I got really excited when I found out she was having kits in forest of secrets. But then I was practically drowning in tears when she died! She didn't deserve it at all! Her last words were telling Graystripe that she loved him. I cried so much! She was a very kind and beautiful cat, she broke the code, and that's all. Even though the Warrior Code tells you can't have a mate in a different clan, she didn't deserve to die! Couldn't she at least stay alive to raise her kits? I miss Silverstream a lot. So does Graystripe and a lot of other people and cats. Thumbs up if you agree with me. :(

WHY SHE HAD TO DIE! Do you know what I noticed, a lot of the deaths in the series are young, beautiful female cats like Spottedleaf (twice), Feathertail, Silverstream and many other she-cats. I mean I wouldn't mind if Millie died a painful death and I wish Feathertail was spiked, and Silverstream died of blood loss, Spottedleaf was killed by Clawface than Mapleshade. I really wish Silverstream never died. Graystripe just ditched her and want for the @!? %# Millie. This is Erin Hunter "Oh maybe I should kill off Silverstream like I did with Spottedleaf so Graystripe doesn't have to choose between her and that piece of!? $@ Millie"

I don't think silverstream should have died she saved graystripe's life and she and graystripe were perfect for each other. When I heard that she died I spent the rest of the day in my room sad. Siverstream rocks. - bloodstripe101

, I LIKE cried for ever I was in my office and I just screamed. My mom came in and was like "Honey whats wrong? I was like " Silverstream" and I was moaning and I just trudged back to my room, and wrapped myself in a blanket, shoved butter all over it and slid around the floor like a slug.

Wow. I cried so long when Silverstream died. I wasn't even that attached to her. It's just... Graystripe is by far my favorite character and I was really upset to see his heart ripped open like that.

I really hate how Graystripe finds another cat (Millie) and falls in love with her. I mean, what the heck? He still loved Silverstream and it feels like betrayal to me. I don't know if it is just me, but I think Silverstream's death was he saddest.

She died giving birth to her kit graystripe loved her and she loved him she never even got to meet her kits in the forest.

Later in the series feathertail silverstream's daughter dies and graystripe say she was the one most like silverstream it shows he really loved her.

I was so sorry for Graystripe he lost his mate! And then Millie shows up and they become mates! UGH! It was so sad then we get the worst copy of her ever! Like come on! Silver stream did not deserve to die AT ALL! It's also sad cause Feathertail and Stormfur don't get to grow up with their mother!

The thing that's so sad is that she died giving birth to he children! Imagine not even being able to live long enough to even see your children's first steps, words, and more! I, as a matter of fact, think of this as a trade. A life or two lives. Once you really think of it, you see the sadness in it.

Silverstream was always my favorite ever since she saved Graystripe(My favorite before Ss) and she had this sass that Fireheart and Graystripe couldn't get. That was before (sniffs up and cries) She died. Her kits were amazing and one of the two became a Prophecy, I mean that is sweet, but you know the Prophecy kit Feathertail was my favorite after that but... (Them tears are real) She died too. See this family was amazing, without these two she-cats Warriors wouldn't be the thing it is today, without the cats I'm talking about there would be no Tribe, there would be no Graystripe, there would be no... Well you get it, but I miss Silver all the same, she was truly an amazing cat. I hope her and Graystripe have fun in Starclan together.

She died having kits! And then GRAYSTRIPE BETRAYED HER AND MATED WITH STUPID MILLIE! Sorry but I'm just so angry! How could he do that to her after she died giving life to HIS kits?! I mean, how is that even fair?! I cried for a week straight after Silverstream died and cried for another week when Graystripe came back with EVIL MILLIE. it's just so sad... Silverstream didn't even get to name her kits or at least nurse them for a short period of time!

Poor Silverstream. She deserved to see and live her life through. When she died, I felt heart broken. Death is a horrifying thing. Death consumes even the strongest of creatures, humans and animals, and sweeps their kin with great grief. Imagine how Graystripe and Crookedstar felt. Crookedtsar had nothing left after Silverstream died. I love you Silverstream, was probably all Graystripe could think. I miss her. I still want her to be alive.

;. ; I'm so sad! Silverstream was so pretty, and it was sad that she died by having KITS! I'm like crying, what if your mother was pregnant and got babies; you were one of them. then your mom loses all her blood and dies. and you don't even get a name. that's so sad ;. ;

WHY WHY WHY?! After reading this I cried so long and hard my eyes bled! I was so sad I got sick and my mom banned me from reading warriors. (I read the warriors books anyway)

Silverstream was a great and loyal she cat. She had much to offer for her Clan. She loved her kits and if she'd been deputy, she would've made a great and awesome leader. GO SILVERSTREAM

I cried so much when Silverstream died and then it made me more sad when her daughter Feathertail died and Stormfur saw two silver cats (Silverstream and Feathertail) I was like nooo

I broke down into tears the second my head was like "silverstream is expecting kits! " "Well, fireheart smells blood! That's bad! " "Oh no, silverstream is close to kitting! The blood could be from her! " It was, in my opinion, one of the saddest death in all of warriors

Her death should be first. She was always my favorite. She was beautiful, sweet, funny, cool, fiery, and the cat I would have mated with if I were a tom, no matter what clan she was in. She did so much to show her kits she loved them the moment before she died. Rest in peace, Silverstream.


I cried my eyes out secretly because I was upstairs reading myself to sleep. I'm actually scared of that happening to me when I might get a child but my mum said it extremely rare for it too happen but it's so sad I watched an animation to it was making me cry myself to death

Yes, it was quite sad to see how much Graystripe loved her and encounter her death after kitting. I wish we'd have more information on her. If I recall correctly, she only made great physical appearances in Fire and Ice and Forest of Secrets.

She would have made a great mother and mate poor graystripe, feathertail, stormfur, and Crookedstar she was so awesome her death was so sad I cried so hard it was hard to finish the book! Rip silverstream :(

I cried so much when I read this part! Even though I don't really like Graystripe that much, I felt so sorry for him! I wonder how many times I've cried while reading Warriors... Probably a lot! R.I.P Silverstream and other cats who died!

She should be first! It's so sad that she died giving new life to the forest! Poor poor POOR Silverstream!

I LOVE! Her why! Couldn't tigerclaw/star die FIRST? ALSO everybody hated her mate even leopard star or I forgot. Silver+grey perfect! Millie+gray BO

She died having kits she was pretty and did not deserve to die! Also Graystripe was an awesome warrior! She deserved to have such an awesome mate!