Top Ten Saddest Warrior Cats Moments

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21 When Cinderpelt Died

She should haved been a warrior

22 Yellowfang Dies in the ThunderClan Fire

SHhITT I cried so hard during this, especially when Firestar (Fireheart then) talked to her in her final moments, Yellowfang was like family to me. - CatMote

Yellowfang wishes Fireheart was her son instead of Brokentail. So sad ;-;

23 Mosskit's death
24 Twigkit and Violetkit's first gathering when they get split up

I literally has tears coming, poor kits

25 Hollyleaf's Real Death

This made me cry a lot because Hollyleaf was my ultimate favorite character. I loved reading parts with Hollyleaf in it for no reason and it made me cry when she died. Especially when she forgives Leafpool, that was very heart-touching. I had a feeling of melancholy when she died! You are my one true favorite cat in the whole Warriors series, Hollyleaf!

It's so sad when she forgives Leafpool. "I couldn't leave without getting to know my mother..." So sad! I think this was a well carried out scene, but depressing too.

26 When Raggedstar Kills His Own Father And You Find Out He Was Also The Father Of Red

Poor Red. She must have been devastated.

27 Dark Forest Battle
28 Birdflight and kits joining ThunderClan when Cloudstar left
29 The clans leaving the forest when it's destroyed

This too oml - CatMote

30 When Gray Stripe is Taken by Twolegs

I cryed so hard!

31 Hollyleaf Sacrifices Herself for Ivypool

//ugly crying - CatMote

32 When you find out Yellowfang was Brokenstar's mother, then kills him.

It was so sad to find out she was holding back from her kin, then to tell him right before he dies.

33 When Sandgorse and Tallpaw(star) argues after almost drowning in the tunnel
34 Cinderpelt getting hit by a Monster
35 Stonefur's death
36 When Hollyleaf gives up her life for Sandstorm to be with Firestar

I felt so heartbroken when one of my favorite cats left the stars ;-;

37 Millie Being Cruel and Rude To Blossomfall

This one really hits home for me personally, I really felt bad for Blossomfall when I read that. - CatMote

38 When Needletail Dies

Not really, Needletail was a traitorous, disrespectful little thing. - Songwind

So sad honestly

39 When Bluestar Goes Insane

It's really deppressing when you remember how happy and king she was. It leaves you thinking, “ Damn! Things really went south! ”

40 When Rusty Leaves Smudge to Join the Clan Cats

I felt upset at this part; I hate leaving familiar places that I love. - RedTheGremlin

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