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1 A Real Fine Place to Start A Real Fine Place to Start

This song I think is her best song ever. It's a sweet love song that people can relate to, but besides that, it's really fun and catchy to jump around to. Her vocals are just amazing, and you can really hear how strong her voice is in this song. By far my favorite Sara Evans song yet. :-)

Saturday, February 17, 2018

2 Born to Fly Born to Fly

It's the best song ever her country sound is amazing - AnglinaKey

3 Suds In the Bucket Suds In the Bucket

Awesome song I never heard a song like this - AnglinaKey

4 As If
5 A Little Bit Stronger
6 Backseat of a Greyhound Bus
7 New Again
8 I Keep Looking
9 Perfect
10 I Could Not Ask for More

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11 You'll Always Be My Baby
12 No Place That Far
13 My Heart Can't Tell You No
14 Cheatin'
15 That's the Beat of a Heart
16 Pray for You
17 Not Over You
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1. Born to Fly
2. Suds In the Bucket
3. As If


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