Best Santa's Little Helper Centered Episodes In the Simpsons


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1 Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire (Season 1)

Homer has to find another way to get money for Christmas when Mr. Burns doesn't give the employees their Christmas Bonus and Marge has to pay to get Bart's tattoo removed. Homer and Bart find Santa's Little Helper at the downs and decides to keep him as a pet. - RickyReeves

2 Bart's Dog Gets an 'F' (Season 2)

SLH becomes troublesome and destructive, so Bart enrolls him in an obedience school and must pass in order to be a pet for The Simpsons - RickyReeves

3 The Canine Mutiny (Season 8)

Bart gets a credit card and goes on a shopping spree, he buys a $1200 Dog named Lassie who is better than Santa's Little Helper, but when the Repo men take all of Bart's purchased items, he gives away SLH, Bart misses him and must get him back, but a blind man owns him. - RickyReeves

4 Dog of Death (Season 3)

SHL falls ill and has to undergo a costly operation to make him better, so The Simpsons sacrifices a few things. The surgery is a success and The Simpsons become unhappy and SLH runs away and becomes one of Mr. Burns' guard dogs. - RickyReeves

5 Two Dozen and One Greyhounds (Season 6)

SLH and another race dog fall in love and she gives birth to 25 Greyhounds. Mr. Burns kidnaps the puppies and plans to make a tux out of their fur, so Bart and Lisa break into his house and attempts to rescue them. - RickyReeves

6 Old Yeller-Belly (Season 14)

When Bart's treehouse catches fire, Homer is trapped and SLH doesn't save him, but Snowball the Cat saves him and Homer begins to hate SLH and SLH becomes a mascot for Duff, and is called Suds McDuff and Homer likes him again, but his original owner, last seen in the first ever Simpsons episode, returns and takes the money and SLH by using Homer's interview saying he has no dog. - RickyReeves

7 Stop or My Dog Will Shoot (Season 18)

SLH helps Homer to escape a cornfield maze and joins a police academy, the long hours strains the relationship between Bart and SLH and results in SLH biting Bart, and Bart gets a new pet snake, but Bart takes the snake to school and gets loose and causes a poison gas cloud, and Bart is trappes - RickyReeves

8 To Cur, with Love (Season 24)

When Homer loses SLH by accident, he shows no interest in finding the dog, but he is found and Grandpa tells a story about Homer's childhood pet Bongo. - RickyReeves

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