Best Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon


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1 Sailor Venus Sailor Venus Minako Aino, better known as Sailor Venus, is a fictional character in the Sailor Moon manga series written by Naoko Takeuchi.

She's my bae so I have to vote for her, but I do believe she is the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time). I actually have the sailor v mangas and have read them millions of times. But yeah, she is basically the best, its not something I think, its something Aino (get it).

Nah, she's the real Sailor Mars because she's on FIRE (SOUL)! - sydisonmadney

She, along with Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury are my personal favorites. I always think she is really beautiful, funny, yet goofy and charming. Her role at the Codename Sailor V was fascinating.

SHe fugly but other ones are even more ugly so yea

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2 Sailor Mars Sailor Mars Rei Hino, better known as Sailor Mars, is a fictional character in the Sailor Moon manga series written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.

Yea Mars is ideal, much attacks with flames - the red and yellow in base plus there is a dragon sign with Sailor Mars strength and power as well. - iliescu

I like her more than Sailor Moon


Shes my wife

3 Sailor Jupiter Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter is one of the more responsible Sailor Scouts and is very distinct in emotion range. Has an image for most feelings as happy or sad to even somewhat disgusted or serious kind of face. Plus Sailor Jupiter is with the rocker fork hand gesture when attacking an enemy which is super cool. - iliescu

Tomboy yet feminine, tough yet gentle, strong yet matured. Her attacks are also really cool, especially oak revolution and supreme thunder.

Jupiter is fair much the best Sailor Scout in abilities. Blue Dragon, icy demeanor - a best bet for certain. Plus is oddly familiar. - iliescu

When she first appeared she beat the heck out of those creepy guys going after Usagi! She is so SAVAGE!

4 Sailor Moon Sailor Moon

Despite of her being a whiner, crybaby, overeater, and a big time klutz but she can take her role as Sailor Moon quite well. She still puts her heart and soul to fight as a Sailor Moon, even though she also can be prone to losing her fighting spirit or not really bold for a few times.

Favorite character.

5 Sailor Mercury Sailor Mercury

Smart, calm, matured, sweet yet shy, studious, and rather distant. Other than that, her intelligence can be quite useful during the fights.

She's My 2nd Favorite Senshi! She's So Sweet, Smart, Mature, A Little Shy But She's Awesome! Plus She's So So Pretty! Hair And Eyes As Blue As The Beautiful Sky! Definitely Deserves My Vote!

6 Sailor Pluto Sailor Pluto

Such a good character. One of my favorites for sure. - ArcticFoxAnimeGirl


Dead scream...

7 Sailor Saturn Sailor Saturn

Why the heck is Saturn so low? She gave her life for Earth... I guess nobody remembers ;_; But that takes courage.

She could easily be in the top three honestly

8 Sailor Neptune Sailor Neptune

I just love Sailor Neptune, she and Sailor Pluto are my
Favorite warriors. She has a great personality, she's very
Interesting, because of her many quality's she has.
I can very relate to her, and her talents.
I also love her hair. She has great attacks.

I love Sailor Neptune. She and Sailor Pluto are my favorite
Warriors. I love her personality, and her talentend for drawing
(i can relate), she's very mysterious, and creative.
I also love her hair. And her attacks are amazing.

9 Sailor Uranus Sailor Uranus


10 Mini Moon

She is super cute.

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11 Sailor Galaxia

The strongest one, after Cosmos and Chaos. She was definitely important enough to the story to be included on the list.

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