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Man, Samurai Jack Season 5 has been an epic thrill ride, folks. While I unfortunately never watched the first four seasons as a kid, to see it come back as a TV revival in the form of a fifth and final season was what finally got me into Samurai Jack. And trust me, Season 5 truly delivers the full package. That said, I thought I would have the honor of making a list of the Best Samurai Jack Season 5 episodes. Now keep in mind that this list will initially be in chronological order with the first episode on top and the final episode at the bottom, so it's up to you guys to vote and remix this list for your favorite episodes from this season of Samurai Jack. All in all, I hope you all enjoy this list and talk about all the good and memorable moments we loved from each episode of Samurai Jack's 2017 revival.

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The first episode of Samurai Jack Season 5. And a very impressionable episode at that, too. Just right before the intro of Samurai Jack, the episode already throws you into a massive amount of thrilling action as Jack appears and saves a family of emoji aliens from an army of beetle drones. See the entire scene of it for yourself if you want to experience the adrenaline and hype surrounding it. In addition to the action-packed fight scenes, this episode also turned Jack into a complex and deep character in contrast to his blank slate persona from the first four seasons. By that, I mean that Jack has started to experience post-traumatic stress disorder as he is constantly haunted by hallucinations of his people claiming that he has failed them and forgotten his purpose. Honestly, with something like that, XCII has got to be one of the most psychological episodes in not just the entire season, but perhaps even the entire series as a whole as well! Adding on, we are also introduced to ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This episode was amazing. Great job getting your list on featured - Catacorn

And people consider your lists statpadding. They must be on crack. - DCfnaf

You deserved the featured list, Kitsada! - TwilightKitsune

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The second episode of Samurai Jack Season 5. Now in this episode, Aku finally appears in the fifth season for the first time, now in a state of depression as he griefs over the fact that in spite of him destroying all the time portals in existence, Jack does not age due to the effects of time travel and is therefore most likely destined to stay in the future forever as a threat to Aku himself. Adding on about Aku, as his original voice actor, Mako Iwamatsu, had been long deceased prior to the fifth season, Aku had to be voiced by Greg Baldwin for Season 5 instead to try to mimic the iconic voice of the shape-shifting master of darkness without making Aku's voice feel too different from the original. While I don't feel like Baldwin is as good as his predecessor, his voice performance for Aku was still pretty solid and was able to have some comedic appeal when I think about it. With Aku out of the way, the main focus of this episode primarily revolves around Jack encountering the ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks


In my book, this is where season 5 should have ended and season 6 would comprise of the later episodes. Jack finally overcomes his fear and frustration about the past, regaining the right to wield the magic sword once more. Seeing him be approached by the three deities and transformed back into his classic appearance is a highlight of the series for sure. - Jackamalio

The seventh episode of Samurai Jack Season 5. After a brief flashback finally answering why Jack lost his sword, the episode cuts back to Jack and Ashi, who are perched on the back of a giant bird as it helps fly them to the same mountain where Jack had lost his sword. When the two finally reach the mountain, they begin to search for Jack's sword, but to no avail. Thus, Jack decides to embark on a spiritual journey to recover his sword by meditating himself into the spirit world while no action is spared in this episode when Ashi suddenly spots an orc army in the distance approaching the mountain. Jack is tasked with simply making tea with a monk in the spirit world while Ashi proceeds to kick butt as she knocks out one of the orcs and uses him as a battering ram to obliterate her way down to the rest of the army, where she single-handedly kills each and every one of them as sudden cuts in between showing Jack making tea step by step are shown. Eventually, Ashi manages to kill all of ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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The tenth episode of Samurai Jack Season 5. THIS IS IT! The final battle between Jack and Aku commences in this one of a kind series finale! After broadcasting Jack's surrender along with the show's original opening monologue (bonus points for nostalgia appeal), Aku then proceeds to execute Jack in front of all his allies and friends! Matters become worse when Aku then decides to have Ashi kill Jack! Thankfully, nearly all of Jack's allies come to the rescue as they assault Aku's lair! However, they're only able to serve at most as a diversion for Jack, which is thankfully just enough for Jack to be able to go and retrieve his sword, though he must free Ashi from Aku's control first to do so. When all hope seems lost, the Scotsman and his daughters then arrive at the final battle and introduce themselves to Jack. Topped off with the Robo-Samurai arriving on the spot and going full-on Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann on Aku! Unfortunately, Aku then rises into the sky and rains a storm of ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Too sad but very beautiful. Great series

This...this was the cherry on top of this season, simply beautiful - Catacorn


The sixth episode of Samurai Jack Season 5. If you're an old fan of the original show, you'll most definitely have feelings of nostalgia in this episode. Because as Ashi searches for Jack after he had went missing from the previous episode, she stumbles upon many familiar faces of the people that Jack had helped in the past. Even Demongo made a brief cameo appearance as well in this episode! As for the storytelling and animation, each scene reimagining Jack's past encounters with each person he had met was brilliantly animated in HD quality that can be considered more crisp and clean compared to the original scenes even though they were fine as they were! And I really loved that song Olivia sang about how Jack had saved her and the Ravers from Aku's evil when they were brainwashed by his evil music! Plus, this episode actually made the Samurai grow on me since I didn't really like him the first time I saw him in his debut appearance from the original show. Because, come on! He's the ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This feelings😍
There were so many of the old characters
For fans of the older seasons is this episode epic

Hands down the best episode you can offer to fans of the original show! It’s a love letter from Genndy telling us that he hasn’t forgotten the show’s roots. My favourite moments include the Rave dance, Ashi’s makeover, and Scaramouche’s penis joke!


The third episode of Samurai Jack Season 5. Leaving off from where Jack was from XCIV, he can first be seen in the episode floating down a river complete with blood from his wounds as a result of having been stabbed in the right side of his torso before killing one of the Daughters of Aku. After waking up to a talking frog apparently warning him of the Daughters of Aku (or perhaps it was a hallucination of some sort) and then passing out again before regaining consciousness at night, Jack is seen in internal struggle as he seems to suffer from hallucinations of a mysterious samurai warrior mounted on a horse acting as the personification of death in not just this episode, but the last two and other ones to come after it. Eventually, after taking shelter inside a cave and being tormented by his consciousness over the fact that he had just killed a human and question towards if Jack can be able to kill the remaining Daughters of Aku, the same white wolf that appeared in XCIII encounters ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

My favorite episode because Jack whooped ass. - Mcgillacuddy

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The ninth and penultimate episode of Samurai Jack Season 5. Immediately picking up where XCIX left off, Jack and Ashi continue to make out with each other for a few more seconds before realizing they're kissing and then spitting out the venom residue from the creature they just terminated. Afterwards, the two manage to find a way out, with Ashi looking to search for clothes and Jack taking a shower under a broken water pipe, to which the latter then finds reflection of his bearded self as he is reminded that he should be careful with his relationship with Ashi, as this has never happened before. Later at night, Jack and Ashi are eating dinner and talking over the fire when Jack then tells Ashi about the fond memories of his home, with each passing season and the clouds in sky-high palace he lived in being beautifully animated, but then says that those memories are the only way he can ever see his home again. The next morning, Ashi finds Jack missing again. Meanwhile, SCARAMOUCHE HAS ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks



The fourth episode of Samurai Jack Season 5. In this episode, it continues off from XCIV's cliffhanger as Jack is seen falling down a series of branches and rocks before finally plummeting into the snow miraculously alive. After a brief hallucination of Aku's face being on a Daughter of Aku, Jack then stumbles upon Ashi's body, who appears to be dead from her fall. Jack's hallucinations then start to torment him again in the form of crows chanting that Jack is a murderer. Jack is able to fight the hallucination and shouts at the top of his lungs that the Daughters of Aku chose the path to fight him and die. Suddenly, Ashi then reveals herself to be alive and ambushes Jack, only to be quickly subdued and tangled by her chain sickle as she hangs from a tree. Jack tries to reason with her that Aku is the evil one and not him since Ashi believes the opposite, only for Ashi to not believe Jack's reasoning. Then out of nowhere, a giant monster pops out of nowhere and eats them. Throughout ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks


The fifth episode of Samurai Jack Season 5. I bet everyone was all hyped up to see the Scotsman make his first appearance in the first season. He was a huge favorite among fans of the show, so to bring him back was definitely a splendid choice by Genndy Tartakovsky and his crew. Anyways, the episode begins with a rebel army approaching Aku's lair, consisting of Trojan soldiers in tanks, knights mounted on rhinos, and the Scotsman himself, who is now aged and in a wheelchair, along with several of his warrior daughters! The attack commences but quickly becomes in vain when Aku effortlessly curb-stomps the armies by transforming into a giant cannonball! The Scotsman tells his daughters to retreat and that he will stall Aku while they escape. He does so by roasting Aku, only for Aku to literally roast him back with his eye lasers! Fortunately, the Scotsman then miraculously comes back to life as a ghost, explaining that the Celtic magic from the runes on his sword was what made him able ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks


The eighth episode of Samurai Jack Season 5. Like how some people say Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is one of the horniest DC animated movies, this episode can be considered the most horny of all the episodes in this season and probably even the entire series. Regardless, it's still a good episode on its own. Anyways, XCIX begins as a spaceship in the outer reaches of space is floating and is suddenly hit by a giant asteroid that sends it crashing down to Earth in a vast desert. The next day, Jack and Ashi are looking to eat something at a marketplace, providing some humor along the way as Jack comically samples one of the oddities of food while Ashi is disgusted at it. However, the real humor begins as Jack and Ashi board a carriage pulled by a giant camel. As the two are crowded, Jack and Ashi then start having awkward interactions with each other as a lovey-dovey song plays throughout each of their cute and adorkable conversations. Unfortunately, the two are then caught in a trap ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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