Top Ten Best Santana Songs of the 21st Century

Ever thought that guitar gods such as Santana could'nt kick ass now, well think again!!! This list is dedicated to that idea and my favorite latin rock artist, SANTANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Top Ten

1 Smooth

A multi-platinum, number 1 hit single with a decade-defining mix of Rob Thomas' voice and Santana's guitar work. - Draco

Awesome song - bobbythebrony

Love it

2 Maria Maria

Amazing latin vibe with Santana's great guitar solo's and riff's, good dance track and a number 1 hit single on the Billboard Hot 100. - Draco

3 The Game of Love

Great song and a Top 30 hit single. - Draco

4 Just Feel Better

Two rock gods colide in this epic, heart pounding track. Even if it did'nt chart on the Billboard Hot 200, it is still a amazing rock song which perfectly mixes Steven Tyler's screaming good vocals with Carlos Santana's guitar skills. A+ in my book. - Draco

5 Into the Night

I absolutely love this song. This song makes me really question why so much negativity is getting put on Chad Kroeger. What'd he do so wrong, but anyway, this song is just AMAZING, and a certified gold, Top 30 hit single. - Draco

One of the very best songs of all time. period.

6 Why Don't You & I
7 Photograph

The voice of Chris Daughtry with the guitar work of Santana, just excellent - Draco

8 I'm Feeling You
9 Corazon Espinado

This is one of my favorites. - Draco

10 Put Your Lights On

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11 Victory is Won
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