Top Ten Safety Tips for Older Adults

It's essential to ensure that you are mindful of the potential risks existing in the home for older adults and prepare accordingly by using these tips.

The Top Ten

1 Ensure Easy Access to Emergency Contacts

Place all important phone numbers within easy reach. - newportcare

Get some life alert... - EliHbk

2 Keep Stairs Safe

Ensure that all staircases are well-lit with comfortably placed light switches and sturdy railings. - newportcare

3 Install Smoke Detectors

Install and regularly monitor smoke detectors and fire extinguishers on every floor of the home. - newportcare

4 Discard Loose Rugs and Clutter

Discard any loose rugs or carpet runners in order to prevent a slipping hazard. - newportcare

5 Install a Home Security System

A home security system is a wonderful way to keep the senior safe and secure. It helps keep an eye on the goings-on and spot any suspicious activity. - newportcare

6 Remove Cords to Avoid Tripping

Install cordless phones and withdraw electrical cords from traffics region. - newportcare

7 Have a Medical Alert System

A medical alert system will enable emergency services to be accessible at the push of a button for any medical exigency. - newportcare

8 Maintain Right Water Heater Temperatures

Set the temperature of water heater thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to prevent scalding. - newportcare

9 Keep Bank Account Information Private

Never give your particulars about your bank accounts to anyone and avoid having large amounts of cash or valuables at home. - newportcare

10 Maintain Poper Illumination

Ensure correct lighting throughout the house and place lighting to avoid accidents. - newportcare

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