Best Sailor Moon Franchise Songs

Yeah, there's a list for this already, but they forgot Sera Myu and the live action series. But there's a lot of "Best Sailor Guardian" lists out there, so I can do this!

The Top Ten

1 To A Brand New World (Saturn Image Song From Sera Myu)

This song gives me chills. I love it so much! - sydisonmadney

2 C'est La Vie (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon)

This song makes me happy and I love singing along to it! - sydisonmadney

3 We Believe You (Season 5 Jupiter Image Song)

This song means a lot to me because it inspires me to keep on going. - sydisonmadney

4 Moonlight Densetsu (Seasons 1-4 Theme)

What's this list without the theme song? - sydisonmadney

5 My Friend's Love (Insert Song From Season 5)

THIS SONG IS SUCH A BOP! I know Search For Your Love is the more meaningful song by Three Lights, but I love dancing to this! - sydisonmadney

6 Makenai (Season 5 Theme)

I love this song, but it makes me sad because THE LYRICS. - sydisonmadney

7 Route Venus (Venus Season 2 Image Song)

The first Sailor Moon song I listened to that I didn't hear on the show which led me down on this musical journey. - sydisonmadney

8 La Soldier (Bandai-era Sera Myu Theme)

This song is so amazing. Words can't describe how cool it sounds, but it dropped a couple spots when I found out what the lyrics are. This should be a fight anthem, not a love song! - sydisonmadney

9 Initial U (Season 5 Uranus Image Song)

I heard Uranus's voice actor didn't sing this because she thought it didn't reflect her character. BUT THIS IS THE MOST HARUKA SONG EVER! - sydisonmadney

10 Search For Your Love (Season 5 Insert Song)

SEARCH FOR YOUR LOVE! - sydisonmadney

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