Top Ten Best Sailor Moon Villains


The Top Ten

1 Queen Beryl

One of tyne coolest villains ever. She is so cold hearted and powerful. She is the coolest Sailor Moon character ever! - Weasltown

2 Dr. Tomoe

Dr. Tomoe is one of the funniest villains ever. Pretty much everything he does cracks me up. - Weasltown

3 Mimet
4 Eugeal V 1 Comment
5 Sailor Galaxia
6 Zoisite
7 Jedite
8 An
9 Ail
10 Crimson Rubeus

He's the best villain on this list. - Consequently

The Contenders

11 Prince Demande
12 Sailor Iron Mouse V 1 Comment
13 Tigers-Eye
14 Fish Eye

So cool.

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