Top Ten Saddest Years In History

Was there a time that you thought was very sad. Maybe there were some years that were the most upsetting to you.

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21 1914

Start of World War I - BorisRule

22 1912

Yes, the Titanic sank. - anonygirl

This should be #1

23 1918

More people died that year, from the Spanish Flu, than the Holocaust and Black Death Combined.

The year that the Spanish flu occurred. - anonygirl

24 1861
25 1948

What happened in 1948 that was so awful? What warrants its position as #20?

26 1979

7 people die in the worst train accident in the happiest place on earth (Luna Park). Ghost Train catches fire and no one knows what caused the fire. Jenny Poivedin lost her whole family and and a boy lost his friends.

Come on, come on! Lets start supporting Australia too!

Ghost train fire

My grandfather died when his ship sank. - TeamRocket747

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27 2006

The year I was born on this hellhole earth.

28 2013

Get this MUCH higher. - Frodomar49

29 1945

Very brutal air raids by the Allies in Germany and Japan followed by artillery shelling of major cities, over 10 million civilians died because of this. - yatharthb

Never forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

USA Harry S. Truman So Dumb - Andyman1234

2 atomic bombs dropped, over 250,000 people died as a result, a truly awful year.

30 1997

The worst year of the 90s (see my other comments on this year on my account) - Maddox121

Your birth was so much worse than something like 1795 (see below).

Year I was born on this awful planet called Earth.

Vvv This planet is awful 2012 was the end but no.

31 1536

Anne Boleyn was executed on trumped charges by her husband so he could marry another woman

32 2010

It's a truly sad year for music. Music started to decline since Justin Bieber's rise to popularity, and songs have started to be made effortlessly in the mainstream.

2010 was an good year for me.

33 1991

Freddie Mercury died

But Nevermind charted

Nirvana was awesome but don't be mean rip freddie and kurt

34 1977

Elvis Died, pretty horrible year

He deid in a toliet. the most embarrasing way to die. - Andyman1234

35 1999

Columbine y'all

36 1933

This is the year an awful genocide began.

37 2008
38 1963

Year the best and most honest president was killed by his own country for being honest RIP JFK

JFK died. how would society be like if Oswald never pulled the trigger

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39 1915

Turkish Muslims commit genocide on more than a million Armenians. The word "genocide" was actually coined as a result of this slaughter.

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40 1968
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