Saddest Warrior Cat MAPs

MAP stands for Multiple Animator Project. These can go from Musicals to Book Series, like Warriors. If you want to vote WHICH is best, then go and check out all the one down below.
Also, these are based off of MAPs based off of BOOK CHARACTERS. So no, Beekeeper is not here, nor any other sad OC MAPs. Also, no sad PMVs, or OC PMV MAPS. So sorry.

The Top Ten

1 I Will Be There - By xJaystarzx

XJaystar do you really want to make me cry? - Murphypaw

This is about the impact Silverstream's death had hit Graystripe. After everything they risked, she dies of kitting to Feathertail-a hero-and Stormfur. He sings, she sings, and they sing together. It makes it way more emotional because the awesome animators show their emotion in their eyes. This was amazing to watch, and one of the best MAPs I've ever seen in my life. - ClippenWillCry

It’s so sweet and heartbreaking

WOW. I watched this last night and cried my eyes out. Beautiful animation + sad song = MY ROOM IS FLOODED WITH TEARS

2 King - By colacatinthehat

So sad especially the end when sorreltail dies

This all shows Brackenfur's part. He never had a large fandom, usually being overshadowed by Brightheart and Cinderpelt. But THINK ABOUT IT. He has had a depressing life story, and this map shows his pain and his passion towards Sorreltail. I ship Sorreltail x Brackenfur and I just love how this map also shows a bit of Sorreltail's story, which is also sad. To Brackenfur who had to watch his sister's pain and his mate die, to Sorreltail who ate death berries and had both her siblings die in a badger attack (even though the map don't show the badger attack.)

It was so sad because Brackenfur had his whole life. Cinderpelt died, Sorreltail died. The song was sad, I felt bad for Brackenfur.

so sad

3 Somewhere Out There - by ThatScruffyDuckling

This is about the seperation of the two kits at such a young age. It's sad to watch as you can't do anything to just put them together, but they finally do, playing, hugging, and sleeping together makes your eyes water. But it's so hard to believe that they are split back up as you cry. You can barely see the MAP, which makes you wanna watch it again. Imagine that. It's so sweet and nice, making you feel happy for him after all those tears. - ClippenWillCry

Easily made me cry! Twig and Violet is my (really close) second favourite Sister Realationship in Warriors.

4 Always Gold - By Nifty-Senpai

Honestly I'm a person who doesn't cry often, but I was so close to crying here :'C

The song fits so well with the mood of The Dawn of the Clans, and perfectly captures Clear Sky and Grey Wing's relationships. Along with the setting of the MAP and the incredible animation, the mood was captured very well. I applaud this MAP!

This might not be sad, but it shows how much leaving the mountains shifted kinship so harshly. Cats were barely able to see eachother from another "group" without getting escorted. It was sad, Gray Wing wanted to help but Clear Sky was stubborn. But in the end, it's solved. Again, might not be so sad... but it's really sad mid-way. - ClippenWillCry

5 Evelyn, Evelyn - By ivlet

This shows the harsh relationship by Ivypool and Dovewing, who both have different futures. Ivypool feels rejected and unimportant because her sister Dovewing is apart of the three. Dovewing tries to get her to cheer up, but then she catches on that she doesn't want it. She doesn't get attention, so why should she forgive her? This sad sister relationship formed like a flower and died like a flower, dying slowly and drooping. - ClippenWillCry

6 Forest Fires - By Eucalyptus splash

I cried ;-;

Yeah I watched this two times in a roll and cried both times! Seriously, you will cry.

This is about Yellowfang having to watch everyone die infront of her, and kill her own son. It makes her feel bad, because she didn't want it. She could have raised him, but couldn't She felt heartbroken, and knew it wasn't right. But, still. She wished that she had Fireheart as a son, insted of the broken Brokenstar. - ClippenWillCry

7 Hide - ThatScruffyDuckling

Nightcloud watches everything go down-hill as she is unable to stop Crowfeather's heartless actions. She find every piece to the puzzle, and then a hate comes to Nightcloud. She hates Crowfeather, and due to him, Breezepelt goes down-hill. He ruins everything for Nightcloud and it must feel like sand falling out of her paws as she cannot control any of it. - ClippenWillCry

8 Better Days - By TennelleFlowers

Not particually a MAP, but a scene that starts from PG. 168 in A Dangerous Path. It's so emotional to see this scene in action by many talented animators. I watch as Fireheart struggles to not run off in fear as Bluestar is mentally unable to stop the harsh words from slipping out as she struggles not to cry. It's so heartbreaking to watch such a scene unfold and to be able to do nothing about it. - ClippenWillCry

9 It's Over, Isn't It? - By Northflower OwO

Like Stride By Stride, from a T.V. Show to a MAP, it shows Bluefur hating the fact her sister had to die, and left poor Whitekit with a murderous father-Thistleclaw-who believed he could be deputy and face war to all clans. Bluestar felt guilty, like it had been her fault. She looks at Thunderpath with emotional pain, and you can't help but feel sympathy for her. - ClippenWillCry

10 Buy The Stars - by colacatinthehat

Great Map ;> - ClippenWillCry

This MAP was awesome and by far in my opinion the best Warrior Cats Multi Animator Project of all time. I feel so bad for Hollyleaf and Ivypool, they were just forgotten and they're amazing characters too. Watch it. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Saddest map ever

Beautiful and sad I cried

The Contenders

11 Blame - By Nifty-Senpai

So sweet and heartbreaking - Murphypaw

Sad indeed. Cinderpelts death was the saddest

12 I'm Not Ready - Sagutoyas

This MAP is all about the brief relationship between Brightpaw and Swiftpaw. It explains the dog attack and how things run in Thunderclan from Swiftpaw's point of view. It explains his death, and how his mentor, Longtail, reacted to everything.

Poor swift paw…

13 Stride By Stride - By illbringyoudown

From a fan-made song to a cute and half sad animation! It was so amazing to watch the MAP go on as you waited for the sad ending of her going. The song is so well written and makes it better. It's hard to explain how this was, but it was amazing. - ClippenWillCry

14 Lullaby for a Princess - by colacatinthehat

Such a beautiful map!

I generally don't like MAPs but this hits me


15 Tourner Dans Le Vide Darkstripe and Tigerstar MAP

Check it out, it's sad and has such amazing animation!

I'm addicted.-.

16 Dear Daphne - by gamakichisora
17 Mirror Mirror - by Glitch Sixxle

This is a MAP dedicated to a sad story that I feel is somewhat overshadowed. It really fits Bluestar, and it helps you be a Jayfeather and get into her head... >:) MWA HA HA

18 A Queen's Loss - by Kitsune Kreations

Am I the only one who cries whenever a kit/apprentice dies, even if they are mentioned twice? This map made me flood my room with tears 50 million times, over and over again, and really gave me more sympathy for these queens (than I already had, obviously.)

19 Saturn - by Chai Tea

I may or may not have cried for like, 3 hours after this map.. It was so sad!

This song makes me cry if I try to sing it, all of the cats deaths it's so touching. The animators that made this masterpiece have amazing artwork. When Crookedstar lost his mate it stung my heart. Thanks to: Chai Tea, Shell the raining cat, Anchy wolf, Biird, Chikki noodles, Eucalyptus splash, ThatScruffyDuckling, Silvaan, KitsuneKreations and Demi-Lune.

20 Everything's Okay - ThatScruffyDuckling

So sad

21 Light - By Chai Tea
22 Starkit’s prophecy - by Chikki

A tragic, beautiful story. starkit is, in my opinion, the best piece of literature in existence. highly recommend.

23 If I Believe You - Cranberry The Cat

This MAP is about Mothwing, and her painful journey to becoming a Medicine Cat- even though she doesn't believe in Starclan. It shows us how she became a Medicine Cat, and how much of her life Hawkfrost influenced before his death. A very good MAP, 5/5 stars <3

24 Treat you better - By LemonKat
25 Nothing left to say - by Icedog McMuffin


26 Cat Tales - by BlueMaroonAnimations
27 Faded - by LemonKat

One, of the saddest and my favorite maps.

I cried for three hours, no joke, watching this. It really fits the cats it depicts and has great animation to go with it.

28 The Moon Song - by Antlerrs

This is amazing. I really love the Jayfeather x Half Moon ship and how they are so far apart but still love each other. This map really sums it up. Good job!

29 Sadness Runs Through Him - by Black Shady

At first, this map sounded sad but upbeat, but now that I've watched the whole thing, it's actually really sad and depressing but fits the cats like a glove. This is definitely recommended!

30 Echo - by Eighthsun
31 Beekeeper - by MimiDetNazca
32 Willow - by Draikinator

I love this one - Murphypaw

A Nightcloud/Feathertail map.

33 Somewhere Only We Know - Yellowfang

It’s not a map. I have watched nearly every map on here and none have made me feel any emotion beside this. It might have been deleted or taken down from the internet, but it’s still amazing.

34 You Make Me Feel - Archive - Northflower Owo

I love this - Sunflowerdawn

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