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21 Safe with Me

Why so low? His best song so far!

This song gives me a weird yet good feeling when I listen to it

You no that is great song... (Stay with me)

22 Need U

Worst singer but nobody agrees with me

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23 Good Thing

It's funny: despite its title, this is one of his more depressing songs if you really pay attention to the lyrics. Although, I do like the fact that the beat kicks in the second verse. The ending is just heartbreaking: "I've made the decision not to answer your calls, 'cause I put everything out there, and got nothing at all."

I like the beginning, it sounds like Disney. Its unique.

Yeah,i beginning is sooo awesome.i just love this song especially the part when he goes "too much of a good thing won't be good for long although you make my heart sing to stay with you would be wrong! "

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24 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Best cover of a Christmas song

25 Life Support

Best song I've ever heard. He has so much talent.

His voice

26 When It's Alright
27 Drowning Shadows

This song is so AMAZING! It's so slept on but its beautiful.

28 Together
29 How Will I Know (Whitney Houston Cover)

Amazing! I prefer Sam's version to Whitney's.He NAILED it!

30 Palace

Great song

31 Midnight Train

Simply a gorgeous piece of music by a simply revolutionary artist.

One of the best songs of him.

32 How Will I Know

It is the most raw emotional song I've heard from him. Given that it is a cover but damn he just owns it and makes it his

Die, go to heaven and come back again

33 Berlin V 1 Comment
34 Fast Car
35 See You Again


36 Little Sailor
37 Skies of Rain
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