Top 10 Santa Is Real Websites

Ten of the best websites for convincing your children that Santa Claus is real!

The Top Ten


A good start perhaps? A creative experience that features videos of Santa for children aged 1-99 to enjoy.

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Follow Santa as he makes his journey delivering presents on Christmas Eve.

It is the best because you know where he has been and how many presents he has delivered. -Kris Kringle

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Have Santa send a personalised letter to your child proving not only that he is real, but knows what your children are up to.


Add Santa Claus to an image of your living room to show your children that he has visited the family home.

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Website offering various kits to leave traces of Santas visit such as misplace glove/spectacles or a template for a snow covered Santa boot print.

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Santas secret website with lots for children to do.

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7 Santa Claus Live

In the Magic zone of Arctic Circle, at Santa Claus Office, Santa meets his friends and visitors every day of the year. Welcome to Rovaniemi, Finland.

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