Saddest Ways for a Book Character to Die

Losing a book character can, if written well, actually make you mourn their loss. But what is the saddest way for a character to die?

The Top Ten

1 Heroic Sacrifice

Always sad when someone has to die so a mission can be accomplished - Randomator

*Takes on Cyri (the book character)'s persona* Brother, you are dearly missed. - Cyri

2 In a Lover's Arms
3 Age

A slice of reality. - Cyri

4 Failing to Reach a Goal
5 Betrayed

This is kind if like betrayed, but a lot of times in books I read (and sometimes in sad tales of my own, which I blame myself for killing characters) noble people are betrayed by people that used to be friends, became enemies years ago, and the bad guy came back and killed the good guy when he almost forgot about him. Although this sounds very specific and complicated, it happens a lot, and I made it more complicated in my description than I should have.

All apologies, I give you my condolences if you died while reading that paragraph due to old age. - MaxAurelius

6 Murder
7 Disease
8 Accidental Death
9 Execution

Even sadder is if they were framed. - ResonatingScreamS

10 Possessed and Killed

Add suicide to the list. - ResonatingScreamS

It wasn't even their fault... - Cyri

The Contenders

11 Suicide

Sad and really dark, this was requested and I listened. - Cyri

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