Top Ten Sandwiches From Subway

Subway makes a mean submarine sandwich, and these are the best ones.

The Top Ten

1 Sweet Onion Chicken Teryaki Sweet Onion Chicken Teryaki

Oh yeah baby load that chickennn

Extra meat and extra cheese oh yeah


SO HAPPY! - Mariomaster63

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2 Italian B.M.T. Italian B.M.T.



I like it with come on

Underrated, but godly sub

3 Meatball Meatball

It was the April Sandwich! PRETTY AMAZING :D

I love meatball subs the meatballs are yummy
Vote for meatball subs!

The Meatball Sub is my favourite sub! The meatballs taste like the ones with spaghetti.

Especially with cheese, ketchup and BBQ sauce

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4 Spicy Italian
5 Steak & Cheese Steak & Cheese

Damn my favorite

Double steak double cheese oh god. - Buneroid

I totally agree! Put it higher on the list! - adamshane99

This sandwich is amazing

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6 Pizza Pizza

It's not a sandwich but pizza Iis a pretty good food

Especially with cheddar cheese, Italian Cheese Sub, and BBQ Sauce

7 Chicken & Bacon Ranch Chicken & Bacon Ranch

I am a lifelong subway fan and I have been working at subway for almost six years. I have tried every sub on the menu. some were good, and some were okay, but this one is definitely the best I have tried. the pizza is pretty good, but lets be honest. it doesn't belong on this list because it is not a sandwich. I would be okay with it if this was called "best food at subway" or something to that effect. I think this should be higher in my opinion

This and the Italian BMT are great - Phillip873

Ohh this ones my favorite! I get it with extra cheese, Lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeƱos, Maynoise, Ranch and salt & Pepper

8 Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

It fills you up, it has a mild fresh flavor and doesn't take away from the blend of veggie topping ingredients. I get mine with swiss cheese, peppers, jalapeƱos, other choice veggies, and Mustard. The mustard at Subway is amazing!

9 Turkey Breast

Turkey tastes amazing with bacon and lots of veggies and ranch it tastes like heaven. - Joshisme21

10 Tuna

Why tuna sandwich is listed so backward, I thought the tuna subway should be top 3.

My favourite sub by far!

This is an outrage that no one likes tuna!

Tuna from subway the best tuna sandwich there is!

The Contenders

11 Buffalo Chicken

Spicy like tuesdays

Not super spicy, but very, very tasty! - Knucklewood

Spicy, good, and the best subway offers

How this 15 should be number one it so good I ask them to put extra buffalo onit too

12 Cold Cut


One of Jared's favorites... That pretty much says it all...

I would like to See Ella Miller eat that - hamster1

13 Subway Club

Very underrated and is surprisingly one of the healthiest sandwiches.

14 Veggie Delight

Only thing I eat when I go there. - taishisohma

Nutritious and tasty! Nothing can beat it

Footlong on white with extra extra tomato, lots of lettuce, red onion, bell pepper, cucumber, pepper, oil and salt. Their white bread. Is VEGAN!

I am a fan of this ilike this very much its delicious by its name

15 Subway Melt

Best sub their

16 Ham and American Cheese
17 Applewood Pulled Pork
18 Chicken Pizziola

How is this not up on the list?! Oh man its pizza and chicken.. add some hotsauce, southwest, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion and banana peppers.. you've got an explosive melt in your mouth submarine of epic proportions!

19 Seafood Sensation


20 Roast Beef

With mayo it's good

21 Turkey Bacon Guacamole

No more Avacado ;-; - Joshisme21

22 BLT

My go to sandwich

23 Turkey Italiano
24 Ham Salad

This is not a sandwish

25 Reuben

Awesome - toptenforlife

26 Big Beef Melt
27 Greek Chicken
28 Greek Beef
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