd be like, a murderer by now I HATE SCOURGE HE SHOULD BE ON HAPPIEST DEATHS LIST

Fave villain but his Seth was not sad apart from the fact I was icky of tigerstar being the villain I wanted change and then scourge came in and killed tigerstar I was like "yes! " But then he died and tigerstar was still the. villain when he was in the dark forest. So his death wah for the sake of the books and me reading them, but his death was more annoying than sad

I've read scourges story and in manga and I admit I feel bad for him he never was so bad until he got tired of being made fun of. Even know he became a bad evil leader he still took care of his followers not in a good way but you know what I mean.

No, just no. He killed countless cats. Then, luckily, he died. IT WAS MOT SAD. There are villain deaths a cry about, but Scourge, I was just jumping in joy like an idiot.

I don't think firestar should have killed scourge! I think it would have been better for tigerstar to kill him then firestar comes and kills tigerstar cause tigerstar was a murderer! I loved scourge!

I feel so bad for him! The only reason why Firestar is up there is because almost everyone ( not me ) ADORES him! I don't care how many minuses I get on this thing. OH POOR SCOURGE! - Catsarah123

I feel bad for Scourge, all he wanted was revenge. I wouldn't have cried if Socks and Ruby died. Beaten as a kit, ignored, and lonely, Scourge the angle will be missed.

This was not sad! I don't know who he killed besides Tigerbutt, but he's evil! What's wrong with you people? What if a drunk hobo killed your family because his mom said "I'm putting you up for adoption? " Would you say "aw I feel so bad for him plus he's hot so I'm gonna like marry him 2day." Would you?

Um how is this SAD! This little brat deserves all that hate from socks and ruby. If Scourge was still alive then almost every cat in all clans would be dead by now. If you like Scourge think of it this way, if a random cat kills your family or friends will you be like "oh he was tortured by his jerk siblings so that makes it ok for him to murder everyone and go on a MAJOR power trip. NO you wont! So cry yourself a river build a bridge AND GET OVER IT! -Gingersplash

His story is so sad! He turned evil, and deserved to die, but it was still sad. I felt so sorry for him being bullied by his littermates!

I think Scourge it pretty impressive for holding a grudge against someone he never knew back then for however-many-years.

I think Scourge is a very interesting character, but he is ruined for me by how warrior cats fans interpret him, a genocidal maniac. That's not what he is! he is a calm, collected cat, which is what makes him a cool villain. And his collar?! Oh, don't even get me started on his collar.

Poor scourge... I mean Tiny! It's not his fault he turned evil. It was his puny size and the cruel treatment, underestimation of his stupid siblings

I agree that his childhood was not a very good one. He was considered the runt and the "weird" one. His littermates weren't the "best" and he always thought his mother didn't love, or even care about him. He was traumatised with the encounter with Tigerstar, at that time known as "Tigerpaw". But, he beeded to let go if the past... And not kill others for his grief. I have no grudge against him for forming a clan, but it wasn't a clan in the form of a democracy like the the ones that are led by: Mistystar, Bramblestar, Rowanstar and Onestar, Scourge formed a dictatorship. A dictatorship in which he was the dictator. Ambition is quite alright, but Scourge, like Tigerstar, killed his way to power. If there was a war, that'd be different. After all, in real life, wars lead to bloodshed... But Scourge had other options other than killing the cats in the forest.

Get this off the list. He deserved to die.

Scourge has always been my favorite. His story is so sad even though he was considered evil. I think Scourge's death was one of the saddest.

Scourge's death isn't the saddest one, but is heartbreaking that he died all because of dumb socks and ruby abusing him like that!

Scourge is one of my very favorite characters sense socks and ruby caused him sort of going mad and when he 1st went into the forest cats attacted him and he wanted revenge so he went totaly blood thirsty and for some unknown reason I danced and smiled when he killed tigerstar So in my head Scourge's death was very very sad.

He was evil so why should his death be sad? But Scourge could have a change of heart.. Scourge was my 2nd fave my 1st was whitestorm

-K. K

I get that his life sucked but that didn't make his death sad. When he died everyone was so happy. - RisingMoon

Listen I I'm sorry for scourge but he's evil I kinda wish he was good he would be a great warrior