Sapphire is from the show Steven Universe made by Rebecca Sugar and many amazing animators and voice actors.

Sapphire is a Gem from the alien planet Homeworld. She is a blue Gem with long hair, a big blue dress, and one adorable little eye. She is a Sapphire that has the ability to look into the future. She also displays the ability to levitate, use glaciokinesis, and have some for of super human strength.

Sapphire belonged to Blue Diamond, one of the four leaders of Homeworld. She would give Blue Diamond her visions of the future. One fateful day Sapphire was on the sky arena just above the surface of Earth with Blue Diamond and other aristocratic gems. She had three common Ruby guards to protect her from danger. Sapphire predicted to Blue Diamond that 7 gems would have their physical forms destroyed by the rebel gems. Three of those gems would be two of her Ruby guards and herself.

Things went down just as they were supposed to. Sapphire was about to have her physical form destroyed when suddenly, her last remaining Ruby guard jumped out to save her. Their interaction mad them form the fusion Garnet. The gems at the sky arena were furious about the fusion. Only gems of the same kind were allowed to fuse. The gems were about to shatter Ruby and Sapphire when all of the sudden they both ran away. With no where to go but Earth, Ruby and Sapphire fell in love and stayed as the Perma-Fusion Garnet. They joined the rebellion with Rose Quartz and became Crystal Gems.

Now at present day of the show Sapphire and Ruby can't stand to be apart and they stay as the fusion Garnet. They take care of Rose Quartz's son Steven Universe and, promise to protect the Earth in the name of love. - <3

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