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1 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

A sandbox game is a game where you are free to do anything you want, when you want and how you want in a big open area. San Andreas is the game which meets these requirements fantastically. There is so much to do and such great other qualities of a game packed with it like awesome graphics (at the time), fantastic soundtrack, interesting story and memorable characters.

Not only is this the best sandbox game, San Andreas is the best game of all time.

Quite possibly the best game ever! There is so much content in this game that you never run out of interesting things to do, even after you have completed the main story line. Also, the vehicle assortment is phenomenal. You can pilot an Apache helicopter and wreak complete havoc with it. Awesome game. AWESOME.

C'mon planes, jetpacks, parachutes, loads of cars, bikes, shops etc what more could you want in a sandbox game - mikeyeggo

Grand Theft Auto 4 got second to the King of San Andreas, well 5 will take it's spot soon enough. Tring to vote 4 second to the KING CJ, is like putting a T.V. dinner on the same table as cavi and wine, " just a bad move ". SA the best besides 5 and vice city.

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2 Grand Theft Auto V

Will be hard for Rockstar to top this one. A huge, truly amazing game. Blows IV out the water.

I had San Andreas as #1 but this game is better in every way. Endless stuff to do, plus the car handling is fixed from IV. The new sandbox champ right here, and one of the greatest games ever made. - Real_1985

The best manages to beat San Andreas hands down!

Best. Game. Ever.

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3 Red Dead Redemption

go check ign red dead is the 3rd best game for ps3 and fourth for 360 while gta4 is 8th best for ps3 and ninth best for x-box360

This is the best sandbox Wild West experience and the finest game today to my opinion. The multiplayer still rocks!

The second best game on my sandbox list... First is Grand Theft Auto San

Only game I've played through 3 times

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4 Minecraft

Minecraft is much better than those other games. You can build anything and do just about anything while in the other games you are restricted to a storyline or have a limited amount of choices on what to do.

What? Third place, Minecraft deserves the first place... Its Minecraft, the best sandbox ever, the Grand Theft Auto players don't know what SANDBOX means until you play Minecraft.

I find it sad when people confuse sandbox games with open world games. A sandbox game is where you have a bunch of basic elements to build whatever you want with, an open world game is where you're simply free to do what you want. Sandbox games are pretty much always open world, but open world games aren't always sandbox.


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5 Grand Theft Auto IV

Best sandbox game? Everybody loves gta4? Nope, sorry, terrible driving, once you die in a mission, you have to restart the whole mission, that's a huge slap to the face to gamers, every single time Grand Theft Auto releases a screenshot for its' upcoming game, everyone throws a party, too much hype and too many people kissing rockstar's ass, reality and graphics don't make a game, fun does and Grand Theft Auto 4 is just one of the most boring games ever

Rockstar rocks! Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series are loved by every corner of people. Grand Theft Auto iv received many awards including Game of year, Best story, Best voice acting, etc.

If you look SandBox in the dictionary there is a picture of Niko on it. GTA is the best sand box game. - Samiam

Everyone loves GTA4. The BEST sandbox game ever.

6 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
7 Sleeping Dogs

Really solid game and fighting system. Lot better than the previous True Crime games.

8 Just Cause 2

Best Sandbox game ever. Nothing else comes close, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Just Cause 3 could be the best game ever if done right.

Does Grand Theft Auto have a grappling hook?

You can have a lot of fun by not completing missions, fully accessible transport too!

Best sandbox game and one of the best 7th gen games

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9 Fallout 3

Not only do I believe this to be the greatest sandbox game, but one of, if not the greatest game of all time. This game had it all: great quests, excellent level progression and hours upon hours of quality gameplay. Of course it wasn't without flaws, but then again there's no such thing as a perfect game. It's just a shame that many early Fallout fans denounce it so much.

Amazing environment, game play, and story. Only lacks a little bit graphically.

fallout is much better than gta. fallout has no negatives. gta 4 is slow. controls and movement are slow. can't control it normally.

Not only is it the best sandbox game it is the best video game I ever played best story weapons dlcs world atmosphere and much more love it - Romneymarshall

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10 Saint's Row: The Third

Although people say saints row 2 was better, they are just butthurt fanboys who can't get over the fact that fun beats serious, I enjoy sr2 and sr3, but you can do almost anything you want in sr3, yet Grand Theft Auto fanboys won't even bother to play the game but would go crazy for ANY of rockstar's upcoming titles, for all they care, rockstar could make a game about barbies and it will get like 100 million preorders within the first few days, this game sets itself aside from reality and throws logic out the window to make one of the most fun games of all time, just give this game a chance and you'll understand what I mean.

Truly an amazing game, I used a be a Grand Theft Auto fan and I still am, but saints row made me a bigger fan with its' craziness and lots of fun things to do.

Crazy ass game but lotta fun, and lots of stuff to do. - Real_1985

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11 Mafia II

The most fun you can get in Mafia II in my mind is how much cash you can make from the moment you escape the burning house because from that moment on any cash you earn from car exports and selling cars to the scrapyard, you can keep.

Mafia II, a much better game than people give credit for. Grand Theft Auto San Andres, an overhyped game that isn't what it's all cracked up to be.

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12 Garry's Mod

9/10 of the games in the top 10's are not sandbox games. Grand Theft Auto is an open world game, not a sandbox. Minecraft should be like, number 10. Garry's mod is the best.

So that dumb, stupid, boring, waste of time game called Minecraft is better than this? I don't think so.

Half of these aren't even sandbox games, Garry's Mod is truly 100% sandbox.

Minecraft and Gmod are my favorite sandbox games and I mean both and don't even try to change my mind!

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13 Batman Arkham City
14 Far Cry 3

How can this game be left behind at #20

This is the most perfect game we have ever witnessed, you can play up to 40 hours without feeling you did.

This game is one of ubisoft's all-time masterpieces!

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15 Mafia

Made me want to stroll around and whistle tunes of Bugsy Malone, while shooting random people.

16 Saints Row 2

Unlike Grand Theft Auto 4 Saints row the third doesn't forget that people play games to have fun, not to rag on GTA4, it was a pretty good game but with the constant whine of your cousin and the grinding driving mechanics, Saints row shines all the more brighter. Additionally the wackiness of the game is emphasized all the more when mixed with a game that tries to play Mr. Straight face. Also the character customization is a hella lot better

Just pure fun. Like the first Saint's Row, it doesn't take itself too seriously but unlike the first one there is a lot more polish, way more things to do, hidden activities, character upgrades, and more that make you want to keep playing.

Funner than GTA, more vehicles, more weapons, way more customization and you can create your won character. Much better

Despite being an obvious Grand Theft Auto rip-off, it does it's unintentional job very well.

17 Grand Theft Auto 3

The first BIG open world game, if this didn't get big you would even have the Other Grand Theft Autos

18 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Great addition to the Assassin's Creed series. Rome is a much larger and diverse city.

19 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Has a rich and insanely fleshed-out world that you're dropped in. You can explore, quest, or just screw around. You can easily plug over 300 hours into one character. Then, you can reroll as a new kind of character and create a new story. Then choose any combination of over 30,000 (and growing) modifications to further customize your experience and add infinite replayability. You don't play the Elder Scrolls; you live them.

Why isn't this in the Top 15?! It should be number one! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I love it even without mods.

20 Far Cry 4
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