Best Samurai Pizza Cats Characters

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1 Carla (Okara)

If the series continued the creator stated that Okara finds that she's really the shogun's first born child and the rightful heir to the throne. he obtains the powers of the royal family and she uses it to protect her family and the world from evil.

She played an important role in the series I wish think they give her more screen time enough the series continue day she would have been come on one of the main characters. that's what the creators stated

I read if the series continued, she would reveal to be a powerful warrior

I like her

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2 Bad Bird

Wish they had more back story as him as a child

I would have like to see a series continue of Karamaru becoming a hero and I read that if the series continued, Karamaru would have been ask to become leader of pizza cats' team

If the series continued the creator stated that Karamaru would have trouble being accepted by Sushkii (Guido Anchovy) at first. Later, after Karamaru saves his life, the team, and the world, Sushkii would apologize to him and accept him as a member of the team.

3 Speedy Cerviche
4 Polly Esther
5 Meowzma O' Tool
6 Guido Anchovy
7 Spritz T. Cat
8 Armor of Worc
9 Bat Cat
10 Dr. Purple

He was going to be the new season's main villain and make the big cheese look like a joke

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11 Great Warrior

He would have a flashback story

12 Bucky
13 Jerry Atric (Karasu Gennarisai)

The creators stated that if the series continued, he would have regain his youth and become a serious threat

14 cosmo
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