Top Ten Best Santana Songs In Glee


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1 Valerie

She seriously has the most powerful, stunning, and beautiful voice. This was one of the first times we got to truly see Santana's voice. Nobody else could have done an Amy Whinehouse song as well as Santana did.

Her greatest song, also one of glee's bestselling songs. - Prettygirl2005

Alright, Naya has a lot of awesome covers, we already know...but this will always be iconic. hands down.

2 Girl On Fire

She really sang this song with emotion, especially because she sang it for Brittany. - Prettygirl2005

3 Nutbush City Limits

The song she sang with the most breath control, and the choreography was truly amazing. - Prettygirl2005

I like this song so much

4 Rumor Has It/Someone Like You

Probably the best mash up in the show and one of the best songs.

She really sang her heart out on this one. - Prettygirl2005

5 What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)
6 Edge Of Glory
7 River Deep,Mountain High

Mercedes and Santana's voices are too good! - Prettygirl2005

8 So Emotional
9 If I Die Young

I appreciated her voice so much more after this song. She really made me cry. She has real gift.

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10 Smooth Criminal

My favourite song on glee

Hell yeah! her performance was amazing

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11 We Are The Champions
12 Don't Stop Believin'-Regionals Version
13 Songbird

It was so touching and emotional, it made me want to cry.

14 Bad Romance
15 Alfie
16 If I Can't Have You
17 Mine
18 Cold Hearted
19 The Boy is Mine
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