Top Ten Sanjay and Craig Episodes That Should Be Created


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1 The End

Yay! No more of the garbage!

This is, frankly, a terrible list. Are people ignoring seasons 2 and 3 or do they just don't care? - Goatworlds

2 Everyone Falls Into a Hole and Dies

This list is kind of harsh

3 Sanjay Abuse
4 Craig Abuse
5 Hector Grosses Out and Dies
6 Sanjay and Craig Become Enemies

After tiring of sanjays retarded ways, Craig reververts back to a normal snake and swallows Sanjay whole, in total horror, sanjays family have Craig put down, but they all get wiped out, when North Korea drop a nuclear missile on their town.

7 Different Way: Sanjay and Craig Edition
8 Hector Abuse
9 The Dicksons Abuse
10 How To Eat With Your Butt

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11 A Pal for Sanjay
12 Everyone Dies by Putting Fire In Their Mouths
13 Mordecai and Rigby Kill Sanjay and Craig for Ripping Off Their Show

Better still, they get anti-pops to completely erase sanjay & craig from existence and memory and while he is at it, breadwinners, uncle grandpa and all as well.

Mordecai powerbombs Sanjay on a concrete floor splitting Sanjay head to split open & rigby just simply bites Craig's head clean off.

Better still muscle man and Starks batter Sanjay and Craig into a bloody pulp.

14 Team Rocket Kills Sanjay and Craig

Looks like someone didn't prepare for trouble.

Prepare for trouble and make it double!

15 Megan Abuse
16 Sanjay Poops Out a Donkey
17 Pikachu and the Thunderbolt

I don't like Pokemon but I still thought that was funny

*Pikachu shocks and kills the morons*
Team Rocket: Even WE think they had to go.

More like Mewtwo and the psystrike

18 Sanjay Gets Grounded Forever
19 The Future
20 Sanjay and Craig Get Sent To Terminator 2: Judgement Day
21 Sanjay and Craig vs The World
22 Sanjay Gets Sent to North Korea

Let's send Lostnunbound to North Korea too

23 Cookie Monster Attacks Sanjay and Craig
24 One Coarse Snake
25 DoraSanjay ExplorerCraig

Dora kills them with her annoying voice and murders Caillou, then Peppa Pig kills her, then Perfect Peter kills Peppa, then Barney eats Peter, then the Teletubbies kill Barney, then Paw Patrol assassinates the Teletubbies - ZootopiaFan

26 Total Drama: Behind The Scenes Special

A behind-the-scenes look at the TDAS finale. Turns out, instead of TD
contestants flying into the sun, Sanjay and Craig flew into the sun!

27 Sanjay and Craig in Attack On Titan
28 Sanjay's Dad Kills All of the Other Characters

Sanjay dad joins Isis and blows everyone up, including himself.

29 Die
30 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends

Slender Man kills every character on the show. The End.

I would to see this happen

31 Dead Snake Pit

Craig commits suicide and Sanjay takes his dead body to the dead snake pit.

32 Every Cartoon in the World Comes and Beats Up Sanjay and Craig


I will execute them with my MLG Murder roblox 2017 noscope axe

- Ice Bear

It would be good teamwork! Go Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Baloo, Charlie B. Barkin, Itchy Itchiford, Clifford, Drew Pickles, Pepe Le Pew, Doug Funnie, Twilight Sparkles, Teen Titans Team, Ash and everyone from 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010s, beat up Sanjay and Craig!

33 Dumb Ways to Die With Sanjay and Craig
34 Sanjay and Craig Gets Pregnant

This has been done already, and it was a horrible episode. - KalloFox34

35 Sanjay and Craig Trip to Africa
36 Robot Craig

Craig decides to get several upgrades to himself, but Sanjay urges him to be careful what he wishes for! - KalloFox34

37 Sanjay and Craig Listen to Justin Bieber and Die
38 Craig's Fart Kills Everyone
39 Noodman Abuse
40 Sanjay Got Served
41 The Writers are Fired
42 Sanjay and Craig Meet the Devil and Are Killed
43 Fart Baby Kills Everything
44 Sanjay and Craig Get Married
45 Mario Throws Sanjay and Craig Into Lava

More like gets an invincibility star and do do do's right into them.

Bowser kills sanjay and craig

46 Hulk Crushes Sanjay and Craig
47 Mashtooth Kills Sanjay and Craig With His Sword
48 They Fall Into Spikes and They Die
49 Everyone Gets Abused
50 Finn and Jake kill Sanjay and Craig for ripping of their show
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1. A Pal for Sanjay
2. Different Way: Sanjay and Craig Edition
3. The Future
1. The End
2. Everyone Falls Into a Hole and Dies
3. Sanjay Abuse
1. The End
2. Everyone Falls Into a Hole and Dies
3. Sanjay Abuse

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