Top Ten Sanjay and Craig Episodes That Should Be Created


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1 The End

Yay! No more of the garbage!

2 Everyone Falls Into a Hole and Dies V 1 Comment
3 Sanjay Abuse
4 Craig Abuse
5 Hector Grosses Out and Dies
6 Sanjay and Craig Become Enemies

After tiring of sanjays retarded ways, Craig reververts back to a normal snake and swallows Sanjay whole, in total horror, sanjays family have Craig put down, but they all get wiped out, when North Korea drop a nuclear missile on their town.

7 Hector Abuse
8 Everyone Dies by Putting Fire In Their Mouths
9 Megan Abuse
10 Mordecai and Rigby Kill Sanjay and Craig for Ripping Off Their Show

Better still, they get anti-pops to completely erase sanjay & craig from existence and memory and while he is at it, breadwinners, uncle grandpa and all as well.

Mordecai powerbombs Sanjay on a concrete floor splitting Sanjay head to split open & rigby just simply bites Craig's head clean off.

Better still muscle man and Starks batter Sanjay and Craig into a bloody pulp.

The Contenders

11 The Dicksons Abuse
12 A Pal for Sanjay
13 Sanjay Gets Sent to North Korea

Let's send Lostnunbound to North Korea too

14 Pikachu and the Thunderbolt

I don't like Pokemon but I still thought that was funny

*Pikachu shocks and kills the morons*
Team Rocket: Even WE think they had to go.

More like Mewtwo and the psystrike

15 One Coarse Snake
16 Sanjay and Craig in Attack On Titan
17 Sanjay's Dad Kills All of the Other Characters

Sanjay dad joins Isis and blows everyone up, including himself.

18 Die
19 Team Rocket Kills Sanjay and Craig

Looks like someone didn't prepare for trouble.

Prepare for trouble and make it double!

20 Cookie Monster Attacks Sanjay and Craig
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