Best Sardar Jokes

Sardar is an Indian fictional character known for his stupidity, Just like yo mama jokes...

The Top Ten

1 At the scene of an accident a Man was crying : O God! I have lost my hand! Oh No! Sardar : Control yourself, Don't cry. See that man he lost his head, Is he crying??..

This is the best list made in a long time, hope it gets the votes it deserve - yatharthb

2 Sardar got sms from his girlfriend : "I Miss You" Sardar : "I Mr. You"

Hey! Mr I Mr. you - paasadani

3 Doctor : Which soap you use?? Sardar : Banta soap, Banta paste, Banta brush. Doctor : Is Banta an International company?? Sardar : No Banta is my Room partner!!
4 "Indian Athlete lost Gold Medal in Long Jump" Sardar Reads in Newspaper and says Angerly : He deserved it! Who told that idiot to wear the Gold Medal while Jumping?

This is the best joke ever. - subhashsahu

5 Sardar on an Interview for the post detective. Interviewer : Who killed Abraham Lincoln? Sardar : Thank you Sir for giving me a job, I will start Investigating..
6 Sardar got promotion in office as manager. To surprise his wife, he telephoned her and said "Tonight you are going to sleep with the manager"
7 One tourist from USA asked Sardar : Any Great Man born in this village?? Sarder : No Sir, Only Small Babies!!

Something wrong with the tourist laugh out loud! - paasadani

8 Sardar Started a college, All students were confussed at Admission becouse Name of the college is 'Sardar's Medical college of Engineering for Arts and Science'
9 Sardar finds cigarette box in his daughter room, Oh my God!! She smokes. Then Finds Whiskey, Oh my God!! She Drinks. Then saw a boy, Thank God, Its all his!!
10 Finally, Smartest thing Sardar ever did, He changed all his passwords to 'Incorrect' so whenever he forgets, the computer will remind him, Your password is 'Incorrect'
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