Top Ten Sarah Connor Ballads

German singer Sarah Connor has a beautiful voice. That's a fact. Actually, she has one of my favorite voices, and obviously I'm not alone since she is a superstar in German speaking countries since her debut album in 2001. Most of her biggest hits are ballads, and I can see why, as on these songs she can show what a wonderful voice she really got. It's phenomenal. She can go from vulnerable to strong and powerful within seconds but so fluently that it never feels unnatural.
Connor is foremost a performer, and only occasionally co-wrote her music, but also started songwriting in 2015. Her discography consists mostly of original material written for her, but she also has a cover album called "Soulicious", and the deluxe edition of "Muttersprache" contains a bonus disc with cover versions. She also has a Christmas album with some traditional songs. Most of her songs are in English, but the tracks she wrote herself are in German.
What I love about Connor is that she has a naturally beautiful voice. She is a gifted singer that does not need technology to give a great performance (even though she experimented with autotune around the turn of the 2000s/10s, but those albums were slips). That makes her so outstanding, and gives her music so much personality even when she didn't write it.

The Top Ten

1 Living to Love You
2 From Sarah With Love

The song she sings before John goes to bed.

3 Still Crazy in Love
4 Skin On Skin
5 Music Is the Key
6 Just One Last Dance
7 The Impossible Dream (The Quest)
8 Mit vollen Händen
9 Come Home
10 Wie schön du bist Wie schön du bist

The Contenders

11 Keiner ist wie du
12 Imagining Imagining

Really, TTT?
You added absolutely NO listening samples at all?
That was just lazy. I was browsing through all her discography to add every single ballad and now the list looks like this? Eww. - Martin_Canine

13 Daddy's Eyes Daddy's Eyes
14 I'm Gonna Find You I'm Gonna Find You
15 When Two Become One When Two Become One
16 For the People For the People
17 Every Moment of My Life Every Moment of My Life
18 Thank You Thank You
19 One More Night One More Night
20 Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary
21 Call Me Call Me
22 Part Time Love Part Time Love
23 Love on a Two Way Street Love on a Two Way Street
24 One Day I'll Fly Away One Day I'll Fly Away
25 I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You) I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)
26 If It's Magic If It's Magic
27 1+1=2 1+1=2
28 Beautiful Beautiful
29 Bedingungslos Bedingungslos
30 Mein König Mein König
31 Augen Auf
32 Das Leben Ist Schön Das Leben Ist Schön
33 Wie Geht Glücklich Wie Geht Glücklich
34 Unlove You Unlove You
35 Real Love Real Love
36 Break My Chains Break My Chains
37 Back from Your Love Back from Your Love
38 Keep the Fire Burnin' Keep the Fire Burnin'
39 Miss U Too Much
40 Soldier with a Broken Heart Soldier with a Broken Heart
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