Best Samsung Smart Phones From 2010 to 2013


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1 Samsung Galaxy S4

How can this even be questioned? It's one of the fastest, it's has a big screen with great quality but still feels comfortable in your hand. It has good battery life and looks good too. No doubt that this is their best smartphone.

The best smartphone much better than samsung ATIV smart pc. This phone is has 13 mp of camera with full HD. It's gaming is very good. Excellent phone. - kormo

Just spend 1/2 hour with this smart phone you will understand why this is ranked Number 1 Feature rich. If you have budget there is no option against it.


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2 Samsung Galaxy S3
3 Samsung ATIV Smart Pc
4 Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Like the pink one

It is so good and better company phone

5 Samsung Galaxy Nexus
6 Samsung Galaxy Note
7 Samsung Galaxy Grand
8 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
9 Samsung Galaxy S2

My phone, obviously not as advanced as the S4 or S3 but this phone made a huge jump from the original S. - EvilAngel

10 Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Contenders

11 Samsung Galaxy Tab
12 Samsung ATIV S
13 Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200
14 Samsung Galaxy Ace

Best smart phone of low brute or less money. And better than 'Y'

15 Samsung Galaxy Core
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