Best Sam and Cat Episodes

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1 Pilot

I love this episode sooo exciting!

This really was the best episode, for a Nickelodeon show it was so so, but the next ones were all garbage no offense.

It's the first and most original episode

This is best computer training institute I like

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2 MagicATM

This is the best episode. Cat:(sings wrong lyrics) Take me down the basement- Sam: No, no, that's Take me out to the ball game Cat: What? Sam:(sing the correct lyrics) Take me out to the ball game, take me out of the crowd Cat: this lyrics make no sense I love that part and that song

They get arrested for nothing. Everyone except Sam don't know the lyrics to Take me Out to the Ball Game. Lol. This episode is funny.

Laugh out loud funny - andre56

Officer Kelvin really couldn't tell the difference b/w pills and candy?

3 First Class Problems

My favorite episode!

4 The Brit Brats

Those girls are so cute - blackflower

I live this one! It is hilarious... This show rocks!

Love it so funny like laugh out loud!

5 TheKillerTunaJump


I loved Icarly, so This was good.

Loved it - blackflower

This is the best, along wit the pilot

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6 Peezy B
7 SuperPsycho

As a memory for iCarly. Tehe

This girl (Cat) makes Gibby look like a genius. -Nevel Papperman to Sam

8 Toddler Climbing

Die who ever made this

Dice: What if I got to take a wazz?
Sam: We can hear it.
Cat: And see it.
Dice: Oh no.

I pictured it in my head and it wasn't pretty. I still like this episode.


9 BabysitterWar
10 DroneBabyDrone

It wasn't placed in normal settings like other episodes. It was also funny when the cart picked them up a few feet away LOL

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11 Babysitting Commercial

I like when the guy said, “Sam has a criminal record.” - PokemonRPGbro

12 Blooper Episode
13 Revenge of the Brit Brats
14 BlueDogSoda

Sooo funny

15 Favorite Show
16 Motorcycle Mystery

I really like this episode the French or whatever midget was hilarious and the hair blue everything great.

17 Goomersitting
18 Lumpatious
19 YayDay

I love this episode because the holiday was about presents. Now if only Yay Day is a real holiday... So... 10/10! - MeeMeeCandy777


20 New Goat

Lol. Love this episode!

"How dare you put my shirt around my waist and my pants around my torso! "
"Did something poop on your forehead? "
"Ahoy! I knew I smelled an animal! "
"Ahoy? "
"Bad dog."
"It's a goat! "
"Weirdoes like capes."
"I will not suck a truck or enjoy my Saturday! "
"You use your words."


21 Momma Goomer

I like this one - PokemonRPGbro

22 Doll Sitting

Real funny and freaky!

23 Fresno Girl
24 MadAboutShoe
25 GettinWiggy

The last episode sucks worst ending ever I hate sam she's not gonna break cat out she's lazy man this was horrible that hair model look like a girl he's a queer I bet and cops were stupid arrest cat for ripping hair out it was gonna be a alright episode if it was 1 hour with sam breaking her out but she's stupid cat doesn't deserve this screw sam I feel bad for cat

I liked the song, “Where are the places where Sam can't go? ” - PokemonRPGbro

26 WeStealARockStar

This is the only one I never seen.

27 Knockout


28 StuckInABox

Love this episode! Sam makes Cat drink raw eggs! Lol!

29 Oscar the Ouch


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