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I found that Yellowfang as well as many of the other she-cats who lost their kits are at the top of my favorites and have the saddest deaths.

Only Bluestar's could have made it this far, because there was something about their stories, when you walk among them you cry and mourn among them, warrior cats itself was a book that forced you to love even the most evil, aggressive and heartless cats, it's almost enchanting how it makes you see right through them, like you've lived with them, known them with every step since their birth, like you yourself were in their paws, learning their ways and their world, their love and their hearts, it's a truly sad thing when any of the cats die, because for quite a few out there, when we close our eyes we'll see them, their face and what we knew of them, we'll see their death's and feel almost what they felt.

But Yellowfang was brave and fierce until the end, it was never her fault she had kits as a medicine cat, she became pregnant ...more

A medicane cat who switched Clans, and died to save her adpoted Clanmates. -

I was so sad. I was at home with my bestie and we were both reading Warriors (her - Crookedstar's Promise and me - The Rising Storm) and I just burst into tears. She was confused and I told her and we both cried for like five more minutes and we actually planted a marigold seed and grew that single flower and this was last year, it's still alive. It's Yellowfang's grave.

She loved her adopted clan and clanmates such an incredible amount, that she chose to die for them. She should be honored beyond any other cat, for her unwavering loyalty to Thunder Clan and the amazing skills she passed on to her beloved apprentice Cinderpelt. Yellowfang chose good over evil when Brokenstar drove her out. Instead of vowing revenge, Yellowfang decided to take a more subtle yet nonetheless powerful means of revenge. She chose to rid the forest of BrokenStar and become good at the same time. Yellowfang was a grouchy cat, with an easy temper, but at the same time, loving, loyal, caring and sweeter ...more - Swiftdawn

She was my favorite Warrior Cat! In fact, I believe she killed the most evil cat in my opinion... I mean, banishing elders, killing his father, killing kits and ruining his mother's life... Cats like Brokenstar made ShadowClan famous for its evil characters, my favorite villain. And look, the one who birthed him killed him, which I think is so sad, but when Yellowfang died, it was worse. She died saving an elder, which I could garuntee that most cats wouldn't go to help them more than another cat. No wonder she gave Firestar the gift of compassion! Also, how could someone let a cat with her power to feel her clan's pain die? She was way too valuable!

Yellowfang was family to me. Every second I was asleep I dreamed that I was her apprentice or something. When that stupid forest fire came I was so absorbed in the book when Yellowfang disappears when Fireheart/star is saving Bramblekit I thought she was gone forever, but when Fireheart found her later dying in her den I was like 'NO! YELLOWFANG! PLEASE! ERIN HUNTER YOU CAN'T KILL HER! NO! ' and then I cried and cried for hours and the next day I cried because I loved Yellowfang and when my dad asked why I was crying I was crying so hard I couldn't answer. Yellowfang was my favorite from the moment she appeared and she will always be remembered by me.

Come on, Yellowfang should be first! She was a very noble cat and I know she had a bad temper but that was part of the reason I liked her! She was and is still my favourite cat in the whole series it must have been so hard for her to kill her own son TWICE even though it was the right thing to do. STUPID FIRE! And stupid bluestar for not even sending her to starclan properly (although I still like bluestar, just not when she went crazy)

She may have a bad temper, but her nature is very beautiful. She loved raggedstar, despite the fact she cannot be together with him. She also loved brokenstar too, but he was too blinded and stupid to see that. I have to agree with fire star, she did not deserve that death, brokenstar got himself into the mess. She was just doing what anyone would do. She made great scarification, and should be remembered of a hero and kind medicine cat, may star clan light your path yellow fang.

My heart broke when I saw that in the 4th book, A medicine cat going back to save cats that's supposed to know how to save lives gets caught and dies from smoke? I hated the way she died she desevered so much better! Besides are not cats low on the ground? They would get less smoke down there as well as the fact that she hid inside her den which was safe from the fire.

Yellowfang was amazing... Some called her "ugly" and "rude" and mean". They were wrong. She's such an inspiration, and she was so beautiful on the inside. I just wish that she were still alive. Though I am much more further than series one of these books, I will never forget her elegance and humor when the Clans were in trying times, and still grief for her.

Yellowfang... Yes when we first read about her, we thought she was the worst cat ever. She's grouchy, and well is pretty mean. But what we didn't see the true Yellowfang. Yellowfang was sweet and loyal. She didn't deserve to die trying to save an elder from the fire. She helped Cinderpelt become a medicine cat as well. We should all remember Yellowfang's death..

Her death made me want to stop reading warriors but I didn't my heart sank she was an amazing medicine cat her rough outer look but her warm motherly inside showed that though she killed Brokenstar she loved Firestar (heart) as dearly than ever. She is my favorite even though we only get short glimpses of her in star clan I still Love her.

This former warrior medicine cat lead such a hard life. Enduring a mystic power, breaking the warrior code, watching her son grow into a monster, and being cast out of her clan on false accusations. She sacrificed herself for her adopted clan mates, and even though she sometimes can be a big grouch, she is the type of cat you should honor

Yellowfang was a great medicine cat. She tried to save an elder in a fire when there was a good chance she wouldn't return. She killed her own son so that her ADOPTED clan could not have to live fighting the other clans. She found the kits that were stolen by her former clan and returned them.

She's the saddest, and the only other one that can even compare is Bluestar and Firestar. Yellowfang has been through to much and her last words to Firestar breaks my heart every time. She is a wonderful she-cat, and she'll be honored for moons to come. She is hands down the best medicine cat.

Wait wait wait. This is NUMBER 6?!?!? Come on, people. Yes, Bluestar's death was sad and all, but Yellowfang was the boss. She was feisty and a great medicine cat and the fire scene where she died was really sad. I wish she'd lived longer. She was also a great mentor to Cinderpelt and Runningnose and Yellowfang's secret is one of my fave super editions. And she had to kill Brokenstar, HER OWN SON. Do you know what that does to you? Killing your child, to save the rest of the Clans? Boi. She was incredible and amazing and loyal and she saw the greatness in Firestar from Day One.
love ya, Yellowfang!

Yellowfang was my favorite cat in the whole series. I cried for so long after her death, I couldn't pick a new favorite cat (still living) after her death. Yellowfang loved her adopted clan and her new clan mates. She was loyal and did such good deeds (for example: she followed Clawface after he took the ThunderClan kits.) For some random reason I've always loved all the medicine cats, but I'll never love any of them like Yellowfang.

She is the best medicine cat ever! She had an amazing relationship with fireheart, unlike stupid spottedleaf. She was an amazing mentor to cinderpelt, and a beautiful cat inside! She sacrificed her son for the good of the clan. She will be Erin Hunters best creations, FOREVER!

Yellowfang was the best! She was a stubborn, difficult, and snarky cat with a heart of gold. She was the best medicine cat ever, and she totally did not deserve to die. The Erin's botched her character in the later books after she died, too, and that makes me saddest of all.

Yellowfang's death was very upsetting... She lived a life filled with grief. She looked up to fireheart as her son. She would've wanted fireheart for a son and not brokenstar. Her destiny of being a medicine cat was sad too because that wasn't what she wanted to be.

All time favourite character, she was so awesome and so brave to kill her son Brokenstar! When fireheart found her I was like 'yes, she's alive! " and then she died and I was like "what?!?!? What happened" and then I started crying! She was so cool!

Yellowfang was an amazing, loyal cat. She kept her secret so long, even though it got her kicked from her Clan and forced her to KILL HER OWN SON. I mean, okay, grumpy, but so am I! Her death was a brave one, and that is something I celebrate. I understand why they had her die--the story must go on! But her death was a sad one, pouring out the truth to a concerned Fireheart, and that was honorable. Rest in StarClanl

Yellowfang, oh, she was my most favorite cat in the series, she was a great mentor, caring, I was heart broken when she was left in the fire... I mean, I think seeing Yellowfang die was well.. Seeing Silverstream die was easier to me!

I was like" NO YELLOWFANG" My younger brother said, "What's wrong? " And I spent like fifteen whole minutes explaining it to him and somewhere in those minutes he said that he didn't care and he walked off. I was like what

Although she was cranky, I really wished that she did not die! She is like a friend to Firestar... And I cried reading the book :( Did you notice that Firestar is very close to the medicine cats?

It was the Halloween of 2014. I was reading in the car and was getting to the part where Yellowfang dies. I cried through the whole night. I JUST COULDN'T STOP CRYING! Sure she was cranky, and broke the warrior code by having Brokenstar/Brokentail when she was a medicine cat. She even came from a different clan! But she died in a fire to save her adopted clan. :'(